Treating Multiple Sclerosis With the Swank MS Diet

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87 thoughts on “Treating Multiple Sclerosis With the Swank MS Diet

  1. Do we need more evidence that the pharmaceutical world and today's doctors are sleeping together? My roommate is a heavy smoke non active man 55 years of age. Roommates for 30 years. His doctor has never said eat right and exercise for his high blood pressure, cholesterol tiredness, and obesity. Not once!

  2. It's an excellent point you make. People need to wake up to the huge conflict of interest between profit / patient care. But in my experience, people don't care enough and amazingly even when diagnosed with a serious condition, they are all too happy to consider themselves victims, powerless to help themselves.

  3. What does ' the pharmaceutical world and today's doctors are sleeping together' have to do with your roommates doctor(s) not being told to quit the smokes?
    Besides the issue is obviously pretty complicated. A five min search will bring up documentation on the issue. 'The silent treatment ~ why GPs and patients don’t talk about smoking' might be a good place for you to start. And on top this medical organizations like the BMA use other indirect means to reduce smoking.

  4. Simply amazing! Once the medical community starts fully embracing low fat vegan diets as a treatment of disease we will see trullly fantastic results.

  5. Hey dr. Micheal hollack worked on this and it is the vitamin d from sun exposure that helped reduces MS and Heart disease not really the veganism or nutrients but that will help cure it too! the Sun exposure is that main reason though. I mean how many options for amazing nutrients do starving people have in africa or south america? its the sun and diet not just diet.

  6. Correct. (Michael Holick is the right name)

    Here's a Brazilian mini-documentary about MS patients effectively treated with high doses of vitamin D. (English subs included)
    The treatment is getting attention and there are thousands of patients (my brother included) benefiting from it. In his case, vitamin D caused the disease to enter complete remission after a few months.

  7. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in 2011. 2/2 my wifes research I adopted a plant-based vegan diet. As well as cutting out smoking and gluten from my diet I went from having to use crutches on a daily basis to being able to run, juggle again, and thrive

  8. What a wonderful story! I hope you are spreading it far and wide. It is hard to compete with big pharma. I wish I knew this when my Dad was alive. This study had been done but we didn't know about it. He suffered terribly and it broke my heart. So many people are suffering but food just isn't profitable for anyone so the suffering will continue.

  9. Any idea when we will see the results of Dr McDougall's recent study? I imagine it could cause quite a stir in the medical community.

  10. It's still amazing that many people are so resistant to changing their lifestyle, they would rather live in a fantasy world and suffer.

  11. Not just survive, but thrive! That's what a plant-based, whole grain diet can provide for all of us. There are now so many, many heroes of medicine we can go to for information…T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study and Whole), Dr. John McDougall and, yes, YOU, our wonderful Dr. Greger!! Thanks so much ūüôā

  12. I would point out that you could eat a sirloin steak, 2 eggs, one chicken breast and one salmon fillet every day and you'd be hitting 20 grams of saturated fat. Hardly a 'plant based' or 'vegan' diet'. I suspect the patients were eating fast food which has a lot more saturated fat than whole food sources. It's a big jump to go from 20 grams of saturated fat to saying all MS patients should go vegan as Dr McDougall will no doubt suggest.

  13. You might want to view his videos on eggs, chicken and dairy before you decide to go vegetarian. You might want to consider vegan instead. All fruit and veg have all the protein, calcium etc that we need. It is amazing how much misinformation we have been fed.

  14. @brianv00 the swank diet consists of no more than 15 grams saturated fat… not 20.

    plus total grams of fat should not exceed 50 grams.

    The foods you described would get you to around 15 saturated and 50 total. Total Calories would be ~1400.

  15. I can't comment on the video, I'm having PC issues at the moment, but I was looking for a place to comment on what was working for me.  I was diagnosed 10+years ago.  I suffered for the first five, took injectable drugs and slowly researched on my own.  About five years ago, my Neurologist told me after looking at my latest MRI that I had progressed to the secondary progressive stage.  I went on a new diet of my own choosing and ditched my drugs and my Neuro.  I haven't had a problem since.  I am extremely mistrustful of the capitalistic medical complex.  I firmly believe my Neuro knows no more about my condition than I do.  Once I accepted the fact that I was my own best advocate I gave up dairy and gluten.  That's all it has taken for me to be symptom free.  It makes sense as I became lactose intolerant at about 25y/o, a few years before MS showed up.  Another benefit of gluten free is you also avoid more GMO ingredients.  I eat Gorilla munch (corn) for breakfast.  It's organic and therefore GMO free.  I try my best to eat my fruits and vegetables throughout the rest of the day.  No supplements or other difficult changes have been required.  I still eat at restaurants 4-5 times per week.  I still eat too much candy(sugar).  The modern American diet is ruthless.  Tweak yours until you find the desired results.  I don't feel like I'm missing anything except pizza, but I've taken a liking to a heavily SE Asian based diet in favor of the American/Italian foods that I was eating before.  Also eat a lot at Chipotle (ditch the tortilla for a bowl and skip the cream and cheese).     Good luck. 

