Understanding Asthma Triggers and How to Avoid Them – StoneSprings Hospital Center

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What’s wrong? Why are you inside on a day like this? It’s my neighbor! Even though we both have asthma, she’s outside running around and I feel miserable; what’s her secret? Are your airways under attack? You’re not alone; more than 26 million Americans suffer from asthma! And sneezing season is filled with triggers that can interrupt your daily activities. But asthma shouldn’t stop you from having it all. There are plenty of ways to manage your symptoms. You can reduce your exposure to triggers by staying inside on days when the pollen level is high and avoiding places with lots of traffic. You should also discuss using medicine like corticosteroids and inhalers with your doctor. Sometimes, you may need medical care quickly. Seek emergency care if you can’t stop wheezing, have trouble talking, or can’t get rid of symptoms with quick-relief medicines. Talk to your doctor about the best asthma action plan for you. Oh hey! Good to see you outside, looks like you’re feeling much better!

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