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What’s wrong, son? No idea, dad. Suddenly it stopped. Seems bike needs some repair work. The garage must be somewhere around.
I’ll check. I’ll take bike for repair.
– Alright. Let me come with you. Dad, please don’t trouble yourself;
I’ll get it fixed and bring it back. But… Alright. Go ahead. A warm welcome to
all in this award show. So, friends,
let’s see the first photograph which is of a tiger. Here it is. Next photograph is of a fisherman who is dragging his boat to the shore. This photograph teaches us
to cleave the hurdles and move forward. So, now let’s move
on to another photograph. This photograph depicts the biggest
problem of humans these days. And that is Baldness. Just kidding. You can see the power
of unity in this photograph. In this photo,
people of different religions are standing in unity
without any discrimination. Hello. Dad, where are you? I am in auditorium, son. Where? Son, there is an auditorium in front of the
place where the bike had broken down. A photography festival
is going on there. I am watching the show there. You can also join if you wish. Okay. I am coming. Next photo depicts discipline. And you know what? This photo is one of
the best photos in world. Excuse me. Sir, your pass? Actually I do not have a pass;
I just entered casually. Please vacate the seat then.
– Let me sit for a while. I’ll leave once my son arrives. Please get up.
You aren’t eligible to sit here. This seat is for seniors.
– Sorry. Sir, please come. Sorry. Till then he’ll be seated
quietly with respect. This photograph is of a rural farmer
who ploughs his farms for entire day and irrigates his
farms with his hard work. And when the crops get harvested that golden moment turns
into celebration for him. Photographer has wonderfully
captured this moment. Dad. Come. Look how beautiful
the pictures are. Now next photo. This photo depicts a fighter
that exists in all of us who is ready to fight any danger to stay
alive. – How beautiful the photos are. It’s an amazing work by Photographer. Now I would like to invite
the chief guest of this evening Mr. K. V. Raghunath. So, please give him a big hand. Hi. Thank you. Welcome, sir.
– Thank you. The stage is yours. So, our click with camera
turns into photograph. But you never know when a simple looking photo
might become the best one. Believe me.
A good photograph talks to you. It explicates everything by itself. It represents and
reminds our traditions. Our heart can feel and see the greatness of our culture and nature’s
beauty only in a single photograph. A photo has a power to
bring your memories alive; it has story hidden. Through it you can cherish
your memories in life. Such amazing thing is the photograph. So we have selected such a photo. So let’s see the photo of the year 2018! This is one of my clicks. Who tendered it here? You? So this photo seems
to be an ordinary one. But it has a story in it. It reflects life. It presents the responsibility
of father and son. When son is young,
he often stumbles while walking. His father holds his finger
and teaches him to walk. When father gets old,
his same able son backs him. Now let’s call the great photographer
who has clicked this photo. The best photographer of the year 2018! Mr. K. Shridhar Rao! Today I want to tell
this to entire world. Actually we two were always
competitors of each other. He used to always be a step ahead of me. He was always number
one and I was number two. But even after being the
best he was never self-conceited. Every time it used to so happen that sometimes I used to get first prize
and sometimes he. I don’t know why but he
quit photography after sometime. But I believe the credit
of my success goes to him. The great Shridhar Rao got
lost in a crowd of ordinary people. But finally he has returned among us. He proved that not age
but heart matters to be the winner. You are the winner. Come on. Award is waiting for you. I am proud of you, dad.
– Come on, dad. Today I am very happy. Many congratulations. Sorry, sir. I didn’t know who you were. No problem.
– Thank you. Please come. I am so happy. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Here. Few words please. Oh. I haven’t ever addressed people.
– You have to say few words. Please. Greetings. It’s my first time
on stage to address people so please pardon me
if I make any mistake. My mother passed away when I was young. I didn’t even have her photo
to keep as memory. Not a single one. That was for the first time
when I got drawn towards photography. I wished for a career in photography and be a great photographer. I wanted to be the superstar
in the world of photography. I wanted to capture the
magnificence of world in my camera; so that I can bring you
the beauty that I have seen. But life grabbed my dreams and compelled me to be
an ordinary factory mechanic. All my dreams were shattered. After all these things
If today my dream is getting fulfilled; I am being awarded, it’s only because of my son. Shridhar, listen.
– What is it? We have got a job at steel plant. Here is the appointment letter;
we are supposed to join in this week. Congratulations, brother. All thanks to God. Now all problems will get solved. Good salary.
Better housing from company, yearly bonus, regular increment. What more do we need in life!
– Listen to me. I won’t be able to take this job. I am going to Delhi. What are you saying? Just hold on. Look. National Geographic. I had sent some photos
which they have liked a lot. They have replied positively.
I am supposed to work with them. I need to reach Delhi in four days. What will be the salary? They won’t be paying
higher salary this early. For the first year I’ll
have to serve as freelancer then I’ll get permanent job. After that there won’t
be any reason to worry. Have you lost your mind? Here you have got a good
job with reputed company and you want to decline this offer
and work as freelancer? Hey Bhaskar. Even after not getting paid
for the job that we love doing, do not bring any regrets. You are right. But at least consider the
condition of your family at least. If you’ll work there without pay,
your wife, your son… Let him go, brother. Photography is his life. If he is happy, so are we. You get ready. One year will pass in no time. We’ll survive on two acres
of land that we own at native. And we also have family to support. If we come across any problem,
we’ll seek their help. So when are you leaving for Delhi? On coming Friday. Don’t worry.
I am here to take care of them. Thank you. No it’s not like that.
– Watch out! Laxmi. Laxmi. I am fine.
– Where is Ram? Ram? ‘Oh Lord, please save my son.’ ‘I don’t wish for anything else.’ ‘Please protect my son.’ How did this happen? Are you fine? He has serious head injury.
Need to operate immediately. You arrange the fees. ‘I’ll sell off every bit of mine but I won’t let anything
happen to my son.’ Sir, my son is struggling
in hospital for his life. I’ll be obliged if you pay me good. Real estate market is not doing well.
I cannot pay you more than this. Here. It’s two millions. Keep it. Here are fifty thousand rupees. Selling the land got me two millions and after including this
it’s total two and half millions. For operation it requires three millions.
I am falling short of fifty thousand more. I must get the capital and interest amount
on time on the money that I am paying you. And if I do not receive
my money on time, you’ll be responsible for the
consequences that you’ll be facing. Okay. Fine. Have patience. He needs to be taken
special care for year. Later everything will get alright. Okay, doctor. Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much.
– It’s okay. ‘Oh lord, you are truly merciful;
you saved my son else how would I have
faced my generous wife?’ ‘One year will pass in no time. We’ll survive on two acres of land
that we own at native.’ ‘From now onwards my
family is my only world. No matter even if I have
to give up on anything for them.’ ‘I can also sacrifice
myself for protecting them.’ ‘I must get my capital
and interest amount on time. That’s it.’ ‘If my hobby is coming in
the way of my family’s happiness, I abandon such hobby.’ ‘From now onwards
my aim is not photography but the happiness of my family.’ ‘Now I will let go my hobby
and live only for my family.’ ‘I can smother my childhood
desires for my family.’ ‘I ca sacrifice everything of mine.’ ‘From today onwards
I’ll quit photography; I’ll give up my dreams.’ which will estrange me from my family.’ ‘What’s the use of such happiness which will trouble my loved ones?’ ‘I won’t let anything
wrong happen to my family.’ ‘I’ll spend my life,
seeing my family happy.’ ‘It’s my final decision.’ Finally Shridhar Rao gives up and takes up a job of
ordinary mechanic at factory. What are you doing? It’s hurting. Sit straight. Don’t move.
Let me comb your hair. – Be gentle. Keep quiet.
– Why are you doing this, mom? What happen? Why are you yelling? Look at this, dad.
– What? Mom is spoiling my hair style. All will laugh at me in school.
– I see. Stop talking nonsense. You go to school for studying
or to flaunt your hair? Let him comb his hair by himself. Here, my son. Comb your hair. My baby. My Darling son. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Out! Such a trouble it is. After school he keeps
playing with street urchins. I won’t spare him. Hey, what happen? Why are you angry? This boy never is seen at
home since holidays have begun. Look. Again he is
playing out on the road. Today I will thrash him hard.
