Two Products That SLASH Allergies! [You Must Try If You Have Allergies]

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Hey, Dad, how you doing?
Last week we were talking about attic fans, you know, and you mentioned like you were
talking about all the things about attic fans that you like dislike and one of the things
that you kind of glossed over was just that you don’t want to open up your air like you
don’t want to open up your house because it lets in the outside air and you spent all
this time cleaning it but didn’t really go into how you get it So clean other than just
a standard filter. And so I thought today might be a good follow-up to that to maybe
share a little information on products that you use and you know that you like that freshens
the air and kind of when into my reasons on why I don’t utilize that attic exactly and
so yeah, there is this time of year, especially. Well, it’s one of the peak times there’s several
over the course of The year, but right now it’s definitely allergy
time for a lot of people. I know little Evan over this weekend my grandson you even being
bothered by friend allergies. Yeah, right and Matt Matt. Are you there? I know you are
the allergy King you have like the worst allergies of anybody. I think I’ve ever met.
Thank you You’re welcome.
Ya growing up I was a mess. And the other day, we got a little bit of rain here in Olathe
in my I got out to my truck and it looks like somebody has set a dust bomb off and then
I realized oh that’s pollen and it’s just that time of year.
And you know 20 years ago. When I started here homeowners even back then were reluctant
to open their Windows because of allergies because of the stuff that you know, people
will usually want to ask if people have allergies they always say well they’re season, you
know seasonal means spring and fall, you know pollen and then it turns into like Ragweed
and then hay fever in the fall stuff like that. So people people really struggle with
allergies. So a lot of our homeowners are going from heat to air conditioning immediately
because they they just cannot handle opening the windows because the suffering is not worth
the Economic savings that they’ll get by opening
the windows and not running the air. It’s just not worth it, you know, you’re miserable
your sneezing and the whole family’s like this. So we just get more and more people
that just don’t want to open the windows and I get it outdoor air is so much cleaner and
10 to 20 times statistically ten to twenty times clearer than the air out, you know,
the air inside of your home. So the outside air is a lot cleaner, but because of the stuff
floating around outside, it just stirs up misery, right? So, you know, I had my allergies
are way better way better than they were when I was a kid my
Allergies have done a 180 but you know for a lot of homeowners, there’s always one person.
I think statistics show. It’s like 75 percent of homes has at least one person in the home
that has Allergies, seasonal allergies to things outside
right? Well, I know that you’ve always said to is like especially during allergy Seasons,
you know the spring and fall you’ll come into work and you’re just like suffering because
you’ve been outside working all day and stuff. But then you say that you don’t have allergies
when you’re in your house is what it feels like is true is true when I’m in my home.
It’s crazy enough. I actually I have allergies to certain things one of which is animals
and pets and you think I’m crazy. I have two cats of my home don’t judge me it was a package
deal it’s worth it. She’s worth it, but I have allergies
And so I can comfortably knowing that I mean person is suffering from seasonal allergies
most of my life. I Can open my windows in my house, but because
of the filtration stuff that I had in my system, it’s actually helping clean the air out constantly,
so that that’s where it really helps. But when it comes to, you know opening Windows
for some folks that are very sensitive to it. It’s just they just can’t do it. Do you
like run your system If you want to have your windows open to filter the air you do? Yeah,
just just the air just the blower. So now, you know, not turn the air on obviously with
the windows open, but you know, yeah, I like I like, you know the breeze from outside.
It’s just a lot of folks, you know can’t do that. But you know in some cases depending
on your severity of your allergies, you can open the windows, but keep the blower running
and therefore it’s trapping dust and for some people that’s that’s enough filtration that
they don’t have the allergy symptoms. But but for others truly for most homeowners
They won’t open a Window at all is just not even an option to a lot of our homeowners.
They’ve got this question. Now more than ever before is they want to set their thermostat?
There’s an auto setting and it’s because he can shift from heat to cool automatically.
You don’t need to manually turn it from heat to cool or more people are wanting to do that
that just tells me that people don’t want to open their Windows people go on this kind
of whether they’d rather turn it from heat to cool. It just take care of it all automatically
and never open their Windows. Just keep it conditioned by the air conditioning heating
system at all times. But then if you do that, if you don’t have like the filtration systems
and stuff that you’re talking about you could if it’s a nice day outside like today, it
might just not be running and and you’re not feeling kind of fresh
– clean air so I mean it’s better than having windows open. So yeah, if they’re rather system
that often and it got poor filtration in and just dust stirred up by kids animals pollen
and drifting in from Windows and Doors just household dust and Airborne mold and stuff
like that any of those kind of things without proper filtration, we’ll just we’ll just run
circulate dirty air you know over and over again. So for those folks that don’t want
to open it windows I get it but we’re breathing in a bubble, you know, they make these homes
so tight anymore there were all just sharing the same air over and over again and that
would be the equivalent of me blowing up a balloon and then having somebody else breathe
what’s in the balloon. We’re doing it every day in our homes. So that sounds gross.
