Vitamin D And Cholesterol (Low HDL)

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Cholesterol and and vitamin D.
I just stumpled upon a study yesterday regarding how a low vitamin D level in your blood can
cause lower HDL level and higher total cholesterol levels in your blood. And that is exactly what happened to me in
2014 when my vitamin D levels were severely low. I needed to beg the doctor to take my vitamin
D levels at the same time as my cholesterol levels. And the doctors don’t know how dangerous vitamin
D deficiency is, and how prevalent it is in Denmark apparently. Because when I got the results, the doctor
said that I needed to go on double dosis of vitamin D supplementation. You should really think about what the doctors
say, and check things yourself because otherwise you may get very very sick without knowing
why. I had really low vitamin D levels and my HDL
was low, but total cholesterol was high and I really was wondering what I have been doing
wrong, because I thought I did everything by the book. Back then I had been vegan for a while and…
on high carbs and everything. I thought I was following the book. But my blood levels showed me something else,
and that is a good example of how you need to think about the body as a whole thing. You need to not concentrate on the small parts,
but just say OK, what is the best thing for the body in overall and not concentrate…. OK if I eat one berry what happens in my body?… But it’s great that there is some reductionist
information like, when people go down and say OK, if you have low vitamin D what happens
to your body then, because then it will empower the knowledge of the holistic knowledge, and
the holistic studies. Holistic and reductionist can be very powerful
together, but never forget one or the other, because otherwise it will just… you will
get results that can be very very very very strange and you can’t really explain anything. Get your vitamin D levels up if you want to
have normal levels of cholesterol. And it’s not only the vitamin D, everything,
you need to get sleep, water, and everything else that is necessary for your body to function
right. Whole foods plant based and high in carbs
(carbohydrates). And if you can buy it organic and have a lot
of fresh fruits if you are able to.

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  1. So right. Balance is really something to be key. I used Cronometer to make sure I understood well what foods were needed to get the nutrients I should.

  2. Studies show that vitamin d is not a vitamin but a hormone regulator.
    Your skin makes 20,000 international units of vitamin d in 20 minutes of optimal UVB ( narrow band sunlight)
    Vitamin d needs fat in skin. It is fat soluable.
    Low cholesterol / low fat diets deprive your skin of fat needed to produce vitamin d in skin.
    Vitamin d deficiency is promoted through sunscreens. Low fat/ low cholesterol diets, sunglasses,
    UVB avoidance and UVB block in office building windows effectivly blocking vitamin d producing rays.
    People work indoors behind this glass 40 hours plus each day.
    Lowering cholesterol causes a 500% risk of fatal heart attack according to longrange studies done by peer review in Italy.
    Grain, the government's base of their food pyramid, particularly whole wheat , causes inflamation in the body.
    Eskimos exist 80% on saturated fats from whale blubber and have virtually unmeasurable amounts of heart disease or cancer.
    There is a v vitamin d receptor on every cell of your body .
    Vaccines have viruses in them that produce nagalese , a vitamin d binding protien inactivator. Nagalese by itself is not activly binding to your cell wall and virus have no cell wall but what they can glue themselves too. Vaccines have trypsin added to them to give the nagalese laden virus the ability to glue themselves and encapsulate to your cells- trypsin from a pig because viruses are not naturally a human disease . Porcine trypsin activates viruses.
    Without it viruses like cancer and flus would never develop in your body.
    Vitamin d deficiency causes most diseases –
    Tb has been cured by sun baths for hundreds of years.
    The reason diabetes is rampant in northern latitudes in black people is because they have skin designed with extra melanin to stop d production in lattitudes with more intense sunlight.
    They become d deficient more quickly.
    Profits from disease are locked in for the above raesons and that plant d , vitamin d2 , is toxic at levels of just 400 iu over periods needed to elevate vitamin d in blood serum above deficiency levels. It does not store as does vitamin d 3 made in human skin.
    Vitamin d 2 is what doctors prescribe to deficient patients – all heart disease is caused not by cholesterol – a cell protective , waterproof substance but by vitamin d deficiency .
    All macrophages eat cancer and other virus .
    D is blocked and macrophages inactivated.
    Vitamin d activated macrophages are the sole heart of a functioning immune system.

    People need to get a clue . This entire medical model is for creating profit and not curing disease but causing it.

  3. I m suffering from high cholesterol nd deficiency of vitmain D, feel pain in my muscles, 8 m taking the vitamin D supplements nd sun bath but not recoved fully and also I HV the hyperacidity issue. plz guide

  4. My cholesterol has been high I just found out today that I am low on vitamin D and high cholesterol taking cholesterol medicine my also affect your liver now I need to have that checked for some reason after 60 years liver problems

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