Vlogging With Cold Urticaria: Taking Allergies Out To Dinner || Allergy Awareness Week [CC]

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Stop putting rice flour in weird stuff! See,
did you hear that? The flowers told you to stop putting rice flour in weird stuff [Upbeat
intro music] Hello! Editing Max here, um, apologies for the sound quality in… I’m
gonna say most of this. My test shots were fine. And then when I went out the wind picked
up. But please stay tuned because what I have to say is totally worth it. Turn the captions
on, I’ve got a couple of friends helping me out with those because I cannot hear or lipread
myself for most of it. It’s worth it! Especially for the pretty scenery. The final instalment
of Allergy Awareness Week! And we’re gonna have the focus of trying to buy food when
I go outside. It’s horrendous. But I’m hungry so let’s go walk in the park and I’m gonna
try and buy a snack! The problem is, most meal deals are sold from the fridge. Which
is fine, because that would be rather unsanitary if they weren’t. I don’t eat meat so that
leaves me two options. One of which has cheese in it so I’m already out. That leaves me one
option. [whispers] That is cold. [Normal voice] That is a lot of ingredients. Cool OK. So
we have rice starch in it, allergic. Chilli, allergic. So that is a no from me. Success!
Nothing weird in it! So falafel and houmous it is! And this too! This also doesn’t have
anything strange in it. So that’s snack. Drink! Let’s see if they have anything over here
where it’s not in the fridge. I just want one! It’s all multipack. OK. Well I don’t
want to waste stuff so I’ll just get one out the fridge and warm it up. More sandwiches!
Mostly cheese… Oh, all cheese. Vegetarians… Wonderful. That’s me out. Um… Got some pastas…
That’s got cheese in it, wonderful. That’s chicken… Chicken.. Tomato and basil- chicken…
more chicken… Let’s go with that one. Delicately balancing not on my skin. Snacks bought! Very
expensive by the way, so those falafel and houmous and pitta bread and houmous, they
were £1.50 each, and then the bottle of juice was £1.50. That’s £4.50 for not really that
much food. That was literally all I could eat. Out of the fridges. And any sort of ready
prepared snack. That was it, in the entire shop. I’m at the park! Look at all this green!
This is excellent. It may be windy but it is warm, which is nice. I’ve gotta wait for
my snacks to warm up because they are cold enough to give me a reaction, which, awesome.
I wanna get in before people say “why don’t you just make food at home”. Are you meaning
to tell me that you’ve never been in a situation where you’ve just had to like grab a snack
on the go? Because I find that rather hard to believe. But I could go to many a different
shop and I will still find the exact same situation. Stop putting cheese in weird things.
Why does everything need cheese? Salad? Cheese. Pasta? Cheese. Can we just not? That would
be wonderful. When I go to restaurants, which is rare, but it happens. I’ll be scouring
the menu for ages. I don’t help myself by not eating meat, but… y’know. Lots of people
don’t eat meat. That’s- I’m not even gonna argue about that. So you get to the vegetarian
section and it’s cheese or rice. It’s weird allergies as well. Like I suppose people with
dairy allergies um understand the cheese thing. That cheese is absolutely everywhere, and
I know rice is a weird one, so doing a call to action to stop everyone putting rice in
things, that’s probably not gonna work. But most of the things I want to eat I can’t eat.
