Types Of Students You Meet In School

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Hi, main hoon Ibrahim from Class Of 2020 Aur yeh hai, mere classmates. TYPES OF STUDENTS YOU MEET IN SCHOOL Good Morning, Ma’am! The First Bencher Ma’am…I know the answer Excuse me, Ma’am. Ma’am, actually you had given us homework in the last class. Ma’am, you’ve given extra marks to Pranav for this question. WHAT? How did you get more marks than ME ?? Ma’am, Gigi is always talking in the class. Hey, let’s go out today? Sorry sorry… Nahi yaar … Aaj toh nahi ho payega I have my music lessons at 5 after school. Wait…I thought you just got done with it No ya… that was choir practice, I am the lead singer for the band too. No yaa, not next month. I am going on that exchange program to Turkey. I got a 95.4% last time. This time I need to get more than 96 to qualify for the quiz. Dude, no I have dance rehearsal for the cultural fest and you know I have to be there, right! *Makes farting noise* Arrey…thuski? The class clown Abey, gande! Chee! Arrey! Kisi koh school ki full form pata hai? Pata hai kya? Pata hai? Pata hai? Nai? Arrey main bata ta hoon Seven crappy hours of our life, guys Seven crappy hours of our life. Okay guys, so what do you call a person who keeps talking even when nobody is interested? Batao guys, batao! Arrey, teacher yaar…Teacher yaar. Stand up! Tell me the answer for this. Ma’am… but I can’t see the board. Drama Queen Then come sit in the first bench. Ma’am…mujhe chakkar aa rahi hai Oh god… Lag raha hai main gir jaoongi Actually ma’am, my grandfather passed away last night. Toh main homework nahi kar payi. What kind of cheap box is this? Shit! Mere nails toot gaya. Maine 2000 bucks kharcha kiya tha iske upar. Now I am going to look ugly! I have to go to the salon right now. You, okay? OH MY GOD! It’s him! Woh aa gaya! dekho, woh aa gaya! Dude JT is GOAT. Huh? JT kya hota hai? Oh! Justin Timberlake! Justin ko bakri kyu bula rahe ho? GOAT matlab Greatest Of All Time Ohoho! Phir toh main GOAT hoon. Hey! Want to play seven minutes in heaven with us? Is it dangerous? Maar toh nahi jaenge hum? Excuse me! No makeup allowed at school. Ma’am… This isn’t makeup… this is a no-makeup look. The fashionista Come on quick…take my OOTD before the teacher comes “click click” This uniform is so tacky but it’s not that bad when you wear it like this Ma’am…actually, I can’t wear normal socks I have a skin allergy, so I can only wear ankle-length socks Here’s a letter from my doctor. Ugh! Did you see that girl’s skirt? It’s SO long It’s not even midi-style. Hey! How are you doing? School ke baad kya kar rahe ho? Let’s grab some coffee… Tum doosri ladkiyon ki tarah nahi ho… Tum different ho. Look…we are still young So I don’t want to get into anything serious… Last night was fun… I think we should do it again! Here we go. New year, new school… Hi! I am Alia… I am from Dubai And my favourite subject is…English! Hi! I am Alia… I am from Dubai And my favourite subject is… English. Hi…I am Alia…AGAIN Ab tak toh pata lag jana chahiye tha… Hi! I am Alia…remember? Can I borrow your notes? Main kal pakka de doongi. Promise! Promise. I miss home yaaa. I wish I could go back to my old school. It was so much better. Kal ka homework kisne kiya hai? Oye! Assignment diyo apni. Arrey koi baat nahi, yaar. I’ll change the name, na. Chill kar. Tu mujhse oochi awaz main baat kar raha hain … Look dude, tu janta nahi hai main kaun hoon. Oye! Tu bhool gayi kya? Yaha main baith tha hoon. Uth! Hi guys, I’m Toto. Hi, I am Rachi Dasgupta. I am Neil Rana. Hi, I am Hardik Thakkar. Hi, this is Zoey D’Souza from Class Of 2020. To watch me and my friends, tune into the class of 2020 on the ALT Balaji App.

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