We’re getting so kid comes home from daycare with a running nose and a cold. And it’s just
so many families is just one at a time. They all ended up getting it and then sometimes
go back your cycle to right I’ll get it again more and more people are just so concerned
about the quality of the air they breathe in their home and rightfully so, you know,
it’s our houses are built with products that really contaminate the air in our homes right
and pollen but it’s also other stuff. Okay. So what do you use at your house? I’m actually
this is the setup that I have. So this is this is the uv system sterilization system
that I have in my duct work at home and this system has two bulbs in it that
produce two different types of UV rays UVC rays, which are used for killing germs and
bacteria and viruses. So this is the same type of lights that they are using at Olathe
Medical Center where they wheel it into a hospital room and shine UVC rays on the surfaces
of the room the bed the the cabinet’s the television everything that could potentially
have bacteria on it. These are the lights they use in those rooms before they bring
a new patient in and so it’s kind of like is that how you think is that the type of
product where you think of it as sunlight so that bacteria can’t grow and or something
different? Yeah. It’s a type of sunlight UVA and UVB rays penetrate the ozone layer, so
they penetrate the atmosphere. UVC rays don’t so we’re actually duplicating.
A light that is naturally produced by the Sun but is is filtered out and not able to
get to us so but it but it does an amazing job and they’re actually doing tons of research.
There’s tons of stuff online research on UVC energy and how effective it is at killing
bacteria. It’s like 700,000 talking to Raymond about that this morning is like 700,000 people
a year currently died from like drug-resistant bacteria. So it’s getting to be a real problem
and it’s because they’re saying that actually we’ve got the answer the answer using the
UVC rays is simple its UV light ultraviolet and ah so that’s really what we’re doing Just
trying to kill bacteria and viruses and then this little
guy there’s actually a bulb inside this little chamber that produces UVB rays which helps
take care of all of the chemicals that we have in our homes. So we call them toxic compounds
or vocs or volatile organic compounds. There’s so many things in are homes that that that
that put off off gas stuff like this whatever smells. Yeah, whatever spell Glade plugins
candles aerosols detergents, beaches even the paint on your walls and the clues are
all the carpet fibers together have chemicals in them and they just they off gas that we
breathe them and the tighter they make our homes.
More than just that stuff just gets circulated in the home constantly. So between these two
items in this item that I’m holding it takes care of danger level two and three by the
Center of Disease Control so germs bacteria viruses and then the vocs they say is a very
common problem in indoor air and this one item it helps take care of both of those.
So does a really really good job. This is what I have in my home how typically how much
is that? Ultraviolet light installed regular price
is 965 so so yeah, it’s that’s installed this. Yeah, right really the cool thing about that.
That unit is the bulbs last two years, which is
Very unheard of Normally UV systems have one year lamp lives. So it’s really nice to see
one last two years, but I wanted us to have to replace the bulbs as often what kind of
warranty is on that that’s the coolest part about that unit is guaranteed forever. It’s
got a lifetime part for you we have I can honestly say that I’ve never had one
fail that I can think so, you know, they’re they’re really pretty indestructible. They
work really well. Okay. So cool. Alright, so you have that what else? Yeah. Yeah, and
then the other item that I have in my home this one is the one that takes care of the
first danger level that I was referring to and it’s just particulates the particles in
our house the the dust the pollen the you know, the animal dander all the kind of things
even smoke anything like that is technically a particle so wood smoke this thing is is
Simple but also extremely efficient and what they do is electronic polarized media air
cleaner. So this is much much more efficient than your standard filter. And the reason
for it is because it uses the electricity to polarize it which is kind of magnetizing
it and turns it into a magnet for particles and it does it through a carbon-carbon insert
in the middle of it and So inside of this thing is the carbon that
fiberglass media and in the middle of it is carbon and that’s because carbon is the electrical
conductor. So electricity is sent through that. It sends it down the length of this
thing there for attracting particles to it. Whereas with filtration with filters it
Really is only able to catch the as I like to say the bowling balls and elephants of
dust particles, you know, it’s just kind of catching the big stuff but it needs the electricity
able to get in order to get the fine stuff which actually makes up about 98% of what
we breathe in Our homes is too small for filter. So that’s where air cleaners come in. So it’s
using electricity to like pull the small the small fine particles towards it so that it
definitely doesn’t get through where it would become looks like kind of a fiberglass see
type material. It’s got little hairs, you know layers of hairs interesting part. Is
I just serviced my this last weekend and a typical filter just loads up on the surface,
you know when you pull your furnace filter out the face of the filter has a lot of dust
on it you know, where these don’t do that. We move air and clear through it and each
one of those little strings of fiberglass type material are polarized and so they those
white strains literally turn gray to Brown every one of them all the way through it.
