Uncooperative Greg Hardy to Appeal ‘No Contest’ For The Inhaler Fiasco

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Uncooperative Greg Hardy to appear no
contest for the inhaler fiasco UFC heavyweight attraction gray hardy has
just four fights inside ox octagon and yet has somehow managed to register one
disqualification and one no contest within a span of ten months that’s what
happens when you take an athlete with heavy hands and try to pass him off as a
mixed martial artist which is why Allen Crowder eight in a legal knee and why
the prince of war was sucking on his inhaler
against Bilson solely not that he needed it to beat to combat one back at the
Yosi well I didn’t need it at all gray Hardy told the press wanted to take the
inhaler because I have asthma and I was at a breathing disadvantage I’m in the
middle of figuring out this is all new to me as shocking as it may be great
Hardy does not know all I think it’s something that we’re gonna have to fight
out in court and figure it out the long and short of it I had no idea
neither did anyone else that night apparently Party’s inhaler previously
cleared by United States anti-doping agency was not approved by Massachusetts
State and Lee Commission despite a member of the governing body giving the
former goon a green light to let it rip that’s a matter that can be dealt with
at a later date for now party five and one has to prepare for his short notice
fight against Alexander Volkov at the upcoming UFC Fight Night 163 event next
month in Moscow Russia so I would like to put my little input in there is y’all
know rosy rosy news always have something to say I would say that great
party shouldn’t be penalized for using his inhaler but on another note some
people think that a that is cheating because
if we fighting and I get you out of breath and then you know like like it’s
gonna make a difference you know I don’t see that it would make any difference if
you have asthma I don’t understand why he’s doing this type of job well you
have asthma but as I know that asthma pump is it’s a placebo using a inhaler
is a procedure it’s all in your head a lot of people think that that the
inhalers we working but absolutely it’s just all in your head and you just need
to start figuring out on your own but anyway you don’t want to go too deep I
think very Hardy they should leave him alone but anyway he got a fight coming
up so I hope that he don’t need the inhaler
decide when you guys subscribe you let me know that I’m on the right track so I
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