  16. Way to go, Doc! There is a brand new youtube by a woman named Sheena where she discusses reversing her MS with a raw diet! It was uploaded just today! Go plant-strong folks!

  17. You are wonderful. I love how you put the info right in front of me and then put it all together in a story. 

    I didn't know Dr McDougall was doing this. Exciting.

  18. I am more on the ketogenic paleo side of things. Saturated fat is not the problem. The Omega 6 to Omega 3 imbalance which comes from too much sugar, and conventionally fed animals and stuff like that is the problem. Eat veggies and EAT FISH…

  19. Please don't get it mix up with medium chain saturated fat from coconut oil and long chain saturated fat from animal fat. One is healthy for you and other detrimental.

  20. I have to say the Swank diet sounds good but McDougall could only lower cholesterol in his clinical study. I was diagnosed with MS less than three months ago and started researching what i could do on my own and started the Swank diet, but after seeing the results of a modern study with MRI i must say i believe the people that Swank was treating had some of the many mimics of MS. I also must say that the theory that its caused by infection and genetics makes more sense. 

  21. I got MS nearly 40 years ago now. I didnt realise it at the time but I was following the Swank approach to living and eating. I became  a vegetarian then fishetarian because firstly, I dont like killing animals  but quickly found that I needed more fish oils in a time when buying fish oils was not so easy in Australian supermarkets. So back to fish eating :-(. I have had MS for these  40 years and recently had an MRI which lead the interpreter of the image (the  radiologist) to comment  that although I hvae  lesions  in the brain, they were  quite faded and indicated that it had not been active  for  about 20 years. That  accords  with my experiences. A couple of  relapses fpr  a  bad balance  problem and  optic neuritis. So I would like to  say to wafisherman7, Mate, you are wrong wrong wrong. I also had a  number of other friends at that time who took the same approach to MS and all had good  results. Like me, some  episodes early, treatment with cortico-steroid programs and then a settling down of inflammation and  no episodes. 

    Listening to the  youtube and glancing over the bits and pieces of Dr Swnk's approach, I was  rather flabbergasted to find that the  people following the  program were said to look years  younger than their age suggests. That is true of me too. I was with one of my  long time friends and we took selfies and she  laughed and  joked that I still looked like I was 16 years old. My ex-students (I was a  teacher) when they saw the  photos said the same thing. It is  not quit  true РI dont actually look 16  but  most people dont  believe me when I say I am 62.

    How come I got onto  this approach without  knowing Dr Swank's name?  A freind of  mine gave me a book by an American naturopath (also a rarity in Australia in those days). She  had obviously heard of Dr Swank!!  It  was s ort of his  program and  this  program she was promoting.  

    I have had  some later years problems and I am starting to see it was  partly because I  let my standards slip. Another  problem was, however, a series of bladder infections which have  left me with a badly spastic  legs and  back. I  would like to hear somone  talk about dealing with the  bladder infection problem from a natural diet and  lifestyle perspective.

  22. You know this is totally bullshit right? I've been a vegetarian for 25 years (Vegan for 4 of it) still got MS. Don't believe all these diets. Just eat healthy and try your best to fight it. The only real way to hinder the disease is to get on a front line medicine, Tsyabri, Tecfedera, etc.

  23. Everyone needs to link this video onto their FaceBook page because it might help someone. Spread the news. We can make a difference. And then ask your friends on FaceBook to share this video on their page and on and on. We can change the system.

  24. I had MS for 6 years. The day I cut out meat I never had a single MS attack. I have recently cut out eggs and dairy product and I have never in my life felt better. To any MS patients out there THIS WORKS!! Check out Dr John McDougall's videos for more info on the recommended diet

  25. As someone who was a patient of Dr. Swank's for ten years, I am living, walking, talking, PROOF that his program WORKS!!! I was given "a few good years." Also told I had "in the top third of the worst cases they'd ever seen" and "an uncountable lesion load on your brain". HA!!! Dr. Swank's PROGRAM includes NOT just diet, but an entire lifestyle approach. We've started ( a few other Swank success stories and I) a FB group to teach exactly this time tested (well over 60 years of stopping the progress of the disease in it's tracks) program. If you'd care to join…only those with MS or their caretakers please…go to The Swank MS Diet & Lifestyle group & ask to join! IN 27 plus years, I've had ONE exacerbation, in contrast to having had 5 in six months prior to diagnosis. This is a NON DRUG method…you've got nothing to lose & your LIFE, to regain!

  26. Still don't get it why Dr. Swank's website promotes meat and oil ….. although in smaller quantities.

  27. great video but how does this diet differ with the Wahl's Protocol diet for MS and does it work?

  28. 23 years of MS, 22 on Swank diet, and still fully mobile and active!! Check out to join the Facebook closed group , The Swank MS Diet and Lifestyle. Then check your message request folder to hear from admins. If only everyone knew of this diet!! This video here is a wonderful way to communicate to others, and I thank you!

