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Scrub diagnostics Sir? Did you hear me? Initiate the launch! T-minus, 5 minutes till launch Auto-sequence has been initiated Oh Shit! Oh Jesus! You.. you can take this guy right? He has got shit you have never seen What does that mean? What are our chances? Hmm Pretty much, zero Oh fuck it, let’s go save the planet Venom, get in the rocket! No! We won’t let you destroy this world Then die! Holy shit! Told you! You have a strong host But not strong enough!

100 thoughts on “Venom (2018) – Riot Attacks Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

  1. 0:51
    Eddie: OH, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: Not anymore, Brock. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. If the next movie isn't R…. people gonna riot. But!….. if it is pg13, it should have a little bit of blood, and the fights should be as brutal as the last fight scene in Spiderman 1 (2002)

  3. If you think this is bad, you definitely don't want to see Venom vs Carnage, because Carnage is too savage and wild to stay unnoticed for too long. If Venom goes against Carnage, he'll need some backup or reinforcements to help him kill and/or capture Carnage.

  4. The timing of their fight and the launch count down is pretty neat. Most movies turn the 5 minute counter into a 20 minute finale.

  5. 0:27 Hentai!
    Venom: what?
    Eddie: its a porn site..
    Venom: porn site, whats a porn site?
    Eddie: Its sexual videos stored on networks.. Agh i'll show you later if we live.
    Venom: oh we are defintely living-
    Eddie: watch out
    Riot: punches venom away.. That's not what i said you idiot… But now I'm intrigued.. Show me this "porn site"
    Eddie: why so you can get ideas?
    Riot: what?!
    Eddie nothing -kill him or no hentai
    Venom: for Hentaaaiii!!!

  6. Anyone notice that when venom speaks to Riot he uses “WE” and when Riot speaks to venom he uses “I”

    Shows that Venom and Brock are truly one.

  7. Venom: He has got shot you have never seen

    Doomslayer: I have seen worse

    Kills riot in 5 seconds

    Doomslayer: told you

  8. Ahah idk why but riot scolding him like a mom is hilarious to me. Venom , you get in that rocket RIGHT NOW. Ima count to 5

  9. You KNOW…if I could.have a Super power
    I Would want it to Venom.

    I'll have company all the time and stir my protein drink with a whirl of my finger

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