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An easy and simple way to cleanse your body. Castor oil is a medicine based the extract
of palmcrist fruit. Castor oil will help you cleanse the intestines
from all negative accumulations formed during the metabolism like stagnant feces. Castor oil contains organic acids that help
the proper functioning of the intestines, regulating its peristalsis. Peristalsis is a contraction of the intestinal
muscles, that help the contents move along the esophagus for further excretion from your
body That’s how it works: castor oil irritates
the intestinal lining, making the villi of this mucosa vibrate. Just like with grass in the wind, these villi
perform frequent vibrations, which increases blood flow. As a result, metabolic products and toxins
are being eliminated from your body. So, we start our attack on toxins on Friday. The best day for a castor attack is Friday. Indeed, for most people Friday is the last
day of the working week. So when you have two days off ahead of you
it’s time to start cleansing! In the evening drink 1 to 3 table spoons of
castor oil. Actually the amount depends on one’s body
weight. People with the body weight of 220 lbs and
above should take 3 spoons on the dot. You will notice the first effect next morning. That;s why you need to take the medicine again:
1 to 2 tbs. We strongly recommend to stay in because you
soon will feel the urge to go to the toilet. Remember it is allowed to have breakfast at
least after 2-3 hours. The last dose of castor oil should be taken
around 7pm to make sure you could visit the restroom one more time before bed. All in all, you need to take castor oil three
times. Sunday is a rest day. Go take a walk in the park, breathe fresh
air slowly inhaling and exhaling. It’s also good to start doing yoga. A few exercises to start feeling relaxed. After a cleansing you will fell refreshed,
relaxed and ready to rock at work, go for a trip, meet your friends and just live your
life. It is better to have at least three sessions
of body cleansing. In more complicated cases it can be extended
up to 4-5 weeks. Do not forget to drink lots of mineral water
to restore balance of salts in your body. It is very important because salts are being
washed out along with toxins and feces. Castor oil versus toxins and overweight. Castor oil intake could be a little shocking
for you body at first, imagine all these toxins piling up inside your intestines. That’s why you need to give your body some
time to get used to it, let it adapt. Castor oil cleansing lowers various allergic
reactions enhances immunity, soothes symptoms of asthma, rheumatism and polyarthritis. It’s better to have a meal at least after
3 hours. Oatmeal based on water or some dairy products
with crackers would be the best choice of a meal. You can also have a cup of tea with lemon
in the evening. Lemon is very useful during the castor cleaning
process. It helps the liver neutralize free radicals,
which, in large amounts, carry the oxidation process into the body. Lemon can be taken both in pure raw form or
as lemonade. To make lemonade, simply chop a half of a
lemon and put it into 1lt of water, add some honey or sugar for better taste, a pinch of
mint and a small cucumber – that will make it taste fresh. Stir and leave in a cool place. Before drinking you can strain it to get rid
of bits and pieces. Remember, do not take lemon and castor oil
together at the same time. Despite the fact that some recommend to take
them together, neuropathologist Vladimir Bolsun says the combination of lemon and castor oil
causes a reaction wherein they neuterlize positive effects of one another which leads
to reduced efficency. Keep in mind that castor oil is contraindicated
for pregnant, people with ulcers and bad cases of digestive tract diseases. Cleanse your body, be fit and don’t forget
to press the Bell so you won’t miss our new healthy videos!

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