– Stop. Hold this. I’ll bring him home, okay? Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Daddy. Daddy. My daddy is here. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Don’t let me down.
Swear you on your father. Take a chance and hit the win. Daddy, I won. You reached the boundary on time. You played really well. Hey, take off your hands.
– Ravi. It’s an excellent bicycle. Did you bought it from scrap yard?
– No. I bought it from shop. Please Ravi, let me ride it once.
Please. No. Tyre might wear off. Dad hasn’t allowed
lending bicycle to anyone. Please, Ravi. Please. No. If dad comes to know,
he will screw me. Hey Ravi, wait! Surprise! New bicycle for me! Thank you, dad. Hey, Ram? Wake up. It’s 4 o’clock. You want to study, right? Hey, are you still sleeping? Come on. Have milk. Come on. Bye, dad.
– Be focused, okay? I am getting late.
– Okay. Paper was very tough; I might not clear. I think I’ll score zero. Son, how was the exam? Boys are saying that
paper was very tough. No, dad. Paper was very easy. That’s like my son. Come on, son. Let’s go. I don’t believe that
you cleared the exams. I thought you are going to score zero. I had found a job of dung cleaner
for you in case you failed the exams. He has cleared every
subject with passing marks. Hey, just keep mum, okay?
At least I have cleared the exams. Dad? I want to take science
for further studies. Is it? Tell me what is (A+B) 2? Shut up. Dad, all of my friends
are going for science. Let me take up science. Son, it is not necessary
to follow what your friends do. You must have interest in that subject. Only then you’ll succeed.
Got it? I have much interest in it. Who are you? After long time watched
such blockbuster movie. Ram? Son, what are you doing here? Didn’t you attend college? I had but since professor
of chemistry was absent, there was no lecture. Therefore we came here. Is it? Fine. Hop on. Come on. Three. Third. Four. Fourth. Why are you playing with dice?
Answer your paper. Even after paying such heavy fees
if you are going to score this low, forget about being at higher post you’ll not even get a job of peon. If this continues, we are going to get
bankrupt by spending on your studies. Kindly get admission
in some degree college. I’ll easily get admission
in engineering college; there are many seats available. You’ll get admission?
In which college? Wisdom college. Wisdom college?
But there the fees amount is too high. And also we’ll have
to pay donation there. You think we have money
growing tree at home from which you’ll easily get the money? Get admitted to degree college. Degree? I don’t want
to go for ordinary degree. Ram, what’s the matter? Dad, all of my friends are
getting admitted to engineering college I too want to get admitted there.
Please, dad. Every month the interest amount on this
money must get credited to my account. Sure, sir.
– Is that clear? Thank you, sir. Shri, you borrowed money
for your son’s admission but how are you going to repay it? From now onwards I’ll
work in night shift as well. I mean I’ll work over time. For my family I can
sacrifice myself as well. Let’s go. Next.
– Thank you, sir. Come on. What all have you shopped? Four pairs of shoes and five jeans. From tomorrow he is
going to college, right? Therefore I purchased
all the stuff for him. He is going to invite
dooms day for family. Listen, son. Until now you
haven’t got serious about studies. But now your engineering study will decide your career and future. Don’t ignore what I am saying. I am saying it for your well being. Don’t worry, dad. ‘Oh God.’ ‘Please do anything but get me a job.
I’ll offer thousand bucks.’ ‘God, please help.’ What happened? Nervous? Yes. It’s my first interview
therefore I am nervous. Were you wasting time with friends
when it was time for you to study? No. I wasn’t. Then what were you doing? I was studying. Okay. Then why are you nervous? I am nervous. What if I get rejected? Shall I tell you something important?
– Sure. The one, who scores less,
always gets nervous. And when the scores are higher, confidence over flows from within. Really? Yes. Be confident. Okay. Be confident. Be confident. Who is Mr. Ram? It’s me. You can leave now.
– What? Seniors were brainstorming. Finally they concluded that
your score is less than forty percent among these sixty candidates. So you must be sent back. Company already is
full of useless people therefore we do not need
any more useless people. They fear you might become
the future boss of this company. Sir, you may leave now. ‘Big talks and meagre actions.’ Hi. All the best, okay? Hi.
– Hi. Hello. Hello.
– Hello. Look. He is been thrown
away even before interview. had he waited any longer,
he might have got even more insulted. Hey? You think I am funny?
– No, brother. Haven’t you come across
any less marks scorer? Listen. Erudite people are running
social media sites these days and ignorant are leading
the country and ruining it. Let me give an example. Well educated people are taking up
jobs in companies like Microsoft and the owner of that
company himself is illiterate. Change your mind set
else one day I’ll rule on you. So what if you lost one opportunity? My father failed
ten times in tenth class but he is still not ashamed of it. Life has become hell
after joining college. When I was fresher,
I used to look for escape from ragging and now when I am senior,
I look for methods of ragging. You are right, Nagraj. Haven’t you heard about that idiom
studies will ruin you? It’s a perfect one. It’s better to enjoy
than wasting money on studies. Go for movies, go on picnics. Absolutely right. Studying is so tough that I feel like throwing up
on hearing about studies. Hey you jerk,
studying is not our cup of tea. It’s for scholars who are book worms. And what great are you going to achieve
by getting educated? Don’t uneducated survive? Right. These days people
launches big companies and few studious jerks
work in these companies. Their life runs around
the ticking clock. Stop nonsense. Let’s go home. Hey, wait!
Will you take me to Chincpokli? It will charge 150 bucks.
– Oh God. It’s just nearby and
you are charging this much? If it’s nearby then go walking. What happened, brother?
What’s the matter? Every day tussle.
Trying to loot a gentleman. Kindness has perished from the world. Auto driver shows attitude.
Cab charges heavily. Crowd in trains makes go through hell. What are we supposed to do? Hope God has given you brains?
– Of course. Then use it. Watch carefully.
– Hello. Ambulance? My best friend is getting epileptic.
Please hurry up. Note the address. Ambulance is here. Come on start. Start dancing. Yes. This way. Come on. Get him inside. Hurry up. Come on, make it fast. Wait. I am coming. People here are very smart. Which hospital are we going?
– Apollo. No. It’s too expensive. Let’s go to cheaper hospital.
I’ll take you. Okay. Alright. What’s wrong with him? No idea. He’s having
packet of chips in hand. By mistake he swallowed
plastic in place of chips. He got choked and now he is serious. Don’t worry. I’ll give an injection.
– Now that’s fun. Nagraj, injection. Hey, I am allergic to needles. You know it, guys. Tell her. Oh. He isn’t bitten by dog
to give him an injection. How can you give
injection to the patient? If anything goes wrong with him, who
will repay the loan taken by his father? What if he dies bachelor?
Who will be blamed? This nurse.
– Don’t touch my jolly friend. Here it is. Park it on side. Come on, guys. We have reached. Come on. We have reached.
Good acting. Thank you, sister. There is no good charger in ambulance. Not even a phone’s battery gets saved.
How can a human get saved? Come on. We have reached the hospital. But there isn’t any hospital here. We weren’t going to any hospital. We wanted to reach here.
– Thank you for the lift, uncle. It’s good that I am inside the van.
If I was out there… What would’ve you done? Now quickly leave from here else you’ll
be the next patient in this ambulance. Come on, go. We were just checking how much time does government ambulance
takes to reach hospital. You look bad but you did well.
– Now go. Hell with you people. Want a free ride.
– Five cups tea. Get it full cup. Okay. Listen. Come straight
to home from office. No need to go anywhere.
– Okay, dad. Look. Ravi is coming. Have lunch on time.
Hope you have got the lunch box. Yes, dad. I have it. Don’t eat outside
food along with friends. Junk food will make
you get hospitalised. Hospital will lead to even more bills and your entire salary
will go to doctor. Got it?
– Yes. He isn’t his son but robot.
