Visiting the Marble Caves in Patagonia // Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral (The Gipsy Journey)EP 24

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In the last episode you watched us leave Argentina and get to Chile Chico a little village where we were received by Javier and his family and also watched Fede try to teah me some jumping skills before we hit the road again and ended up hitchhiking with a goose You sexy boy! Oh yeah! We just arrived in Puerto Rio Tranquilo and are already going to The Marble Caves Yeah baby! Hello! We are on the boat Amazing 200 km! More! I think 250 km It’s late, as always! We’ll be fine It’s a good idea to put it like this As always, we have compay! And it’s starting to rain! Wonderful! So this is like San Gil but It’s like Gauchito Gil but the Chilean version Actually it’s a totally different icon He got.. I think he is a martyr because he’s got like arrows pierced in his flesh Yeah All right! We are in Coyahique! And we did it! We arrived! Straight to Coyahique! Yeah yeah! We were very lucky We found a nice couple and their child and they got us straight here And now we don’t have any place to sleep or… But we got a contact so we’ll work on it Yeah we have a lot of contacts Hey because nobody replied to me on Couchsurfing, I don’t know why Yeah what’s going on people in Coyahique? What’s going on people on Couchsurfing? Seriously! Why don’t you answer the italian guy? In the next episode You’ll discover the amazing family we found in Coyahique who hosted us for 4 days and find out what it’s like to live with a magician You’ll also see us hit the road very late to an unknown destination But meantime, don’t forget to subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed it Cheers 🙂

3 thoughts on “Visiting the Marble Caves in Patagonia // Hitchhiking the Carretera Austral (The Gipsy Journey)EP 24

  1. You guys are worse than us at leaving early haha! We take forever in the morning to pack up and get going! So how did the family like Fede's pasta?!

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