Vasque Men’s Inhaler Low Trail Shoe

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With a light weight, breathable and athletic
design, fast packers and day hikers are sure to love the performance and breathability
of the Vasque men’s Inhaler Low. Let’s take a closer look. So starting with the upper we have got a fully
mesh upper with some synthetic leather overlays. It is a really nice construction. It is going
to add lots of breathability, but sup-port and structure where you need it. So we have
got these 3D mesh panels on the sides here and down at the toes, which are going to let
your foot breathe completely. Now this isn’t a waterproof shoe, so there is ample breathability
throughout the entire upper section of the shoe. Some nice added bonus is the toe area has
a reinforced cap. But in that toe cap there is actually a perforated rubber section, which
is going to allow for even more breathability up around the toes where most other shoes
I haven’t seen that. That is a pretty cool feature. So it has got a vent on either side
of the toe there. It also has a mesh area in the heel as well. So for each side of the
heel there is some bonus breathability there. So some pretty cool features that add a lot
of breathability to the shoe without sacrificing structure. Moving down to the midsole we have got a compression
molded EVA midsole and a TPU instep shank. So that EVA midsole is going to provide ample
cushioning and the TPU instep shank is going to give support and stability where you need
it. On the inside with the insole of the shoe,
you have got a dual density EVA insole that has a lot of breathability and a lot of cushion
to add up with that midsole. So there is ample cushioning with this shoe for those fast packers
or day hikers. For the outsole we have got a Vasque exclusive
Vibram Pneumatic outsole. It is a really nice toothy, lugged out sole. It has got Vibram’s
mega grip compound which is a great, flexible and durable performing out sole. It is also
known to perform well on wet or dry terrain. So that is a nice feature as well. So there you have it. It is the Vasque men’s
Inhaler Low. It has got a casual look, but it gives you lightweight, breathable trail

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