He controls him all day. He must be even asking for a permission
of his dad for going to toilet. All hooligans of city are gathered here. All are useless. Listen. Don’t let me
down by being with them. They are shameless and also have no concerns
for their parents. Did you get what I say?
– Very well, dad. Here comes the obedient son. Being gentleman in front of father
and in college he used to stalk girls. I heard he found a good job. Now watch the fun. Hey, Ravi! Don’t look at them. Champakali is coming in the evening;
you too come to meet her. What are you saying?
Where to meet? What did I just say? Funny. Listen. Finish it by morning. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Don’t worry, sir. Sorry, I didn’t see you. What kind of eyes is yours?
Can’t you see even in day light? I said sorry. Why are you getting upset?
Make another one. I know you very well. You did it deliberately. Again you too are fighting? Look at him, mom. He spoiled my drawing. There are just couple of balls drawn.
Draw it again. What again?
I was working on it since morning and you ruined it all. Now again I’ll have
to draw from beginning. Alright. I’ll draw it. Move. Great. You did it pretty soon. So now you have watched it, right?
Make it one for you as well. Give it to me.
– This one is for me. If you want make it by yourself. Give it to me.
– No. You hit me twenty times with your hand
and twenty four times with pillow. Twenty plus twenty
four sums up to forty four. Now do sit ups.
– What? Only after that you’ll get this.
– You are taking revenge on me? Yes. Stop talking nonsense and give it to me. Fine. I am doing it.
– Come on. Quickly. One. Two. Do it properly. Stop troubling her. Give her drawing.
– Four. Five. Not now, mom. It’s not over yet. Hey.
– Got it. Come on, be seated. Have snacks. I am fed up of getting
tortured every day by him, mom. We all are pissed off of you. Mom, find some jerk for
her and get her out from here. Always keeps nagging. Laxmi? Pay the bill of milkman Chandu.
– Okay. Dad, fees for this
semester needs to be paid. Again? Fee was paid recently, right? It’s been six months for it. Alright. Tell them
to wait for another week. Okay, dad.
– Pass on the sauce. Well, how was your
yesterday’s interview? I was selected, dad. The thing is it’s a small time company
and salary too is very less. Also I’ll have to travel to Pune. How can I stay away from my family? Therefore I thought of
trying other local opportunities. Never mind. Focus on eating. Enough. Today it’s wedding of Prakash’s
daughter; we all need to attend. Let’s reach early in wedding else
our visit will seem to be very formal. Okay, dad. I’ll make sure to display your name on
such sparkling banner in your wedding. Kirti weds Scrap dealer. Shut up. Don’t keep targeting me. So you think some prince
is going to come for you? So how are the things going on?
– Come on, hurry up. Let’s go. Meeting after long time. Just a minute, uncle. Look here. Ask bride to look in camera.
Look here. What’s with sad face? Uncle, smile please. Aunt, hold on. Look into the camera. ‘What is this idiot doing?’ Don’t feel shy; stand beside uncle. Perfect. That’s great. Come on, smile. Nice one. Listen. Why are photos clicked? So that no matter what the occasion is,
memories are made. Not just to make memories but to
cherish old moments and revive them. Mister, won’t these photos
help to revive memories? No. Because the photos
clicked by you are lifeless. Photo must be like it
is trying to convey something. You must be able to capture
these candid moments. You need to perfectly
capture their emotions. Every ritual in wedding has some reason, some emotion behind it. While performing rituals let them concentrate on
each other instead of camera. Capture their feelings for each other. Capture their intimacy. Capture the love that
is reflected in their eyes while looking at each other. Capture their feeling of commitment while tying nuptial chain
and swearing to each other. There is so much going on
in the mind of bride and groom. Capture those feelings. Capture the happiness reflected
on the face of parents while blessing their
son and daughter in law. That’s called photography. When they are surrounded
by their family and friends and when you click that moment,
you’ll get candid photo. Such candid photos are full of life,
my friend. Don’t get more technical. If the camera is good,
photos are ought to be good. That’s not very difficult. But the real photos are the one which have emotions captured in it. Remember what I said. My son has got a good
job offer from Italy. I am going to offer prayers at Tirupati. My son Birju is already
working in Canada. He got an offer when
he was still studying here. After competing studies,
he joined job in Cananda. No matter if the company is
domestic or multinational, grab the opportunity once you get it. Incapables sit jobless and the smart ones get successful. Hey, watchman! Wake up. Get lost from here! Get lost from here! I’ll lash at all of you! What do you think of yourselves? Is this the time to come home? I had some important work, mom. What important thing you do to which
makes you return home late every night? Stop nagging and open the door, mom.
– I won’t. Go to your friend’s
home with whom you wander. Stop kidding, mom. Open the door. I will not open the door. Stay out for tonight and you’ll start coming
home on time from tomorrow. If you didn’t open the door,
I’ll leave the house. Go away. Fine. I am going.
Later don’t come crying to me. Go away. I am saying it for last time.
I won’t ever return. No. Today Anushka, Deepika
and my favorite Katrina is with me. There is no place in my house. This drunkard is useless. Every day you loiter
around and come home late. Because of this your share
of meal goes to dog every day. Never mind. It’s a good deed. Idiot. Stop talking rubbish. My life has turned into
hell since you are born. You smoke? This was lying outside so
I thought of dumping it into dustbin. Whose call is it?
– My friend’s call. Isn’t loitering enough for you guys?
Give it here. Idiot, why weren’t you answering the call?
– Hey, you… You had answered instantly
if it was girlfriend’s call. Mind your tongue.
This is his father speaking. Hasn’t your father
taught you any manners? Sorry, uncle. I didn’t know it was you. Alright. Why have you
called my son this late? Has your family dumped you? You urchin! Tell me why have you called? Can I spend a night at your house? Stupid! Hang up! ‘There is no one at this stall and the other one is crowded.’ ‘What’s the catch?’ Which one? Okay. Just hold on for a while.
I am making it. ‘Such a beautiful hawker.’ ‘What a bright future I have.
We’ll sell snacks together.’ Batter is all over. People have already finished sauce. Mine too is finished. Take this, aunt. All snacks for today are sold. So now go home and relax. Stay blessed.
– God bless you, my child. Oh come on. Okay, aunt. I’ll take a leave now. Not a single plate is
sold since morning, brother. Did you see the result
of getting into tussle? If you do it again,
your stall won’t be seen here. ‘His mouth was shut. Uncle, sauce please. Hey, how much sauce will you
eat with just two pieces of idli? Don’t ever come here again. There is no more sauce for you! Asking for more sauce.’ Remember when I asked for more sauce
what did you say me? Now keep shooing off the flies because now no one other
than them is going to visit here. Let’s go. That girl is like fire. Don’t go near her to get burns. Why you want to ruin your life?
– Which girl are you talking about? I was looking at something else.
– Is it? I didn’t see anything there.
– For that one must have good eye sight. What are you saying?
– Yes. For little sauce
she ruined his business. It means she is way too witty. She works in a software company but still she didn’t
hesitate to make pancakes. Where can we find such simple
and down to earth attitude? She hugged aunt while
returning her money; she taught a lesson to a person. Such humanity is
hard to find these days. She treats every job equal. Yes. And you change your mind set.
When I observe anyone, I do not just see physical appearance
but the inner qualities too. You said that she is fire. So if any girl posses
so many good qualities, she needs to be followed, right? You are right, boss. Then don’t just stare. Play the music. He got a good lesson, didn’t he? Naina, let’s go that way. Shall we race?
– Why not? ‘God’s mills grinds slowly but surely.’ ‘Finally I have found
the girl of my dreams.’ Now what are you doing here? You have already driven me out of house.
Now you me to torture more? I also have a question. You had gone to your friend’s house,
right? So why did you return so early? What house? Whose house is this? Mom, this house was vacant, right? Has anyone come here to stay? Yes. Two days back some
family has shifted here. Just two days back? And I didn’t even know about this! For that you need to stay at home. Bloody urchin. Love you,
mom, for giving such good news. Leave me. Forget greeting and praise the Goddess.
– Hail, Goddess. Sister, we have recently shifted here
and there is no water in taps. Can you please suggest any plumber? Let me ask my son. Just a minute.
