Treating asthma

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How does a specialist treat asthma and what
should a patient expect? The goals and treatment of asthma are to reduce
that inflammation that’s causing damage. So, some people who have very mild asthma,
we don’t worry as much and just give them an inhaler to help with the symptoms, of getting
the air in and out. For people who need a little more help, the
first drug we use is an inhaled steroid. Now, this calms down those cells that are causing
inflammation, swelling and damage within the lungs. The goal is that we can keep it where
a patient doesn’t need a rescue inhaler hardly at all. That’s how I judge that we’re actually having
success—that you don’t have symptoms often enough to actually need to use your inhaler. The other special thing about asthma is that
what works for you today doesn’t mean that’s what you need to be on for the rest of your
life. [With] COPD, we never deescalate the care
to less and less medication because we know that it’s a chronic disease. Asthma, when
people are doing really well, sometimes we can take medicines away. When people need
more help, we add them on. But, it doesn’t mean that you’re committed to these forever. The goal is to get somebody controlled, let
them do all the activities that they want to do, not have any limitations because of
their breathing, and then start to scale back so that we can minimize the side effects that
come with those medications. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Schreiber,
call 702-671-5060.

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