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hello every one, i am dr neha joshi heartly welcome you at Dr Neha Joshi Care Clinic today is sunday, what i do on sunday ? i discuss your health issue and provide free consultation. today i am gonna discuss about three disease. first, dama or respiratory track problem or Asthma secondally , sleeplessness or insomnia third is, wait a second ahh it is headache these three problem i will discuss here if you are also having these problems, please watch till the end. if you don’t have, even then watch till the end. so you are able to help and guide other lets start video, before that, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel do comments and like from your comments i get my inspiration and topic for my next video i get my information, about what topic you are interested in. so its my humble request, please comments. even if there is something you don’t like or agree or other issue regarding video or discussion you can comments on that too. only by your negative and positive comments, i will be able to improve myself please i request again, comment your opinion. and subscribe my channel lets start with first patient Mr rahul have asked, please suggest treatment for asthma dma in hindi, mistakely known as asthma in alopathy but according to ayurveda text both are much difference the asthma which we know commonly is asthma attack sudden asthmatic attack suddenly respiratory track or trachea contract because of sudden contraction in trachea and other respiratory tract part, it is hard to breath interesting thing about asthma attack is patient dont have problem in inhalation but problem in exhalation because of that amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) increase that causes inside one type of asphyxia or decrease percentage of oxygen (O2) in blood that causes discomfort to person ayurved perspective is different ayurved classified asthma in 5 type among 5, only 1 is in resemblance with asthma ( morden days asthma or asthmatic attack) known as TAMAK SWAS SO, i am not going in detail lets start with treatment and home remedies first thing, please rule out other health issue like, no infection of tuberculosis disease like lung cancer, means there is not mechanical obstruction in trachea which causing dyspnoea or breathlessness you have rule out no tuberculosis or cancer or other disease it is diagnosed as ASTHMA, than only try these you will definitely get some positive result what you have to do, take shilopladi powder ( it is ayurveda medicine) 1 teaspoon shitopladi powder, mix with 1 table spoon honey and 1/2 table spoon ghee( butter) take it twice a day ok let me repeat, shito pladi powder 1 tea spoon approx 5gm mix it with honey and ghee, note- honey should always be in higher quantity than ghee and powder both for example, if 1 spoon honey than take 1/2 spoon ghee only quantity of honey and ghee, can be little bit higher or lesser according to your taste bud preference but after mixing, this combination should be in semi liquid state, so that it is easy to swallow without water this combination take twice a day you can take any time, no specific indication needed like empty stomach or after meal second medicine that you should take. swas kuthar ras ( ayurveda medicine) swaskuthar ras is ayurved medicine, comes in tablet form one package contain 30 tablet. take 30 tablets of swas kuthar ras and take 30 tablets of sanjeevani vati( ayurved medicine) and 10 tablets of soot shekhar ras( ayurved medicine) some pharmy also have crushed soot shekhar so, in that case take 5 gm mix these three and crush it, make fine powder divide this powder in 30 equal parts, mixing enhance quality of medicine after mixing ayurveda medicine are more effective take one part, among 30 equal part with honey and ghee honey should always be in high amount compared to ghee and medicine both these are two combination 1st, shitopladi powder ,2nd swas kuthar sanjevani and soot shekhar combination. third medicine vasa avleh, it is ayurved medicine vasa avleh is semi liquid medicine like chyvanprash it is semi liquid medicine you should use it 1-1 teaspoon , twice or thrice times a day you should suck it not swallow it in one dose it contain taste of black pepper, so if you don’t like taste of black pepper than you can swallow it with hot water if sucked than 100 % positive result,if swallow than 60-70% positive result only positive result always but one is 100 other is 60-70-%, decision is yours for asthmatic person it is important to clean stomach for clean stomach take take trifla kwath before 30 minute of dinner if possible take home made trifla kwath procedure is mentioned in previous video link in description this is complete treatment for asthmatic attack problems you should continue this treatment for 1month if there is any special health issue or queries like hypertension diabetes etc along with asthma or other health issues like liver problems kidney stone, and other please comment with detail of your problems i will answer each comments lets move on to next health question bhindhi jkg have asked ” its difficult to pronounce, sorry bhindhi jkg have asked about sleeplessness he has commented on my earlier video on insomnia i am suffering from sleeplessness it is from 2-3 months only do i need any treatment or it will be fine by itself lets see my advice for you is this you are suffering from 2-3 months so it is good to have a treatment you don’t need long term treatment, because it is acute insomnia first analyse yourself, sleeplessness is not because of family problems study exam or mental tension. if not all these than i will advise 1 month treatment so that you biological clock is reset for timing of sleep once it is set you dont need to take further medication starting take TAGAR MEDICINE ( FROM HIMALAYA PHARMACEUTICAL) TAGAR (HIMALAYA PHARMACEUTICAL) 2 tablet at night before sleep with water natural herbal tablet, dont cause adiction it is safe for long term treatment also 2 tablet at night before sleep it will relax you, cause sound sleep for other health issue sleeplessness with other health issue along with weakness i will advise you to take iron suppliment and B complex vitamin supplyment Bcomplex , bicasule is very famous brand in india you can take it for 1 month duration you will get positive result your experience please mention in comment box lets move on to last health issue Mr kapil asked “one my patient is suffering from continue headache, please advise something Mr kapil is my colleague, he is excellent doctor it is my honor that he asked me thank you Mr kapil my opinion toward headache first try to rule out all other possible causes example, headache is because of eye sight problem than headache treatment may be not help her so please advise her to re cheak eye sights if glassess is advise than convince her to use them and give ayurveda treatment for improvment of eye. secondly , rule out hypertension 3rd, sinusitis, sinus are some open area around eyes nose and head sinus are open area, filled with air only if these sinus are filled with mucus because sinus should be empty, once it is filled with mucus they cause headache once you have ruled out all these conditions all the other are not applicable of possible causes of headache one more condition, malaria Malaria also causes continuous headache sometime without fever so please check for malaria too. than take medicine for headache only shirah shooladi vajra ras ( ayurved medicine ) mix with godanti bhasm (ayurved medicine) mix these two, and divide in 30 equal part 1-1 part twice a day, for 15 days along with, pathyadi kwath ( ayurveda medicine ) and maha manjishthadi kwath (ayurveda medcine) 15-15 ml twice a day take these medication for 15 days only you will definitely get positive result trifla kwath 15 ml with 5 ml ghee empty stomach in morning complete ayurved procedure is in previous video. link is in description take these medication please mention your experience in comments box if my advice is beneficial for you subscribe to my channel comment your health issue or any other issues,, comment please please watch my other video, enjoy sunday bye bye

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  1. Thanks Dr. for posting a video of my choice , i have learn lot about asthma. My relative have asthma with BP and constipation…Keep on posting , it will help a lot to many ..

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  3. Madam Im from Pakistan, app ne asthema kliye jo cheeze btayi hai wo Pakistan me kis name se milengi. Honey or ghee k sath jo cheeze btayi hai plz wo clear krke btade. Mujhe asthema ki problem hai or me inhaler use krha ho kafi time se. Or mera pet ziyada tar kharab rehta hai, qabz rehti hai.. plzz mri problem kliye koi acha sa muska btaye. Mujhe asthema se jan chorani hai. Mri age 28 hai…. plz help me please….

  4. Thank you madam… Mera ek problem hai ki Mera 10 saal se sardi Nahi chhod raha Hai… Please kya karna boliye madam….

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