– Okay. Ram! What is it? Do you have contact
number of plumber Sonu? I don’t have. Look by yourself. It’s little urgent. Always keeps me busy with something.
Why do you need it? I don’t need it.
Neighbours in opposite house need it. Neighbours in opposite house. Hey. She is here. What’s the matter, aunt? Son, all the pipelines have leakage. Leakage problem? Don’t worry, aunt.
I am here to help. The help I am looking
for is right under my nose. ‘Why is he so happy to help?’ Listen carefully. All the leakages in
this house must get fixed. Not even a drop must get leaked.
– Okay. Aunt, now you make a cup of tea for me with extra sugar. Thanks, son. Hey! Such a sluggish plumber. Make it fast, come on. If you are in such
hurry fix it yourself. Naina? Yes, mom? Naina. Good. Ram. Naina. Sounds nice.
– Very bad. I am talking about this.
It broke. What are you doing here?
Go and finish your job. It’s done.
– This fast? You wanted to make it fast. Now don’t
waste my time and pay my charges. Aunt, he is done with leakage fixing;
please pay him. Here is your money. Why are you paying me? He worked; you supervised. Counting chickens before hatching. This t-shirt is unlucky for you. Better take it off and go bare chest.
– Shut up. Was trying to impress
her but got humiliated. Shut up. I know he stays in neighborhood. I just wanted to keep
safe distance from him. He was here to help
and you are abusing him. Helping us was just an excuse. He was here to gaze at me. This girl is too witty. She ruined someone’s business
just because he denied sauce to her. It will be very difficult to get her. No. There wouldn’t be any problem. I have explained him the
problem so you need not worry. Yes. Sure. I said, I… So what I was saying that
everything will be alright. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. Okay? I’ll call you later. Hey! Why are you taking my pictures? When did I take pictures? I just saw you were taking pictures. Why will I take your pictures? Aunt! I’ll call her. Mom! Mom! Aunt! Please come out. What happened, son?
Why are you shouting? Naina, again you are fighting? Look aunt, he is taking my pictures
without my permission. Is that true? Mom, I was taking my pictures;
my selfie. He is lying; check his phone.
– Sure. He wasn’t taking your pictures. Look. Mom, I was taking selfies.
I wasn’t taking her pictures. Why will I do so? Sorry, son. Forgive my daughter. She considers every boy to be bad. She got boys bitten by dog at the place
where we used to live earlier. Why you need to say all this?
– Shut up. I am fed up of you. You have made my life hell. Come on apologise to him. Never mind, aunt. No problem. ‘I am sure he has taken her pictures.’ No, son. Let her apologize. I’ll slap you now. Apologise to him. Sorry.
– It’s okay. Sorry, sister. Please don’t mind.
– No. Get inside. Stop spying on me;
go and watch cartoons. Aunt, how hard you work. I’ll do it right away. Hello. Hey? Move! Carry these bags.
– I am talking on phone, mom. Sorry, mom.
You have ice-cream; I’ll carry the bags. Hi.
– Please hop on. You carry on; I’ll come walking. I’ll show her now. Abracadabra; let tire get punctured. Now let’s see how she rides the bike. Listen losers! She has called a cab;
make sure it does not reach here. Hey. Stop. Sorry for interruption.
– What happened? Enough of your business;
get out of the car. What happened, my child?
Why are you still here? See it by yourself.
– Oh my God! I am getting late for office, mom.
Meeting is scheduled at 10 o’clock. If I didn’t reach on time,
boss will screw me. I am trying to contact cab driver
but he is not answering. Call him once. Hey, stand still.
– Hey, the client is calling. Madam? Where have you reached? Cleaning car at car wash. Car wash?
– Yes. You wait for half an hour;
I’ll be there in couple of hours. Hey? What happened, dear? I am getting late for office
and he says he’ll reach in two hours. Mom, I am going to Charminar.
Shall I get you something? Listen mom! I am going to Charminar.
Let me know if you need anything. What’s wrong with him today? Son? Yes, aunt? Are you going towards Charminar? Yes, aunt.
I have an important meeting there. Naina’s bike is punctured.
Will you please drop her to office? Actually, aunt…
– I’ll pay for fuel. Is it? Okay, aunt.
No problem. Let her come. Okay. Go, my child.
– No. I won’t. Better you go with him rather
than losing on a day salary. Come on. My blessings are with you. Today the weather is so romantic. Hey! You keep dreaming.
I’ll drop her office. Hey! I’ll drop her. I am going to Charminar. Okay don’t pay for fuel. Damn. Here is the grocery list.
Bring all of it. Sister-in-law is here.
Come on, let’s go. I too am coming, brother. Hey. Useless. Let’s go. We are getting late. You carry on. Isn’t it good?
– Yes. Too good. So cute. Mom, how much are you
going to make me labour? Do it quietly. Keep this as well.
– I am tired. Now where should I keep this? Stop talking nonsense.
Make some room for it. Where shall I keep this? Bloody hell! This boy is useless. Dropped entire trunk.
– I already told you, there is no place. What’s with this collection
of useless photographs? Give it to scrap dealer. These photos are dearest to your father. Don’t ever call these
useless in front of your dad. Whatever it is but I like it. Sir, tell me how can
you always stay cheerful? Because I do what I like. And this is what energises me a lot. I made my hobby of
photography as my career. I didn’t even realise when did twenty five
years of my life flew while pursuing this career. Time just flew. Sir, you have been conferred by
many national and international awards. How do you feel about that?
– I feel good. And therefore I am presenting
my best pictures through exhibition. Sir, have you ever got
bored of your profession? I truly love taking pictures. Sir, how will you
describe your pictures? I would say that photo
is a powerful tool. Okay. Which is full of feelings. It can make a person cry. It can do one more thing. Photo can make us relive
the long lost memories. A single photo stopped war in Vietnam where millions were getting killed. A single photo can show the
present starving Somalia to world. Just a single photo. And now we have front
and back cameras in phones which has made it even simpler. Just pick your phone and click it. And of course, I must say that there are many good
photographers among them. Sir, but they cannot match your talent. No. that’s not true. There are many good photographers. Maybe they are better than me
but are not able to succeed like me. And maybe they are
into some other fields. According to survey,
ninety percent of people have given up on their hobbies
and are surviving on other profession. Only because their family
could live a good life style. But let me tell you
only ten percent of people live their hobbies and lead
a better and self content life. And I have chosen to be
the part of those ten percent. Therefore today I am in front of you. Not everyone gets what they wish for. I too wanted to be
a cricketer but I couldn’t. Family demands sacrifices. I too used to be a good singer. All used to praise me and encouraged me
to be a play back singer. But fate has made me sit here with you. We have a job, family;
we are very happy. God has been very kind to us. What else do we require? ‘The photo which I clicked is published
in news paper this week.’ Our next meeting is at 6.30, right? Yes. Thank you. Sir, photo please. Sir, autograph. Sure. Sir…
– Please move back. Sir, just one click. Sir, please.
– Please move. Why are you wasting your time? You are just hopeless. You are just an extra burden on earth. Look at your bio-data.
Disgusting. Often the persons with average marks are
behind the great achievements, ma’am. Is it?
– Yes. Do one thing. First you do something exceptional
and then come to me. Now leave. Waste of time on
good for nothing idiots. Hey. Never mind if you do not offer the job
but don’t screw my head. Hey. Are you threatening me? Every time you have
scored just passing marks and still you dare
to ask job in this company? Stop mouthing big and
set your tie properly. Oh. Bloody hell. You just keep attending interviews. How long will this go on? I am trying, dad. What can I do if I am not
getting what I am looking for? Son, earning money is also important
along with pursuing passion. Not all dreams get fulfilled in life. Sometimes we need to compromise with
situation even if we do not wish to. Even then,
till date I have tried my best to fulfil every wish of yours
so that you do not feel the pinch. I gave whatever you wished for. And even after that
you are not finding any job, it means you are not interested in it. What are you interested in? Tell me so that I can understand. It’s not about interest, dad.
