Using an Ellipta Inhaler

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When you get a new inhaler you should
check the expiry date, on the bottom of the box. If it’s out-of-date return it to the pharmacist.
OK. You should also take the
inhaler out of the box. And mark on your inhaler, 6 weeks from the day that you’ve taken it out of the box. Because you should not use it after that date. To use the Ellipta device. You pull the cover like so. You breathe out.
But not into the device. And before you breathe back in. You put the mouth piece in your mouth.
And seal with your lips. And then you take a deep breath in,
and hold for the count of 5. When you’ve done this, you remove it from your mouth. Breathe out normally. EXHALES Wipe it. With a dry tissue. And replace the mouth piece cover. Now I’m going to show you how to use it. SQUEEK EXHALES INHALES RAPIDLY EXHALES SLOWLY RUSTLING Store your inhaler according to the
manufacturer’s instructions. It should not be exposed to moisture. You should keep it somewhere,
where you will remember to use it. The living room or bedroom,
are generally good places to store your inhalers. If you forget to take your inhaler,
take it if you remember within 1 to 2 hours. If not, miss the dose and
get back on track with the next dose. Do not take the missed dose. If you accidentally take too much of your inhaler,
then call a healthcare professional for advice. If you happen to open and close
your inhaler a couple times. Do not worry,
you will not get a double dose. You will know when an inhaler is running out
because of the dose counter on the front. Half of it will go red
when you’ve got 9 or less doses, so you know to put in a repeat
prescription when you see that. Do not over order medications because
drugs can expire. When going to the hospital or clinic,
take all of your inhalers and a list of medications with you.

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  1. Lovely accent.. And hopefully this device will be a life changer for the patients suffering from the disease..

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