Uzareni asfalt (HOT ROAD) – Adrenalin Nis – Humanitarni skup

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HOT ROAD RAILED ASPHALT HUMANITARIAN GROUP NIS This is just a shot, and you were ready to take pictures. : D HAHAHHAHA I just parked in front of the Rode in Krusevac. I am waiting for the Bosnian to come and go to Nis for a charity event together. Here is the Bosnian, they come with labels in their hands. He’s my cameraman. He brought the labels that we will officially share with new members, as well as the tables for Miki King, our member. To say goodbye first: De si bre covece? Dragan made a sweatshirt, with the inscription of our club and a BMW sign, since he is a fan of that car. Bosanac makes his home. : D I’m busy taking pictures, because the audience does not have to know what we eat. : D They just registered me, they put me tables: PN / KING These are two experts GAGI and Aca members FAST CREW GANTLMANSA Bijan was looking at a new machine, BMW E34, 525 Where’s your family? Have you arrived? (Bojan Luis president) See what I got the camera It is excellent. Pa ku de si familijoooo (Miki King) Now we have professional training, look. Who should register it, whose car let us know not to start ordering registrations. Aaaa Miki has arrived! Mickey shows the tables he got. He also got a new sticker for the new Mercedes 200d Here is the beautiful side of FAST CREW, the wife of our members Bojan and Rus. Bye, bye, we’re all together so we can go. Eee brother, do you know where to go? I do not know either, but I’m going this way, somehow it seems to me that we are on the right track, but we will see. Hahaha We just knew, there is even our company. Other clubs will soon be coming. As we came to a humanitarian gathering, we resolved that we also give our donation to a small girl suffering from cancer. It’s from our team and our club. Bojan: Let the President put his face on and put 20s in an envelope. Me: Well, we will not shoot that. haah Bosanad: It would be wise to give Bojan the envelope because he is the slowest and can not afford money. Hahahahaha Miki: Come on, Boki licked and close the envelope. Bosanac: You were comfortable getting lizards. Hahaahahha Bojan’s daughter is in the car and plays NEET FOR SPEED on the laptop. She inherited it from her father. This passion for the car. There is nothing without Bojana, only he can screw up something. : D Thank you for watching this video, if you like it, go to the button to watch, and look at you in the video clip, how can you help with this little girl with your contribution.

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