Twins Roxy and Shelly had over 60 allergies each.  See how they resolved them!

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Q: Did you ever think allergies could be eliminated
before meeting with Dr. Wilson? Roxy: I did not. And I will say that I’m
a bit of a skeptic and I was pleasantly surprised when my husband had the success that he did.
Because when he first started coming to Dr. Wilson I wasn’t sure what his experience
would be. But, you know, we would go to restaurants that had open-air kitchens and
we would have to leave those restaurants because the scents were just overwhelming
to my husband. And sometimes we would be in church, in our liturgy they use a lot
of incense, and we would have to leave liturgy because the scents were overwhelming to my
husband. And after he got treated for certain allergens and we were able to resume
our normal living where we could go and enjoy a nice dinner or go to church and not
have those interruptions, that’s when I was
sold. I said okay, there’s something here and I guess I believe it.
Shelly: About a year ago is when I started seeing Dr. Jay, and it was for allergy
elimination as well as some issues with anxiety and depression based on a situation I
was going through at the time. So, they had such good success with him that they
referred me to him. So I’ve been seeing him for about a year now.
Q: Can you share with us how many allergies you did have that you uncovered through
Dr. Wilson’s protocol? Roxy: My situation is a little bit unique.
I came to Dr. Wilson two years ago for some debilitating symptoms like brain fog and some
gastrointestinal issues and a host of other issues, and so I didn’t really come knowing
that I had allergies. It wasn’t until we did the
protocol that he was able to identify between the 60 and 70 that I realized that I had an
issue with allergies. Shelly: So when I came to him we had actually
worked together to create a plan that would, number one, so he did the whole allergy
elimination to find out how many allergens I have, but then we also created,
like, a detox plan to go through and just detox. I’ve never done in detox before
so we did a natural one that uses oregano and oil
and all these different, kind of, natural herbs, and so that helped to kind of get my
body jump-started and level-set so that when I
started the allergy elimination process that it
would take pretty easily. Dr. Wilson develops the detox protocol based
on each patient’s needs, allergies, and the findings from the blood work. Not
everyone needs to do the detox. Q: How quickly did you see results in working
with Dr. Wilson? Roxy: I would say pretty soon after we started
I noticed some relief in different pains that I had felt in my shoulder and other areas,
so I would say within the first couple of months I definitely started feeling some relief. Shelly: Yeah, not too far behind that for
me. I’d say within the first two to three months,
especially knowing that I went through the detox protocol, I started seeing relief from
that, like, immediately. And then when we started the allergy elimination I started
to feel relief from that as well. I would come in
sometimes with just neck pains and he would do
an adjustment and I would feel better like that day. So, you know, he’s just got
miracle hands, you know, it’s really been great.
He’s extremely knowledgeable. I mean, every
time I come in here I’m like, what you find out this week Dr. Jay? And there’s
either some new vitamins or there’s, you know,
something new that he’s learned that, you
know, he’s always staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest, kind of, information
just in health in general. So, he’s compassionate, he’s very knowledgeable, and yet he’s
got an energetic kind of passion about, like, what he does. You can tell that he
thoroughly enjoys what he does and that just makes it so much more, you know,
enjoyable to come in and work with someone that really wants to be doing this and not
necessarily just for a day job. Q: How would you justify paying out of pocket
for this treatment? Roxy: So I can say, my husband, his family
is Greek and my mother-in-law, she has a saying that she learned a long time ago. And
it’s “you pay now or you pay later!” And I
would say I listened to that phrase and it makes so much sense that you can either pay
it now or you can pay it later, and if you pass the buck now, down the road your
symptoms are going to get worse. And so I justify paying it because I know it’s
going to help me. And secondly, I have the faith and
the trust knowing that he has the results proven from others who have come before us
that he’s been able to help. So I’m quite
comfortable with paying that and I just look at it as another, as another expense and my
health is worth it. Shelly: Yeah, I would say that, you know,
it seems like it might be a lot up front because it’s not something that generally, you
know, your health insurance would cover, but I had
been to doctors before and, overwhelmingly they want to write you a prescription or they
want to get you, you know, basically in and out of the office as quick as you can. So
after doing that for so long, you can really take a stand and say okay, do I want to try
and do this the traditional way or do I want to try and do it more holistically that’s
going to be better for me in the long run? And so,
you know, for me, I have HSA funds that I was able to use towards it and it was just
worth my health, knowing that, you know, it was going to be better for me in the long
run. And it’s not something that necessarily is
just reduced after one visit. So you are coming over a period of time and while you’re
doing that some allergens may clear a lot quicker than others, so depending on how
severe your allergy is could require multiple follow-up visits for it. And I know both Roxy
and I had some pretty strong allergies. He said, I think, one of the toughest allergy
patients he’s had. And so there’s been some where I’ve come in and they’ve
been cleared in a day, but then others like, you
know, the typical mold and dust allergens have taken, you know, several times. Q: Anything else you’d like to add at
all about working with Dr. Wilson? Roxy: Yeah well, my sister and I we are identical
twins, and so this is kind of a unique situation. I think we’re one of the first
identical twin sets that Dr. Wilson has had, and so
with our allergies being so similar across the board for us, I think we’ve both had
just really good results and I think our experience
has been so good. You know, you come to know a practitioner not knowing quite what
they bring to the table, and if we have any questions or, just like Shelly had said to
your point about, he is so knowledgeable and is
always staying up to date, that it’s assuring as a patient knowing that you’re getting
the kind of quality care that you get by coming
to Dr. Jay. Shelly: Yeah I would say, just to add on to
that a little bit, so not only have we been using him, I also have a son that has autism.
And so, because I’ve had such, a good experience over the last year of coming for
elimination, we’re now working with my son
and seeing improvements with his behavioral, kind of, attitude, and it’s a long road.
I wouldn’t say that he’s severe on the
spectrum but he’s, you know, somewhere in the
middle, and so Dr. Jay has done a ton of research and is always open to trying, you
know, something new just to see what works and what doesn’t. So it’s been very
helpful. Special thanks to Shelly and Roxy for sharing
their stories!

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