– Then? Only when you’ll set your target
you will be able to work towards it. Don’t waste your time. Time never returns.
– Alright, dad. This boy is better than you. At least he is helping
out in house chores. Lazy stupid girl. I know his intentions behind doing this. Bullet bike. Bullet bike makes you forget everything. Does she like this bike very much? It’s a very old story. When she was a kid,
her grandpa had a bullet bike. He used to take her for ride on it. For the first time when
she went for a ride on bullet, she decided to ride this bike someday. But by the time she starts learning
to ride the bike, she got married. And since then whenever she spots
a bullet bike, she gets excited. You keep mum. Always talks nonsense. You should’ve tried
learning after marriage. I tried twice after marriage. Once I bumped into one uncle
and he had near miss with death. After that I never touched the bike. Aunt, come on.
I’ll teach you bike riding. Bullet bike! No, son. Now I won’t
be able to ride this bike. But where did you get this from? Just gather in the harvest,
why count the stalks? Come on, hop on. Oh lord, take care of all.
– You take care of yourself. That’s it. This is clutch. Hold it tight.
– Okay. Now pull up the stand.
– Okay. Now hold this clutch,
start the bike and push breaks. Put the gear. Now slowly release the clutch and… Got a jerk.
– No problem. Let’s try again. Now tighten the clutch. Start and slowly race it. Don’t fear.
– Go slowly. Don’t worry. I am with you. Move!
– Move aside. Hope they haven’t bumped into someone. How does that matters?
At least her wish will get fulfilled. By the way he is making impression
on aunty but you are his actual target. They haven’t returned yet. Hope they haven’t gone much far. Let’s check. I ride the bullet bike
and no one was harmed! I am very happy today. I feel young again. Congratulations, aunty.
– Thank you. You learned to ride the bike. I wanted to ride the bullet since long
and today my dream has come true. You know what I did today?
– What? I ride the bullet bike very far.
– Is it? I can guarantee you that
he is trying to impress aunty just to convince you. Where are you going? ‘Aunty’s joy is similar
to that of mine when I was young.’ ‘When dad used to surprise me,
I used to get so happy.’ Wow! ‘My first stylish school bag.’ ‘Colouring book.’ ‘Now turn the pages.’ ‘That video game.’ ‘Video game.’ ‘I remember everything.’ ‘Video game.’ Even a small surprise
can bring joy to people’s lives and can bring their childhood back. Small joys also matter
a lot in everyday life and because of it
the life gets colourful. Good surprise is equal
to winning a lottery. So I was thinking to
make this as our career. Career?
– Yes. What do you mean?
– Surprise planners. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries,
office events, get together; we can plan different surprises
for different events. And for this we do not
require huge investment. We will plan the budget
according to the requirement of event. Less budget for small event
and more budget for big event. Idea will be ours and
money will be of clients. I have an excellent idea. Supposed if a death
has occurred in some family. We’ll go to their house
and give them big surprise. Right. We’ll make sad faces smile and make their mourning
atmosphere cheerful. My loafer brother and his useless
friends have started this business. Surprise planner. Idea is pretty good.
– What’s good in it? These fools will make others fools. Tell me, what you want? I like one girl.
Do something which will draw her to me. She will. By the way we have
got offers for many events but we thought of starting with you. Thank you so much. We’ll plan something
that will make the girl to permanently settle with you. If you succeed,
I’ll get you what you ask for but if you fail I’ll shave your head. Be positive. God helps those who help themselves. It’s the same. Did you see how he got convinced?
– Right. By the way when do
you want to surprise her? On birthday.
– Surprise on your own birthday? How can one plan a surprise
for his own birthday? Where have you come from?
– Where you come from. Girlfriend’s name is Divya.
– Do you have a girlfriend? He is giving us the surprise. Fine. Surprise girlfriend, right? Done. But there is a small problem. Is she going to die?
– Shut up. It’s matter of love. Since one week she isn’t talking to me. When I call her,
she disconnects the phone. It’s her birthday tomorrow so I want
to impress her with good surprise. Don’t worry. It will be done. But tell me what exactly
the problem is between you two? The problem is we are in deep
love with each other since one year. But one month back she introduced me
to her best friend Priya. Oh. Cross connection. So now you like Priya more. Yes. Very much. You mean exchange offer.
Exchange old with new. Correct. And what if she denies you? I will die. I am here to turn
denial into acceptance. Getting along with Divya is confirmed. After that with her
help you can reach to Priya. You just spend money and watch the game. I got it. Only you can
save my love from getting dead. You need not worry. You can count on us. So start with your mission.
– Sure. Who is it? She is going. Oh it’s you! Divya! Wait a minute. No, not this. I am your burger; you are my sauce. Will you be my permanent spouse? Hey, there is one more.
Just a minute. You and me, under shade of love, let our eyes meet with each other. You are strong and bulky;
I am skinny and scrawny. Let’s make our love dearly. Now next. I love you my sweetheart. Priya has totally got love stuck. Priya? Her name is Divya.
– What? Priya is the name of another girl. Surprise! He is doomed. Go to hell. Divya, wait. Priya? Take this. Show this to your girlfriend one by one. But no need to read out.
– Let me read it once. It’s surprise.
Your life is going to change. What is this?
– Sorry, brother. There happened to be a small mistake. No. My life is ruined. I wanted to settle my life with her but you people ruined it all. Hope he will clear our payment. Seems difficult. Tell me is there any
boyfriend of your Priya? I mean the decoration was amazing and also the preparations
were excellent. But what can one do if luck is bad? Bloody hell! We will come across difficulties
in the path of success. This time our luck was bad.
But now it won’t happen. If every doctor starts thinking like you
all the patients will be dead. Forget it. Why are you arguing? A minor mistake can
happen in such big task. And one must learn from mistakes. Let the next event come up.
We’ll rock. Who will offer us next
event after this disaster? I will offer. With luck behind you,
you can succeed at anything. Will you plan event for me? Hey, want to plan for religious event?
– Shut up. You jerk, your dad had
warned you to not talk to us, Have you forgotten what he said? Good food, avoiding doctor,
saving money; forgotten? And also avoid paying
entire salary to doctor. Ravi, tell us what your event is.
– Tomorrow it’s birthday of my big boss. I want you to plan surprise for him. If my boss gets pleased, he’ll promote me to manager position. Consider done. What does he like? He only likes himself. He not even likes his wife. Is it? Then let’s plan
a tremendous surprise. When your boss will see this balloon, you’ll certainly get promoted. You are too good. We need party of your promotion.
– Sure. And not just snacks party but you’ll have to take
us to some luxurious resort. Sure. Our company has made huge profit. Nagraj, hold this. Ram, be ready. That oldie is coming. How long will you take?
He is coming. Hurry up. Hold this. Yes. We are doing it.
– Hurry up. Come on.
– Be careful. That’s it.
– Here. Tie it.
– Fast. Be careful.
– Tie it well. Done. Release it. Done.
– Congratulations. Thank you.
– Now you’ll be the manager. The knot has loosened. Grab it! Make it fast else he’ll get demoted. Come on run.
– Come on hurry up. Come on hurry up. And also… Hey. Wait. Hang on. What’s with my photo on balloon? Hey! Be careful. What are you doing? Push the breaks! Push the breaks! Push the breaks! How can I? I can’t see anything. Push the breaks! Where is it?
– Where is the balloon? We are screwed. Why are you screaming?
– Got me scared. I am here just to see. Inspector,
he and his friends tried to kill me. Don’t spare anyone. Arrest all of them.
Him as well. I had told you to stay
away from these loafers but you didn’t listen to me. Now look what happened. Since these people
have befriended my son, his life has got ruined. These urchins have today
got you to police station. Children follow their
parent’s preaching. Sign it and take them away. Dad, what happened! Dad! What happened? Dad! Let’s go to hospital, dad. Help! Dad, nothing will happen to you. Stop. Stop! Mister, my dad has got heart attack.
Will you please take us to hospital? Again you want to fool me? This ambulance is not meant for cheesy
and loafers like you who do not value it’s worth. You think I will again
fall prey to your prank? No, sir. You want to travel for free?
