2 thoughts on “Vaping research uncovers new dangers

  1. …still…people have so much to say, and (it seems) feel there's so much to be done about vaping, yet, we know HOW much about cigarettes & combustible tobacco products, and yet, where's all of moral outrage, fear-mongering, hysteria, dialogue & action about that?

  2. The CDC has provided updates informing the public that these lung injuries have been linked to vaping Illegal THC pods purchased from drug dealers and other informal sources that are contaminated with vitamin E acetate which is an oil that collects in the lungs causing the damage that they are seeing. Why does this report not once mention this? It has been suspecte to be the cause for months now.
    Nobody wants youth to using nicotine vapes either and steps should be taken to reduce those numbers, including enforcing the laws that are currently in place making their use by youth illegal.
    Anyone caught selling to minors should be shut down and fined along with the minor who purchased the product.

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