Treating severe asthma

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The existing treatments that we have really only target one form of severe asthma We recognise that severe asthma is not all one bundle of patients as patients are very unique and individual. One of the major problems with severe asthma is that patients are often escalated on a steroid ladder and end up on very high levels of corticosteroids which then have to be stepped down and they get lots of side effects from that. If we take other models of disease like cancer we know that cancer therapies are really targeted to specific abnormalities at the molecular and genetic level in tissue and severe asthma is really just starting to expand into that field. Only five per cent of people with severe asthma are actually in a clinical trial. Whereas actually in cancer and other disease areas this number is more like 30 to 40 per cent. If we want to realize this ambition so that more patients with asthma have something for them rather than nothing, we need to become more cohesive as a community and foster partnerships both with European partners and transatlantic partners.

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