Using an Inhaler with a Spacer Mask

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inhalers with spacers using a mask an
inhaler is the most common way to take asthma medicine in order to get the
medicine all the way to the lungs you need to use a spacer if you don’t use a
spacer only about one third of the medicine gets to the lungs the rest just
sits in your mouth throat or stomach now we will demonstrate how to properly use
an inhaler with a spacer younger children will use a spacer with a mask
step 1 prime the inhaler before use according to the manufacturer’s
instructions step 2 stand or sit up straight step 3
take off cap and shake the inhaler step 4
insert the inhaler into the end of the spacer use of spacer and holding chamber
with the inhaler is the best way it helps the medicine reach the lungs where
it is needed step 5 breathe out all the way step 6
place mask firmly on face covering nose and mouth press down on the inhaler and
breathe in and out slowly 6 times step 7
shake the inhaler before taking each pump if more than one puff is ordered
allow 30 seconds to one minute between each puff step 8 wipe face after using
any inhaled steroid medicine you should clean your spacer once a week pull the
pieces apart and soak them in warm soapy water for 15 minutes rinse the pieces
with clean water and allow them to air dry before putting them back together
never wipe the inside of the spacer there’s a special lining that helps the
medicine get to the lungs if you have any questions please ask your health
care provider to learn more visit

20 thoughts on “Using an Inhaler with a Spacer Mask

  1. un makr chamber mais a l'interieur il ya une petite membrane est que c'est un obstacle oun .il faut l 'enleve ou non

  2. what kinda soap do i use? cause ive got dish soap,body soap, and clothing soap, which would work best… cause last time i used dish soap… and well. it didnt work too well, left a dose of residue and made it all fogged up

  3. I thought you are supposed to hold the medicine in after inhaling it. Why did she say breath in and out 6 times?

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