Treating Kids with Allergies: Dr. Stork for Simply Saline

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Let’s talk about kids for a second. I think
a lot of our viewers probably have kids, and allergies seem to be rising among children
now, too. What can you do for your child? So we know if you’re preparing yourself, and
taking care of yourself is it really the same steps? We heard about the allergy salute.
Anything else that you should be looking to help your kids with? Dr. Travis Stork: Children, number one, under
the age of five, shouldn’t be using a neti pot. They don’t have the dexterity. What you do want to do is the same concept
though. You want to minimize your kids exposure to what you think may be their allergens. I am a big believer that kids who are having
a lot of issues with congestion and a runny nose, there are a lot of drug-free ways you
can treat that, with the congestion—steam. What I love about SIMPLY SALINE™ Baby, you
can use that to help wash away that congestion and the nasal drainage. It’s easy to use. With kids, you have to understand,
kids aren’t just small adults. With kids also, you can’t just go pick over-the-counter
medicines and just assume it’s safe for children. So you have to be careful what you give your
kids. Same holds true for pregnant women. You want to be careful when you’re going and
looking for what you want to treat your children with. I’m a big believer in trying these drug-free
remedies first and see if you can try and help their symptoms without having to go the
medicine route.

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