38 thoughts on “Treating Alzheimer’s with Turmeric

  1. These videos are so refreshing!
    I always find myself coming back to your channel after work.
    You single handedly changed to way I think about the human condition/sickness/diet/nutrition.

    Keep up the good work Doctor Greger! 😀

  2. I have a bottle of it in my kitchen. Only, I keep forgetting to take it. 😀  juz kiddin. I'm a juicer-heh. I share your videos all over! I also remix to share to my subscribers. 

  3. thank you for this video, (and the others I'm now watching).  If only my father .. an intelligent, and earlier in life, successful dentist, had had this opportunity to take tumeric..  he's a shell of himself now, the body still intact but the brain mostly not, due to this disease. Thanks for getting the message out.

  4. Listen Up All You Self-Healers!  This Dr. Greger video is an extremely important contribution to the exploding story about how ordinary citizen-scientists can successfully conduct studies on their own bodies and health through WHOLE PLANT MEDICINES!  I experience ongoing, predictably positive results with my self-treated cancers AND my cognitive decline issues (caused by longstanding TBI's), through self-administered treatments using the whole plant – as opposed to extracts and other attempts at processing out some desired component in that plant.  This latter option – processed "natural" plant-derived medicine is now found on every aisle of the corner drug store and your every Internet advertisers will target your interest in plant-labeled products.  Aside from the problem of the carrying agents used in the production of these new genre medicines (glycerin, alcohol, preservatives, allergens, etc.), when are we ever going to get the idea right?  It is the WHOLE FOOD phytochemicals woven into and integral to the very plant material – the fibrous part which makes it a "plant" in the first place, which makes components impossible to separate and extract, which means the whole food needs to be fully consumed in order to allow the plant to express its fullest meaning.  There are so many intrinsic plant values – components not yet discovered, and which create endless new meanings when combined with companion plants we don't yet recognize, that the best policy simply needs to be eat the whole plant for both nutritional and medicinal purposes when trying to prevent and treat diseases.  Man cannot improve upon and will essentially destroy the plant's purpose to animals, when that plant is messed with. 

  5. This meta-analysis goes against what being said about turmeric vs curcumin reversing cognitive decline in the elderly: http://examine.com/supplements/Curcumin/

  6. Take a guess. Which works better for Alzheimer’s—the spice turmeric or supplements of the “active” ingredient, curcumin? 

    Watch this week’s video below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/treating-alzheimers-with-turmeric

  7. At 1:22 the text says ""This is the first case report demonstrating that turmeric is an effective and safe drug for the treatment of the BPSD in AD patients and that it might impair cognitive function."
         Does turmeric impair cognitive function, or not?

  8. Your wrong it's not just the individual compounds. This is isolate, one drug one disease thinking Doc. Drug company speak! Its the synergistic action of the many isolates working together. Completely untestable. The odds of finding the 17 out of 900 and doing the tests is beyond science. Just eat the whole plant. Test with the whole plant or compounded plants.

  9. Sept 25 2014 sciencedaily at dot com reports turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells. 

  10. Learning as much as you can about your diagnosis is the first step towards empowering yourself to take control of your life and make decisions that will help you live well with Alzheimer's for as long as possible.

  11. I follow this doctor's research on my twitter account.  I was glad to see this reported on as it's such an easy one to do … we have turmeric right right in our cupboard.  🙂

  12. The paper appear to conclude that: "that it might impair cognitive function". What does that mean?

  13. Interesting. So is the alternative just to eat a 1/4 teaspoon of off-the-shelf turmeric every morning? Did the Curcumin studies include "black pepper" (which some claim is necessary to work?)

  14. If I can remember, I'll add this to my vegan diet. Not sure if 1 tsp a day will fit while I'm loosing weight but I like vegetable soups and curry or turmeric is a good substitute for veggie stock.

  15. Alzheimer's Supplements magnesium l threonate . phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC.all of these 2 to 3 times a day on an empty stomach. with food Vitamin B multivitamin two times once a morning once at night. folate 3 to 2 mg Turmeric three times a day with food. 4 to 5 pills three times a day. With black pepper supplement for maximum absorption 2000% More potent.extra Vitamin B6 and vitamin B1once a day. Lions mane Mushroom three times a day with food A total6000 mg daily. Green tea extract three times a day. Olive leaf extract, bitter melon extract. Vitamin K 2 once a day. Hire potency is better. Coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil.oil, krill oil, pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Most fish oil is rancid 83%. Eat a serving of sardines or salmon wild every day. Eat plenty of Green vegetables. Along with the drink Kiefer. Microbes in the stomach have a lot to do with brain health. blueberries mixed with Kiefer. . Vitamin B12 sublingually taken 5000 Micrograms ,Ginkgo , fish oil three times a day with food olive oil three times a day with food and vitamins. You might want to go higher on the turmeric it's very hard to Absorb. You need to take it with a black pepper Pill in order to increase absorption by 2000%. a multivitamin with Withou tIron in it .niacin. full-spectrum vitamin E with vitamin C. co q 10 eat pecans or walnuts almonds Handful a day. vitamin D 5000 IU's.apologize for the poor quality of my writing hopefully able to convey my points. This is not cheap but how much is your health worth to you. Your brain is the most important thing. I've spent 25 years researching this.

  16. Great Information. 😁😁😁😁😁my grandpa has Alzheimer. I want to help him with curcuma. Thank you very much!!!!! I will follow you.

  17. alzheimer's cure:     1.  getting the bad fellas out         2.  getting the good fellas in1.  mucus,  infection, metabolism end products     mucus,   from degenerated human cells,    has way of traveling to human parts where the circulation  has been     compromised.    in japan,  Midogen is used to facilitate mucus removal.     metabolism end products also congregate with mucus,  Agmatine  Sulfate  'super l-arginine'   has the amazing property    of going to places in body where it is most needed and getting junk back into blood circulation.2.  tumeric, coconut oil,  eggs  are the good fellas   scrambled eggs provide cholesterol for rebuilding brain cells.      tumeric & coconut also play a role in cell functioning.   infections are best treated with emulsified oregano.

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