Beg for money if you don’t have any. And if you don’t receive
any money then let him die. What if someone loses
his life because of your prank? Who will be responsible for it? I am not playing any prank. My father has really got heart attack.
– Father? Hey, aren’t ashamed
of joining him in his prank? Stop fooling people. Else one day you’ll get into trouble. Please listen, sir. My dad’s condition is critical. This isn’t any prank.
– Get lost. I have once got fooled by you.
Now I won’t repeat the mistake. Sir, please listen to me. It isn’t any prank.
Please stop. Please stop. Sir! Please listen to me, sir!
– Go away. It isn’t any prank.
– Get lost. Sir, wait! Sir, please! ‘That day after accident I rushed my injured
and soaked in blood son to hospital and pleaded
to God for his life.’ ‘I depleted every happiness,
every moment of mine so that my son gets saved.’ ‘I even gave up on
my dreams for my family.’ ‘I quit photography and
took up an ordinary job.’ ‘I was so proud of my son.’ ‘I loved him so much.’ ‘But today he has let me down.’ ‘He has mortified me today.’
– Dad! ‘Today I have fallen
down in my own sight.’ Dad! Dad! Dad! Don’t touch me. He had mild heart attack. I’ll prescribe the medicines;
make sure he takes it on time. Shridhar, let’s go. Ram. You go on bike;
I’ll bring Shridhar in auto rickshaw. And one more thing.
Don’t tell anything to your mother. Nothing will go wrong; don’t worry. First heart attack
is the siren of danger. Anything can happen in future. If anything happens to me
then who’ll take care of my family? During marriage vows, I promised my wife to
bring all happiness to her. Not only until I am alive
but until she exists in this world. I want my daughter Kirti to get married and my son to get settled before I die and I wish I could save enough for Laxmi so that she can live
financially independent.. I know your dad since childhood. Since then our friends used to consider
your father to be strong hearted. But now it seems he
is getting weak at heart. Actually children are
the heart beats of parents and if children turns
out to be failures, it’s heart weakening for parents. You are life of Shridhar. Even today I remember the day
when you were two years old and your father soaked in blood
had brought you to hospital and was pleading to doctor for your life without even caring about himself. He gave up everything for you. But what have you given him in return? Pain and troubles. Because of which today
he is in such condition. For you he gave up his every desire; for you he sacrificed his dreams and he limited his world to you. Responsibility of wife and
children became his sole purpose. The once who sacrificed himself for you, today he is in difficulty;
today he is helpless.. He was lying helpless on
the road in the rains at mid night. I cannot see him in such situation. Even while struggling with
death he was worried for you. He is just worried for the
condition of his family after him. This time he somehow was saved. Perhaps next time he won’t. No matter if you cannot
bring happiness to him but at least don’t give him any pain. Remember this. What are you taking medicines for? Is anything wrong with you? Just taking pills for headache. You never even have pills
while suffering from fever and now for headache
you are taking medicines? Tell me. What are these medicines for? Tell me. I said there is nothing to worry.
Keep it aside. I forgot to tell you one thing.
Come with me. Tomorrow a family is coming
with marriage proposal for Kirti. All of a sudden?
Why didn’t you tell me anything? What do you mean?
It’s not all of a sudden. I was looking for good
proposal since few days. I just forgot to tell you. I thought let me inform you
once I find some good proposal. I think this proposal is good. They want to meet us tomorrow. I thought we need to wrap
up all our responsibilities. Isn’t it? So you get prepared; make arrangements. Did you like the girl?
– Yes, dad. I too liked her. We all liked your daughter. Thank you. He is handsome, right? I have already explained all other
things to him; he will talk to you. I’ll take forward the talks.
– Alright. Then we’ll take a leave now. Bye.
– Bye. Please come.
– Bye. Look. They are asking for only ten millions and a house for newly married couple. You are bestowing these
things to your daughter, right? Don’t think much. You’ll be gifting
her gold as well, right? Just ten millions and a house to live.
That’s it. You need not worry.
I’ll negotiate with them. Let me reveal one thing. There are many other proposals
who are ready to pay more than this. Your daughter is lucky
to have such proposal. You just accept the proposal. Let me know once you arrange the money. I’ll leave now. Bye.
– Bye. Hope the boy is really worth. I have thoroughly
inquired about him, Laxmi. Boy and his family both are good. Our daughter will
live happily with them. What else do we need?
– That’s fine, but from where shall
we arrange such big amount? Dad, I do not want
to marry in that family. Why, dear? Didn’t you find them voracious? That’s the trend these days.
Nothing voracious about it. Whatever it is, dad.
But I do not wish to marry that boy. And please stop worrying for me. Refuse their proposal. Varte, what are you seeing? My son has won a car in lottery. He has sent his photo with the car. Wow! That’s great.
Let me see. Wonderful. Car is excellent. Yes. My son has won the car but his son has got a house in Canada. Ritesh, you are damn lucky. Glad to know. But there are some fathers
who aren’t lucky enough. They spend their entire life
in nurturing their useless kids and such kids are damn hopeless. What are you doing? Come on, have dinner. Mom, I am not hungry.
You have the dinner. Not hungry? It’s already night.
Come on. Sir, I heard your company
is hosting some events next week. I too have launched
an event company, sir. But the concept of my company is unique. We plan events but
we call them surprise. Yes. I know about your company. There is much hullabaloo
about your company on social media. Didn’t you see?
Wait. I’ll show you. Greetings to smart people
who own smart phones. This isn’t any entertainment video. It’s a curse from broken heart. Please share my pain with others also because these days every
video spreads like epidemic. Same way spread my video as well. Local boys surprise event planners is a company that cons people. It’s my bad luck that I went to them for
planning a surprise for my girlfriend. This gang has all fraud people. One of them looks like drug addict; a cheesy drug addict. Who is he talking about?
– You. Second one is dark as tar.
He can scare a ghost as well. He is talking about you. Third one is a total idiot. Idiot? He is calling you an idiot.
– Not me. He is talking about you. Fourth is the craziest one.
Total crazy and nutty. And these jerks have a leader as well. He alone is enough to ruin your life. They will persuade you, coax you; they will try to convince you. But you people don’t ever trust them.
Once you trust, you’ll be conned. They will turn your birthday
into death anniversary. If you are married,
they’ll make sure you get divorced. If it’s a company event, they’ll make that company bankrupt. They are not humans but demons. A leader and his four
members have ruined my life. They were born with bad luck along. My mind has totally got screwed. But you take care of yourself.
Else everything will finish; you’ll be destroyed the way I have got. Save yourself. Don’t fall prey to them
else you’ll be finished. They were hopeless
and will remain hopeless. Totally nasty. If I were to describe in one word,
they are catastrophe. They all are injurious to health. Listen. I know you
are watching this video. I have planned a surprised for you. For us?
– Yes. For you. I curse you. May you all get doomed! He has defamed our company in market. If this continues one
day public will hammer us. This idiot’s video has
received forty millions likes. He has totally exposed us.
Now who will offer us the opportunity? Why will anyone give you an opportunity? Surprise is a kind of emotion. And if you’ll play with their emotions, then tell me why will
anyone trust you for work? If we are able to bring even
a slightest of smile on anyone’s face, it will be our biggest victory. You know what you are supposed to do but you don’t know the
right method of doing it. That’s where the problem lies. If you’ll plan correctly,
everything will get fixed. We need a task to plan properly. But here we have no business.
– I have got an offer for you. I have already spoken
to MD regarding this. Tomorrow it’s birthday of father of MD. He is the chairman of our company. If you’ll properly plan this event, you’ll get the contract of
planning all events in our company. Are you sure? Very sure. We’ll plan splendid event. Introduce us to your MD, will you? Enough! Stop your nonsense and give me my share
of property right away. I’ll happily stay separate. That’s not good for you, son. We’ll be happy if we will live together. With these idiots? Are you kidding, dad? I want to live separately. Look, brother, it’s not like that.
Dad wants… Keep your drama and emotional
blackmailing to you. What are you saying?
