6 thoughts on “USF professor says his air purifier could destroy coronavirus

  1. if this works I just want one to breathe clean air for the first time
    Imagine what this could do for cancer and cystic fibrosis patients!!

  2. It's common sense yes but the issue is a Country is not a enclosed room therefore it won't stop a virus but as of assisting in treatment of patients in hospital rooms, yes it can. But these air filtration systems with uv lighting has been out ages by different manufacturers yet he claims to of created it really? I would encourage the Chinese Government and other Governments to check around. He is not creating anything new but he may be creating his own version that's already in exsistance. I believe, the Chinese already has their own models if not mistaken already. I would not doubt that this doctor actually purchased the model he is using without a patent claiming it's his own or made one little change to a existing model claiming it's his design. But for the common household, there is several models to pick from. Good idea though and I will be buying one or a few but obviously not his.

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