Using an Aerochamber

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This device is called an Aerochamber. The Aerochamber is a type of holding chamber. A holding chamber is often used with a Metered-Dose
Inhaler. It can be difficult to use a Metered-Dose
Inhaler correctly. The holding chambers is helpful for people
who have a hard time coordinating the actuating of the inhaler and inhaling the medication. The Metered-Dose Inhaler often needs to be
primed before using the first dose. Priming is simply spraying a number of doses
into the air. Check the package insert that comes with the
inhaler to see how to prime that inhaler. When you�re ready to take a dose of the
medication, remove the caps from the inhaler and from the Aerochamber. Look for foreign objects in the inhaler and
the Aerochamber. Put the inhaler mouthpiece into the wider,
rubber-sealed end of the Aerochamber. Shake the inhaler and Aerochamber well. Gently breathe out, seal your lips around
the mouthpiece, press the inhaler once, inhale slowly and deeply. Hold your breath for as long as you can or
up to 10 seconds. Repeat for each dose you have been told to
take. Let me show you what that should look like. So when you start out, take the caps off the
inhaler and the Aerochamber. Check your devices � make sure there�s
nothing in there and then put your Metered-Dose Inhaler into the Aerochamber with the wide
rubber end. Give them a shake. [Breathes, inhales, holds breath, exhales]
Now repeat that if you were told to take another dose. To find out when your inhaler is empty, check
the metal canister of the Metered-Dose Inhaler to see how many puffs are in the inhaler. There are more puffs of propellant in the
inhaler than puffs of medication so it�s important to stop using the inhaler when you
run out of medication. Don�t wait until you run out of propellant. You will need to keep track of how many puffs
you are using to get a new device before you finish the current device. Clean the Aerochamber weekly. To clean the Aerochamber, take off the rubber-sealed
end of the Aerochamber, soak the Aerochamber and that rubber end in warm water with liquid
detergent. Move both pieces around gently in the water. Do not put the Aerochamber in a dishwasher. Rinse the Aerochamber and the rubber end with
clean water. Shake off the excess water. Air dry both pieces standing up until they�re
completely dry. Do not rub the inside of the Aerochamber. Replace back the rubber piece. Check the package insert to find out how to
clean the Metered-Dose inhaler. This varies depending on the medication in
the Metered-Dose inhaler. Keep the cap on the Aerochamber and the Metered-Dose
inhaler after each use to help it stay clean.

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