Vinoteca – Restaurante La Vega (Mieres, Asturias)

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How would you define yourself?
A refined, delicate, fussy eater..? However you are, we have the perfect place for you. It is La Vega Winery Restaurant in Mieres. La Vega Restaurant has got 2 different dining rooms
both in decoration and gastronomy, set menu with seasonal products,
tasting menu and a wide list both with hot and cold starters and traditional and original desserts. Absolutely everything prepared with first quality products
from the food markets and shops in the village. -Which wine would you recommend me? A great Spanish wine list with the best
quality guarantees of origin. Wines as an aperitif in the mornings,
wines as an introduction of a nice table, after dinner wines, sweets, conversation at nights…
What else can I say?

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