First listen to what brother… I am talking to them.
Why are you interfering? Tomorrow by this time I must get my property
documents in my hand. Is that clear? Control yourself.
– Dad? I just want Karan to be happy. Call legal advisor and
get the documents ready. What is it? You had called us here to meet since its birthday of chairman sir. Tomorrow my family is getting split and today it’s dad’s birthday. I just wonder how
he is going to face this. I am sorry, Naina. We had such big plans
but now it’s of no use. It’s very painful for one to witness
his family splitting on his birthday. We will not let the family split. And that will be
our surprise for MD sir. How is this possible? How can we convince the one
who do not even listens to him family? Hey, if you crack the
topic of family and relations, I’ll smash your face. It’s all nonsense. It isn’t. Without family
life becomes impossible. Hey jerk, haven’t you
heard about Dashrath Manjhi who cracked down the mountain? He too was left alone. He found a mountain to crack. Here it’s about building a family. How are you going
to crack down on family? Stop being obstinate
and adopt to your family. Stop talking rubbish. Living alone is best. Brother,
you seem to be from good family. Please make my friend understand. Don’t you wish happiness
for your friend? Look, brother. Don’t get carried away
with emotional talks. Just dump the family and relations;
you’ll be very happy. Well said. Seems like you
too are going through same pain. Yes. I cannot handle this family drama. Family is like golden cage. Brother, even I am saying the same. Family is like gold mine. But this stupid is
not getting convinced. Hey, what do you know? Try asking for ten bucks from them. You won’t get any ten bucks but you are sure to receive
twenty taunts to make your life hell. Correct. When I asked for my share of property,
dad insisted to live together. You know what elder brother says? Listen to dad. And my sister-in-law
is a big drama queen. Right. It’s the same kind
of Situation in my family as well. Few days back I fell off the bike. No one was concerned. You just fell off the bike, right? No one will come for me even if I die. Family is not such stone hearted. Do they even have heart? Brother, he will not
agree unless he has a proof. Absolutely.
Not to believe anyone without proof. Who talks such nonsense? My late grandma use to say this. Now you want me to prove it?
– I have a good idea. Idea? Hello? Sir, your son has met with an accident.
He was drunk. Sir, he is bleeding profusely;
please come soon. Accident! What is this, brother? The entire family has
rushed for one person. Didn’t I say they are melodramatic? All want to show off their concern. Your mind is sharper than criminals. I mean sharper than broad band. It’s broad mind, you idiot. Yes. Wow! Wonderful.
Your elder brother is driving speedily. Seems he loves you very much. It’s not love. He is excited with a thought of having
all property for himself in case I die. Weren’t you properly
vaccinated in childhood? Son, there are no
signs of accident here. Are you sure he mentioned this place?
– Yes. Hello? There is good news for you. Your son has not met with accident
but he is been kidnapped. Kidnapped? Hello. Who are you and what do you want? How much shall I demand from them? Hello? Demand for hundred millions.
– Speak up. Reach at construction site of aerospace
with two thousand millions. Slight delay will cause worst consequences.
– Two thousand millions? What did he say, son? So, do you think your
family will save you? Shall I answer? You think they won’t, right? After so much of threatening them, they
didn’t agree to give me the property. You think they’ll bring you money by
getting intimidated with my kidnapping? They won’t shell out a single penny.
They are total misers. Seems a car is
approaching at this place. Karan? Ghanshyam, he is… Tell me where my brother is? Wait. Where is he? Where is my son?
Please tell me. I will. But first give the money. It’s three thousand millions with cash,
property and jewellery. We are paying you more
than what you asked for. Now please release Karan.
– No need to get dramatic. He had been slapped a little;
he is lying unconscious. He is somewhere in this building. If you do not find him out
in five minutes, my men will kill him. Go. Hurry up. Karan! Why they seem scared? I tell you but let
me check the money first. Karan, my son! Wow! Bag is full of money. Karan, where are you?
– Ram, so much of gold here. Karan, where are you? Karan! Uncle, look. Such pretty bangles. Wow! My dad gifted me twenty acres of land
on my anniversary. We asked for two thousand millions
and they gave up entire property. Seems like your family
loves you very much. What did you tell them?
Why are they looking for me like crazy? I just played a little prank with them. I told them that if they fail
to find you out in five minutes, my men will kill you. Now look how panicked they are. Karan, where are you? Karan! Karan!
– Karan! Brother, where are you?
– Karan! Karan! Karan!
– Karan, my son! Brother!
– Karan! Karan!
– Where are you? Karan! Son! Brother! Karan! Karan! Karan, my son!
– Brother, where are you? Karan! Dad, are you okay? Don’t worry about me. Go and find Karan. Go. Karan! Brother, you were right. Your family does good drama. I did all this to teach you a lesson. If still you don’t
believe then come with me. Karan. We gave you everything that we had. Please return my son to me. I beg you. What have you done to my brother?
Tell me! Tell me! Uncle? Karan? Karan? Brother.
– Karan. Karan, my son. Karan. Brother. My son, are you okay? Uncle. Where were you? Sorry, dad. No problem, son. We are happy that you are alright. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Uncle. He did this to save
your family from splitting. Wow, brother! It’s amazing. Happy birthday.
– Happy birthday, dad. Wow! What a great surprise! Happy birthday, dad.
– Happy birthday, dad. Happy birthday! Wow! Happy birthday! I don’t know what to say. You are responsible for the happiness
that our family is celebrating today. You are wonderful. It seems like our family
is going to shatter. You saved it. Thank you. From today onwards you will
be the event planners for our company. All the best. Isn’t it good? Hello, sir.
– Hello, ma’am. You two will stand here. Great! Great! Thank you so much. Ranjit? Yes. From here. Hey. What are you doing?
– Be seated. You guys are impossible. Mom, keep this money. I think your son has reformed. Life teaches better
than parents and teacher. Children do get reformed
someday. Got it? What do you say? Uncle!
– What are you doing? Surprise! Rambabu, happy birthday. Where is he? He is here. Live long. Thank you. Have plenty. Yes, it’s good. Okay. Bye. Aunty! Okay.
– We need to head that way. What are you looking at?
He is truly very smart. Today his photo is in news paper and we are having ours hanging in IDs. These new generation boys
do not believe in slow and steady but they fly and scale
the height of success. What a strong odour. Naina! Hey, Kalu! How are you? Bless me.
– He is my only brother. Garbage king. What’s with this sudden
visit and garbage truck? There are rotten tomatoes inside;
needs to deliver at restaurant. They need for delicacies.
I’ll get some for you as well. Now move your stinking truck from here. Get some fruits for sister. Fruits in garbage truck?
– They are not much rotten. Let’s go from here.
– The worms have just started to develop. Eating it will cause diarrhea. Girls are very fragile;
they cannot digest anything. Entire colony will thrash you.
First move that truck from here. Go back.
Simon, go back. Hello! Hey, garbage king.
You were to send small pot. Why did you send big one? You have microwave, right? Put the pot inside and shrink it.
Don’t crib. Hey, sister.
– How is everyone at hometown? Hello.
– Boss, the garbage truck is full. Where should I dump it?
– Dump it in somebody’s house. House?
– Then dump it in some shanty. How can I dump in shanty?
– Then dump it in your house! Again if you’ll call me,
I’ll deduct your salary. What were you saying, sister? How is everyone at hometown?
– Hold this. Excuse me. Where is it? Hello? Your driver has dumped garbage in colony and people of colony are irritated. It’s commotion like situation here. Whom are you talking to?
– Are you listening to me? Just let it go. Look. First the colony will get vacate, then the city and
then the entire district. The population will come down and then
those who are left behind will progress. Now hang up else I’ll
send four more trucks. Sister! Sister, new phone? Great. Yes, brother. Wow. She is the key to my treasure. Sister, who are these
monkeys with my niece? Oh those boys?
One is our neighbor. He has launched company
of surprise planner. His business is doing really well. He has launched a company
of surprise planner. Give me his office address. I have explained company
people about the event. You just handle it. And call me once you find florist. There should not be any mistake. I have designed the invitation card. Hey, monkeys. Stop chasing the grape fruit. What did you think? Once you get the fruit,
you’ll own the climber? I am the gardener of that climber. Where have you got this sample?