And the- the falafel and houmous wrap, that was vegan and I was still allergic to it because
it had rice and chilli in it. God dammit! And it wasn’t even rice as in rice-rice. It
was a bit of rice starch. Uuugh I can’t win. But it’s exactly the same when I go to restaurants
and cafes. It’s always like lasagne, or like cheesy pasta, or halloumi. Halloumi is a big
one. Vegetarian 3 bean chilli… With rice! Oh and it’s made of Quorn. More things I can’t
eat. Here is a bench. [groans] Oh now there’s good lighting. Excellent. OK. Well. I can
still feel that my snacks are cold, so I’m gonna have to leave it for a minute. But,
look how nice this is. It is a baking 17 degrees. So it is above the magic 15 so I am gonna
be able to take my mask off to eat my food. I can even dare to have bare legs too. It’s
what a heat wave does. Eating out with allergies is a big struggle. It is- it is a plight sometimes,
cos a lot of- a lot of outings involve food. Going out for food, going out for dinner,
let’s celebrate with dinner! Wonderful. Why dinner? [giggles] Why can’t we just go play
mini golf or something? There is another dog! So cute. Restaurants need to start making
their ingredients a lot more accessible. So when I go up and I ask specifically “can I
see the ingredients for this menu” Don’t roll your eyes at me. Don’t ask “but why?”. Don’t
ask what will happen if I eat the food. It’s not up to you as a server to decide whether
I’m allergic enough to see the ingredients list. I think restaurants need to make their
meals a bit more tailorable. So if I ask for- oh can I have the pasta but without the cheese
on top, don’t say “no, that’s just how it comes”, just don’t put the cheese on. There’s
more to vegetarian food than cheese and chilli- And by chilli I mean the dish, not the ingredient,
but also the ingredient because I’m allergic to that too. Make better vegan food! There’s
more to it than falafel and houmous. I’m- I’m grateful that obviously I could buy falafel
and houmous otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to buy a snack. If you advertise as “made
from fresh” but then you can’t tailor the meal, chances are it’s probably not made from
fresh. I just don’t think it’s that difficult to not put something in food. The gluten free
kitchen type stuff, the things you have to wipe down, people really do need that, and
that’s fine if somebody wants to go out and eat and not die. Wipe down your kitchen. We
as humans need to find another way to celebrate because dinner is getting old. Cos like you
guys ca- you non-allergic people, you can eat whatever you want off the menu, or if
you’re vegetarian you can still probably eat all of the options. Me?! No I’m stuck with
chips. Or if you’ve ever been to an NUS event- the National Union of Students, if you’ve
ever been to one of their events and seen their pitiful attempts at dietary requirements.
I ended up once with a bowl of plain pasta with HP sauce. I think as eaters we need to
do a bit better to not cross contaminate buffets and delis and stuff, but also provide better
food. If you’re gonna serve food to people, get good at it. According to my weather app,
it’s 19 degrees. It doesn’t feel like 19 degrees, sorry my feet are bad, I’m bad at walking.
Look at these trees! So beautiful! Um, it’s doesn’t feel like 19 degrees, but it doesn’t
feel below 15, and I’m hungry so I’m gonna eat. I’m gonna sit on this tree stump. It’s
a little dusty but that’s fine. There we go, let’s just [groans] ugh, god! Oh please don’t
be an ants nest. This is an ants nest isn’t it. I think it’s an ants nest. uuum… I’m
just gonna get covered in ants, awesome. Well I’m now in the sun and it’s a bit warmer so
I’m gonna dun dun duuun! Ok well the mask is off. I’m gonna eat my snacks. I moved.
Wasn’t an ants nest it was a bee hive so there was a lot of bees. So I moved. You can still
hear some traffic noises but that is the perks of being at least a little bit deaf, I can’t
hear all of it, and I think there are birds. I’m gonna turn you guys around and apologise
to editing Max because they are not gonna be able to lipread this, but I have to share
with you how beautiful this place is. So there’s some stairs over there and some ivy. This
is quite nice, so more on the eating out stuff. Eating out when you have allergies is stressful,
and eating out when you have my allergies- they could be worse. I am not gonna try and
convince you that my allergies are terrible. The reactions themselves, they aren’t li-life
threatening. They’re really inconvenient and uncomfortable, and I would really rather avoid
it. My reactions can change any time, because at one point of another I wasn’t allergic
to all the things I’m allergic to now. The reactions themselves aren’t terrible but there’s
still lots of things that I cannot eat. Just because the reactions aren’t terrible in themselves,
that doesn’t mean that that’s go to just eat them. Allergic is allergic, and even if it
just gives you the sniffles, you as an allergic person have the right to avoid that food if
it causes any reaction in your body. Some places really are not qualified to be serving
food to anybody, because you have to have flexibility and you have to have the ability
to not kill someone. Or to give them massive allergic reactions. OK that’s all I have to
say. Bye! Today we take the stairs! Oooft god! I should’ve bought my stick! Jesus. It’s
really nice not having to have my mask on cos people actually smile at me, they don’t
just stare at me with confusion. Thank you for tuning in to this series for Allergy Awareness
Week! I hope I’ve made you aware of some issues, because there are many. And they are big struggles.
Enjoy your non-allergic lives! If you have no allergies, which, if you’re watching this
series you probably do. Don’t forget to like this video, drop a comment with the worst
“allergy free” food that you’ve ever received, or just some solidarity on the cheese and
rice thing. That would be nice. I need some of that. Um, share with your friends because
I like to think my rants are great. Share with your friends, subscribe to my channel
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