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My name is Jeremy Coleman, I’m the medical director of the UF primary care clinic and you leave Florida as well as st. Mary’s, Georgia We have a full complement of providers ranging from internal medicine. We have nurse practitioners primary care and even a special Set of skills in sports medicine and so not only do we do the annual checkups disease prevention and disease management I also like to cater to a lot of the weekend warriors and local athletes that may have Nicks and bruises or torn Ligaments and things of that nature so we really offer a robust amount of services in our clinical setting a couple years ago, I really sat down and I thought You know Eight hours of my day or a third of my life is going to be spent in this setting around these certain individuals And so it needs to be something that is enjoyed it needs to be Something that is fulfilling and so really I’m excited that I have the opportunity to work around a number of talented Physicians and mid-level providers and even all the weights from the medical assistants to our environmental service individuals that Help keep the office functioning and clean I think one thing that we all buy into is that no matter what your role is you can be a star and we really need to be accountable because everyone is integral and when we all come together we Can really have a great product and then because we are here for a third of our lives Let’s also make sure we have an enjoyable time as well You You

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