It’s all the same color, you know, it’s it’s almost like unlimited surface area for attracting
very small particles. And once they catch is one particle it magnetizes that particle
to catch another particle, you know, it’s it’s really interesting how it does it to
a gosh. We’ve been putting these in four years now and they work better than anything else
we’ve used. They’re amazing They’re safe and reliable too they got lifetime
warranty. We even give it a lifetime labor warranty never had one fail except for the
lady that submerged hers in the bathtub to clean it. Okay, we weren’t supposed to do
that. Don’t clean your electrical products in the bath. Yeah daily Tuesday lesson of
the day they are indestructible. All right here just amazing. We have had so few problems
with them and they’re a nice color too between those two products. That’s what I
have in my home and it will show the adjustment on the oxy Quantum there. Yeah. So the UV
system has a an adjustment at the bottom and that’s for the purpose of adjusting the level
of oxidation that it puts into the air and the purpose of that oxidation is to remove
those vocs and to help with those chemicals. That we Breathe in our homes and the purpose
of the adjustment is because every house is different size. So, you know for larger homes,
you might turn it up to high for smaller homes. They might put it down to low and that gets
attached to the ductwork or okay. This is all you can see from the from the duct system
the bulbs actually go inside in the duct work. So they call it well time so that the more
air in the more often is pushed across these bulbs the more possibility and chances of
there being more sterilization and cleaning of the are possible. So that’s why even if
you’re not running your furnace or air conditioner, you’re running the blower to clean the air
right so we’re circulating air and we’re exposing germs and things like that the were
circulating in the homes things that cause odors were exposing all those to ultraviolet
light right And so we’re just circulating And cleaning the air and home and once you
experience it you will know when these things aren’t working. Right Well like matt so you
don’t notice two cats in your house? Yeah. I don’t I’ve had I’ve had friends over that.
We’re in my home for hours and hours and later said you have cats and I say actually we love
them and they said I am so badly allergic to cats. I cannot believe that I didn’t notice
that when I came in your home. Why don’t we we we always had to make notations of our
clients homes because Matt could not go in their home. Becase they had cats Right? And
the thing is is when you spend a lot of time in that environment your effects of your allergies
are even less once he goes out and goes into somebody else’s home, you know, because he’s
not in it all day. Yeah. Your immune system already is not a Tipping
Point when you’ve been in a clean fresh environment.
You know and it really makes a difference. Yeah, and I’ve had I’ve had homeowners that
have commented on that. I had homeowners that have truly told me there are medications that
they didn’t need to take any more after products and they’re all just because of that made
so much of a difference. Obviously. There was something floating around their home that
triggered, you know allergy or asthma symptoms that was taking care of with these products
and right swear up and down by them. But yeah, I’ve been told I’ve been told by friends that
came over that thought. Did you just clean, you know, they’ve got a just clean the house?
No, I just didn’t clean. I just got out. We never clean. We just use this UV light, right?
Ya we’ve got three kids You know that the freshness and the clean
feeling of the air is it is amazing. And yeah that we that homeowners that have had products
like these air cleaners for particle removal at one particular homeowner that had struggled
and it was a past patient of had lung cancer. He had survived from it, but he was so sensitive
to the air quality in the home that he could tell if one of them wasn’t working. It was
one particular time when it was an air cleaning system that we put in and there’s a motor
actually in it and it stopped working. So it stopped filtering the air and he could
tell by how he was breathing without even going downstairs and recognizing that it stopped
working. So, you know, it is true that people can recognize
Clean air they can also recognize when it’s not so clean anymore. So pretty incredible.
We’ve actually had cases of air envy where where one homeowner says, I don’t know what
you did next door, but I want air like his right whatever you did over that. That’s what
I want. Yeah. Yeah, and it’s all guaranteed if we put these items in your home anybody’s
home and you know, they truly just don’t notice a difference. They really don’t think it’s
worth it that you know, what we’ll just take it out and get their money back. Yeah. I think
it’s totally worth a shot. I know I had this terrible apartment once and I was suffering
with allergy symptoms. And Dad remember you came over and you fixed it. I mean it was
to the point. I was having headaches every night. I mean it was pretty bad. I was considering
just moving out again. And he actually came over. He actually you
did duct cleaning there too like that apartment complex was super lucky that I moved in because
it was kind of as its own Stand-alone place. It was easy to do duct cleaning and then he
put in a micropower guard you put it in a UV and a micropower guard and
I thought you were going to mention the time you were living in Florida? And we totally
changed your world down there. And when you’re moving out you were selling your stuff, you
know, you had a little neighborhood sale at I remember people coming in your room blend.
What’s different is this is good. Well, this is a nice apartment. What’s that smell? Cuz
they lived in the stale. They lived in the same building and yet mine was the only unit
that didn’t smell kind of mildewy. Yeah, exactly. People noticed that your apartment was different
than everyone else’. I was like now I’m taking that with me.
Cool, very good. All right. Well, I think that that was a good overview and kind of
clarifies the information from last week on Why at least dad doesn’t open up his windows?
Yeah Matt’s the man he knows all about is yeah. Well people are lucky this week because
between my two of you, there’s like 87 years of experience here.
All right. Okay. Well, thanks guys. All right. Very good. Have a good one back to you later.

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