  29. I decided to go whole food vegan in January 2016 after being prescribed tecfedera. It made me sleep 18 hours a day and sucked all the life right out of me. The doctors guilted me in to accepting the drug therapy by saying "dont you think the people with ms for decades wished they had disease modification medicine early on in the diseases progression? ". I decided to give my neurologist the finger 2 weeks after starting the therapy I threw the pills in the bin and decided to take my health in to my own hands. Evey one of my ms symptoms vanished soon after my dietary change and I don't expect them to ever return. I knew I had ms for over 4 years and in that time experienced fatigue, muscle spasm, lower limb weakness, eyes not working in sync, slurred speech and not being able to make sense of written sentences.
    Now I'm as healthy as I have ever been in my life. I cycle and run miles each day because I feel like I have such an abundence of energy. My thoughts are crystal clear and my depression and anxiety that come with feeling you are chronically ill are also gone.

    To people that have been diagnosed with ms: whole foods fruit and vegetables are your salvation! You don't need to be the victim of this horrible disease. This disease is your warning that you are not treating your body very well. If you have read this and blow it off then I hope it will at least be a seed in your mind that will eventually come to fruition.

    Go vegan and live a happy healthy life.
    Best of luck and much love to you on your journey to health, you can do it x

  30. Can you do an update about this study? Effects of a Low Fat Plant Based Diet in Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Results of a 1- Year Long Randomized Controlled (RC) Study (P6.152)

  31. I recommend this
    They need money and patients for a 600 patients study.
    Is now an anecdotal and testimonial study? I hope not! A low cost method to treat MS sounds so good.
    What do you think about it?

  32. Thanks for your very interesting post, here are a few more tips for a treatment for ms
    Get pIenty of rest
    Exercising, yoga, tai chi, meditation, deep breathing, hypnosis,
    Use green juice, chloreIIa, spiruIIina, fresh organic fruits and vegetabIes, sunfIower oiIs, evening primrose oiI etc.
    Some things to avoid if you have MS are aIcohoI, dairy products, eggs, margarine, miIk, red meats, sugar, aspartame.
    (l Iearned these and why they work on Denelle Multi Care website).

  33. What about progressive MS, especially for someone who's MS has progressed for years? his studies were for relapses, right?

  34. So here's the link to the published completed study after the clinical trial:

    And here's the commentary on it:

    Study got no significant outcomes, but there are many, many caveats working against them… science is tricky. I am hoping these guys can get the money to do a bigger, better study with all new options we have today. Feels good to see people searching for novel ways to help, and this appears to have the potential to be game changing. Even if you have to fight the system to do it… ūüôā Honestly, compared to what we have today, I would not think twice in reccomending this diet to a patient.

  35. Dr Alan MacDonald is finding strong association with bacteria, Lyme bacteria, and also parasitic worms destroying tissue in the brain.

  36. So, here's a link to the full article on Dr. McDougall's study –, called "Low-fat, plant-based diet in multiple sclerosis: A randomized controlled trial". Unfortunately, it's not what we were hoping to see. While yes, over the one-year study they saw improvements in fatigue levels, what we were really hoping for was the MRI data. Instead, it says"The two groups showed no differences in brain MRI outcomes, number of MS relapses or disability at 12 months." and "While a very-low fat, plant-based diet was well adhered to and tolerated, it resulted in no significant improvement on brain MRI, relapse rate or disability as assessed by EDSS scores in subjects with RRMS over one year. The diet group however showed significant improvements in measures of fatigue, BMI and metabolic biomarkers." It concludes with the suggestion for a longer, larger study. Fingers crossed that Dr. McDougall tries again, as I do believe there is hope for those with MS…and a randomized controlled trial with MRI or other impartial measurement of reversal is critical in widespread acceptance and adoption of a low fat diet as a treatment for MS.

  37. Another great lesson about the power of our diet. For anyone reading this that has MS or know someone with MS, there is another doctor, Dr. Stancic, who developed MS in her late 20's but now lives symptom free. She has several youtube videos as well.

  38. Hi, Do you have any updates on that research? "Low-fat diet and multiple sclerosis (MS)" It would be interesting to see the results.

  39. I think you can stop with this diet the progression of the disease and keep it as quite as possible but if you have old lesions you can’t completely recover them. At least is what I have experienced.

  40. I thought I had MS I have brain lesions and spine
    I just started vitamin regimen including b12 and it turns out I have a metabolic problem that’s genetic where my body doesn’t uptake vitamin b starving the blood of oxygen and killing my body
    If you think you might have MS try complex B 12 for a week and see what happens
    My bad eye was the first sign that I was going in the right direction then my drop left foot started getting better then my left arm and hand started working better my balance got better my tingling started to fade like my limbs are waking up I feel amazing I got my libido back most of all
    My floodgate open I’m all emotional I feel like I’m living again after 5 days on B12 complex
    I hope this helps

  41. I have also since 2010 Ms but I do not care I drink and eat what I like and the Ms Can me Licking the ass! Rock the Ms In a good mood! Wuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuūü§ėūü§ėūü§ėūü§ėūüí™ūüí™ūüí™ūüí™

  42. Here is my balanced commentary about the modern scientific evidence regarding saturated fat and multiple sclerosis with some inside information about Dr. Roy Swank:

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