Using Asthma Equipment with Children: Using a Peak Flow Meter

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A Peak Flow Meter is a portable, easy-to-use,
handheld device, which helps us measure how well patients are breathing.
This can be used in most patients over five to six years of age, who can do a forced expiratory
maneuver during respiration. We can use the Peak Flow Meter to see how
well the patient is doing when they come in for acute visits or a regular office’s visit.
We can also use it for daily instrument at home to determine how well the patient is
doing. There are three zones we typically use:
the red zone is on a 60% predicted or best peak flow;
the yellow zone is 60-80% predicted or best peak flow;
the green zone is above 80% the predicted or best peak flow. (to the patient) “Ok, is that as hard as you can blow? Ok” Peak flow measurement should be used for patients over five years of age.
As we can see, Hannah is in the yellow zone today, which means we may need to modify her
asthma treatment plan.

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