Joker! Funny looking. What is this? Old man pretending to be young? Who are you, sir?
What brings you here? You are the photographer
who takes selfies, right? I too have an event. Now quickly make a plan and surprise me. What is your budget, sir? Two bucks less than the cost
of Taj Mahal. Stupid question. Don’t worry, sir.
We’ll build an entire graveyard for you And you get buried in it. If not graveyard then
how about a big gift? Gift, teddy bear, puppy, fruits, vegetables, chocolates or whatever. You think I am some cheesy client? Give something special. Which is mind blowing. Breathe taking. I have an idea. Let me tell you. Kidnap surprise.
– What! For the first time I have thought
of right idea. Thank you, dad. We plan surprise; we aren’t kidnappers. You’ll raise the curtain
and I will make the show. You gave such good idea;
let us know your name, sir. Kalu aka garbage king.
Naina’s uncle. So until now you were talking about Naina?
– Yes. Naina should not know
that I am going to kidnap her. It won’t be surprise then, Right? Oh. He won’t get that easily.
I know what is to be done. Hello, police station? Why isn’t Naina still not here? Hello. Hello. What are you doing, mister? Surprise. Is it? What surprise? Have those boys sent you here? Go away. I’ll handle
this matter by myself. Get lost. Here she comes. Hey, hide yourself. Check if it’s authentic. It’s purely authentic. Hey, wake up. Hello? Hey, garbage king,
you are not seen since long. Where the hell are you? Bring the garbage truck
and clean all garbage. The area is stinking. Smell it little longer.
You’ll get used to it. What do you mean?
– You irritate all others. Now it’s your turn and you are cribbing? Just tolerate it for few more days.
I’ll clean it once I get there. These tramps have screwed my head. Alright. Get me a cup of tea. What’s the matter?
– Sit. Now tell me why you
wanted to kidnap that girl? Actually she is my niece;
she is a golden lottery for me. I wanted to seize all
her property by kidnapping her. And then you would’ve become rich.
– You got it. You have garbage truck, right?
– Yes. I have heard that you dump
ones garbage to another’s house? Who told you this?
– Your driver. What are you thinking, Phoolan? Thrash him hard until he gets swollen. Hey Phoolan, don’t thrash me so much. You might lose weight.
You won’t look good. Kalu, get out from there. Don’t hesitate to get beaten up. No more beating. What are you doing? Sir, save me! “You are a donkey!” “You are an idiot!” “Let me tear you and
stuff straw inside you.” “You are hopeless.” “Let me beat you
and teach you a lesson.” “Let me smash you with
a snap of my finger.” “If even now you do not get reformed,
let me slash you more.” “Beat him up!” Thank God I am saved. It’s good that your
call got disconnected else you would’ve further got beaten up. “Beat him up!” “Beat him up!” “Plunk him down.” “Thrash him hard.” “Beat him up!” Cell phone of brother Mukesh. Where is my brother? Kalu, where are you? Sister, I cannot stay
anymore in your town. My dreams are shattered; police has beaten me to pieces.
– What happened? What’s the matter? It’s a long story.
I’ll explain you later. My uncle is like that. He arrives; gets beaten
up by police and then goes away. But this time he got a good lesson. You taught uncle a good lesson. Naina, can I ask you a question? Do you like anyone? Well there is a guy who I like. Can I know who he is? I’ll tell you later. Hey, supervisor! Good night. Sir, it’s hard to find good proposals and when you find one, you refuse them. It’s difficult to find
good proposal at such low budget. If you want a good son-in-law
then you need to increase your budget. I’ll inform you if I find
any proposal matching to your status. Okay. Thank you.
– Come on. Sir, you talk to groom’s family; I’ll arrange the money.
Just the proposal must be good. Be careful, mister.
You would have got hurt. Hey old man, are you blind? Or are you drunk in day light itself? You are drunk and still
driving and you blame others? This is what your parents
have taught you? Insolent. He scared me. Let me cool him down. Don’t you have any
manners to talk to elders? How dare you? Stop, son.
– He is hitting our friend. Somebody stop them. Dad! Dad! Dad! Auto! ‘Hold the umbrella;
I’ll close the gate.’ ‘Come.’ ‘Nice, isn’t it?’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘Oh God!’ ‘What have I done?’ ‘I never was able to understand what my dad is going through.’ ‘He has cared for me
so much since my childhood and what have I given him in return?’ ‘Only pain and troubles.’ The vein in his heart
has many blockages. If he does not get treated soon,
his life will get in danger. We’ll soon have to operate on him. Ram! What happened to your father? Nothing, mom. Just a minor issue. Dad will soon get well. Even after staying close
to dad for these many years, I still stayed away from him, uncle. And now when I am getting close to him, I fear losing him. Now I want to always keep him happy. But look what has happened. Your love for him
will make him well again. His blood pressure and
pulse rate is normal now. Now he is out of danger. Keep checking ECG reports. Okay, doctor.
– Now he will recover. Enough.
– Little more. Be careful. Kirti, get the bags. Dad, have juice. Stretch it little more. That’s it. Done. Dad, wake up. It’s time to take medicine. Dad, I’ll lift it. Dad, these are acupressure footwear. It will help to maintain
your blood circulation. Gently. It’s much better now. Sir, her name is Anjali. She has done MBBS from London. She is the only daughter
of chairman of ACG. She is a perfect match for this family. They will make a perfect couple. Who is this girl? She already has found the match. I’ll show you another one. Just a minute.
– Okay. Stop. Who is this boy?
– He is the brother of girl. The moment when we learnt
that she is Ram’s sister, we decided to make
her our daughter-in-law. He understands family and relations and only the person who has been
brought up in cultured family can understand this. Therefore with sheer hope
we ask for your daughter for our son. If your daughter gets
married in our family, her values will add
on the grace of our family. No, sir. Our confluence is not possible.
We are no match to you. Your status is much higher than us. Status is not measured by
money but the character of a person. Virtues are precious than wealth. Money holds no value
in front of virtues. Money can be earned but not virtues. For that one needs to have tenacity. Your daughter is now
our daughter-in-law. Now you need not worry at all. Hope you have heard
about destination wedding. Let’s have a grand wedding there. So let’s go somewhere out. Only our families will
be present in the wedding. Let’s get them married there. What do you say? What can I say, sir? As you wish. Didn’t I tell you that
I’ll get scrap dealer for you? Look he is here. Shut up. What’s the matter, Shridhar?
Today you look very cheerful. My daughter’s marriage is fixed. Who is the lucky guy? He is the son of family
of Arvind Group of Industries. What are you saying?
– He is a big industrialist. How did you get this proposal? All because of God’s grace. They themselves came to my house and asked for my daughter
just because of my son. Listen. Success doesn’t only
mean to own car and house. Happiness in family also matters. Success is nothing without
good family atmosphere. Today because of my son,
my family is happy. This is called success. Beautiful couple, aren’t they? May God save from evil eye. They look so gorgeous. When a person is burdened
with responsibilities and fear, he cannot see anything beyond that. After long time I am
enjoying the beauty of nature. Then capture this beauty in camera, dad. Dad, we are going on a trip next week. Wonderful! Isn’t this a good place? Dad, it’s such a fun. Come on. I am looking good, isn’t it? Look.
– Wow. Dad, this photo is too good.
– Yes. Look there, dad. Very nice. Wonderful! Get closer. Mom, be careful. For me my family is my life. Only for them I sacrificed my career. Today I am receiving
this award because of my son. Thank you, Ram. Before my eyes used
to get tears of sorrows. But today the tears in my eyes
are tears of joy. My son has returned me
the life which I had left behind. The boy whom I used
to carry on my shoulders, today he has lifted me
to the heights of success. I am grateful to have such son. Those parents are the
conquerors who have such son. Your applause is as significant as
this award is to me. I will never forget your applause. Thank you. Every parent has some expectations
from their children. But as children
it’s our responsibility to know how to make them happy.

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