Valentinus – Sembuh Dari Asma – Healed from Asthma (English Subtitle Available)

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The true story of divine healing that happened in KPPI Beloved brothers and sisters, let us see the miracle healing experienced by Valentinus Eko Febrianto who was miraculously healed by Lord Jesus from asthma for 2 years In 2003 my son suffered from shortness of breath especially when the temperature was cold, he would sneeze constantly and get breathless, From 2003 to 2005 even could not sleep on a mattress The sickness would come when his son was too tired also when he had to deal with a difficult lesson at school his chest would easily become breathless Every time he ran and played football with his friends, he would get breathless I finally took him to the doctor. After visiting the doctor my son was recommended to take roentgen. The result of the roentgen showed that he had asthma. Florentina Partini, Valentinus’ mother One night she felt very desperate since everything she had done had no result As she was sleeping with her son, hugging him, she prayed to God Lord Jesus, if You still give my son to become my part please give healing to my child But if You want him to become Your part, I surrender my son to You In early August 2005, a servant of God came to her house to invite her to come to a healing service, KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) August 11, 2005 Inside the car that brought Valentinus and his mother to KPPI his asthma came up because he could not stand for the coldness of the air-conditioned car The Healing Service of KPPI, August 11, 2005 During the praising and worshiping moment Valentinus prayed so earnestly While I was praying, I opened my eyes Right in front of me, there was someone who was shining so white held my shoulders When Lord Jesus was holding his shoulders, his tears was running down his face I felt such a very joyful feeling that cannot be expressed by words And I had never felt such things before My heart believed that it was Lord Jesus who came to me to heal my disease Hallelujah brothers, our young brother here had asthma for two years and he would get breathless if he run or jump He was checked before and now already run and jump Try to jump again! You don’t feel breathless anymore? No Who has healed you ? Lord Jesus Lord Jesus is the Healer, Hallelujah, Hallellujah… From KPPI I brought him to get roentgen. His asthma has been well, and no more asthma. December 2005, 4 months after being healed at KPPI This night God wants to heal you

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