Using Asthma Equipment with Children: Using a Nebulizer

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These are the components of the Nebulizer kit. First is the Nebulizer compressor machine. Second is the Nebulizer cup. Third is the mouth piece. This is a Nebulizer tubing. And this is the medication. Most commonly is Albuterol solution, or normal saline or some other inhalant solution. Alright it is very simple to put the Nebulizer kit together. The first thing you want to do is attach the tubbing to the compressor. Secondly, attach the tubbing to the Nebulizer cup. Next we put the medication into the Nebulizer cup, and make sure to put the cover on the
Nebulizer cup, and secure it. And then put the mouth piece on the Nebulizer cup. And we are all set to go. Before operating the Nebulizer must be plugged into an electrical source. And next step after plugging it in will be to turn on the switch. And we are ready to go. This delivers fine mist particles which are
effectively inhaled by our patient Hannah. Hannah is using the Nebulizer with a mouthpiece.
For infants and young children, it may be better to use a mask rather than the Nebulizer mouth piece. It may be more effective to use during acute asthma attacks. Here our patient Hannah will show how to use a Nebulizer with medication.

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