Using Asthma Equipment with Children: Using the Metered Dose Inhaler

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Sarah, can you show us how to use your inhaler.
It appears she has pretty good technique. She removed the cover cap, squeeze the inhaler
while breathing in, and held her breath for about two seconds. Then she will repeat this in one minute. A more effective way to use a Metered Dose
Inhaler is to add a spacer. After shaking her inhaler, Sarah is attaching
a spacer to her inhaler. She sprays one puff of medication into the
spacer; then she inhales five or six times into the chamber. This is repeated again in one minute. It maybe be preferable to use a mask with
the spacer, especially in infants and toddlers. You can easily add a mask to the spacer, as
Sarah will demonstrate. The patient should again breath in five to six times after spraying
the medication in the spacer.

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