Vocal Coach reacts to Babymetal – Karate (Live at Download 2016)

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Hello, welcome to Beth roars where we look at your favorite singers to find out what makes them them Before we start you could find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram My handle is at Beth Roy’s and I hold loads of votes on my Instagram. So you guys can vote on who I react to Also, please do check out my website Beth roars calm where you can book a singing lesson from me and last but not least head Over to my patreon which is patreon.com slash Beth roars where you can get some more exclusive content and early access to my podcast Which is good job with Beth Royce you can find it on Spotify a cast any of the podcast places and I Really like it. I’ve got some really fancy guests that I’ve been so excited to interview. So do check that out this is one that friend of mine said that I had to listen to and She told me that I must not look at it before at all So this is going to be like the most genuine reaction. Like I haven’t even like clicked or looked at a picture Because she was like don’t I want to see your genuine genuine surprise. So, I mean I’m building up I hope it’s as good as she said Otherwise this videos gonna be real boring. We’ll find out so baby metal Guess is Natalie. Let’s have a listen Oh my god Oh by hack your God Oh same thing This is the best thing ever It’s like all my guilty pleasures mushed into one thing. It’s like kpop a metal and it’s just oh They’re dancing, they’re doing punches there. Oh gosh Wow Wow, what was that Okay, I did a wonderful mixing as well. My life is complete. I swear I could just die. That’s it Oh, she has a 20 max but I love it Oh my god, I’m gonna spend a whole weekend Learning the dance moves to this and I’m gonna sing along and I’m gonna get that amazing Twangy mix and I’m gonna paint my face like like guy in the background But I’m gonna keep my hair cuz that would be weird Anyway, vocally she says awesome. She’s in a kind of Like a really forward place more than anyone ever liked Yan’an, yeah, it’s really really there but it punches through all those guitars is so pow It’s so high Oh my gosh, she’s doing that a million amazing thing a million thing, I can’t even speak. I’m overwhelmed she’s doing that amazing thing where she just Holds that note it’s really tiny and it’s really high and it’s really difficult You have to have so much energy behind it to just keep it there. No vibrato. So it has that kind of shouty Call-to-action thing but it’s also super controlled and her voice is amazing And then it’s really punchy on those fast kind of singie rappy bits. Oh And it’s metal II and poppy yes Real good, she’s so cute a Little no on doing a wool. Well aim for a bit of an ass as it of whoo It makes it harder. So a bit of a smiley face well Makes a lot easier Not for her for any of you who want to make no time All right, love sing alongs as well Just testing the cred singing ability with a high note I’m also impressed how her voice did not waver while she was bouncing up and down there It just was like I’m singing it. Everything is so high It’s like not in a comfortable place for me to sing but she’s just it’s very easy for her. Um It’s oliver islands like the female break, which is a real annoying place to sing in but she signs as a girl, right? Definitely a soprano And it’s the sustain as well With no vibrato a little bit on the bottom Bad Holy macaroni Oh That was awesome. I loved every Single moment. I want to learn the dance routines had pop style It had amazing high mixes. It had metal had a rock. It had a guy with cool face paint It had a sing-along What more could you want from a song? I don’t know. I loved it. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed as much as I did see you in the next one and please do like and subscribe

100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach reacts to Babymetal – Karate (Live at Download 2016)

  1. You should react to Gimme Chocolate by BabyMetal, you'll go mental, beserk with the Metal parts, the dances and the vocals… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Pb2x7sva8

  2. Hey could you do one for bbts? Broken by the scream song name is do do n pa live in japan tokyo 🙂 they like this but beter 🙂

  3. Babyment used to be great, Now it's a mish mash of shit to appeal to the highest number of people and lowest common denominator unfortunately.

  4. So many people react to songs on YouTube now but with little emotion and obviously little musical understanding..it's really refreshing to watch someone with both. I'm right there with you in the breakdown! Thanks for a good video Beth. Take care

  5. BABYMETAL is fun, something on the opposite end of the metal spectrum that you should check out is Slaughter To Prevail. Alex Terrible has one of the best low voices in metal.

  6. You had the same reaction as me when I first watched Babymetal!! I was, first, shocked, but then I was super hyped!!! My first song I watched by them it was Chocolate!

  7. The thing I admired the most of them, specially from the main vocalist (Su-Metal), is all the acrobatic dance they made for about 1:15 hour of concert and how controlled their voices sound, most of the time, of course there's time when she lost the breath but I understand that, I saw them live and it's incredible all the energy they used on their lives, I just feel respect for this girls

  8. Suzuka alias Su Metal (Leadsinger) is, for afaik, considered one of the best soprano singers in japan and was also elected "Rock Goddess of the Year" back in 2017. 
    I'm looking forward to their new album, especially the songs with Alissa White-Gluz(Arch Enemy) and Joakim Broden(Sabaton). And i hope they continue singing in japanese, because japanese just fits their looks etc better than english would. Also…Manga/Anime with japanese voices but english as language? Naaaaaaa, never!

  9. I would love to see your reaction to their performance of Shanti Shanti Shanti at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival. 🙂

  10. I think a portion of the highness of the voices are due to the language. Japanese is a language spoken high in the throat and even my fairly raspy voice gets decently higher when I speak it.

  11. There's one singer, Suzuhana Yuko, a trained shigin, a traditional Japanese singing style, she , a long with traditional and contemporary musical players formed a group that incorporate traditional Japanese music and singing with modern music, the Wagakki Band.
    it is really a showcase of what the Japanese traditional and modern artist can do, whether it's fast song like senbonzakura or slower song like akatsuki no ito

  12. Yeah…I don't get why they had you view the live show. You should listen to the video "Headbanger". That's pretty incredible. She is a pretty wonderful singer.

  13. They started as part of the japanese idol system, basically a girls band. The producer wanted to create a heavy metal group. Su was chosen as the "screamer" and the other two often sing counterpoint to her, or harmonize with her. They are so popular that the band has a live band backing them now, and they are breaking out of the idol network. If they didn't, the band would have closed when Su turned 18.

    And you should listen to "give me chocolate." it's just fun.

  14. This sounds like an anime theme song. I can literally picture an opening sequence with this song. Is that racist? It sounds fucking great.

  15. Since you committed the mistake of entering the Japanese music, you need to react to Maximum the Hormone. Please react to this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeN3ivzzwbA. Just enter the video and get amazed.

  16. I like babymetal,, but if ya wanna really go for hardrock/metal,, check out IronBunny, BandMaid, an the like,,
    There is far better jmetal/rock bands out there,,
    Its a far bigger audiance there than here
    All im saying is as an old rocker/metal head you need to look further thanwhats popular

  17. Language is no barrier for vocal chords, so try listening to Yasuko O  of the rock band Melt Banana. Her delivery range is different from that of babymetal , but I would be fascinated to hear your explanation of her vocal range.

  18. Little Japanese lady: "everyone dance!"
    70000 metalheads go nuts.

    Baby metal are really exceptional. You'd expect metal heads to hate them but they've been fully embraced across the entire metal community. Even the biggest hairiest metalheads will fully engage with them.

  19. The mix was crap . She has amazing vocal talent .just found you . Great channel .new sub here . Need to learn about you . Hugs to all

  20. Late arriving to this video. No less than Rob Zombie has defended Babymetal against naysayers claiming they aren't metal, or that they are only metal because of the Kami Band's (totally mad) shredding skills. But yes, the vast majority of metalheads have wholly, joyfully embraced Babymetal.

  21. @Beth Roars:
    Enjoyed watching your reaction to BabyMetal, and particularly your take on Su-metal's voice. If you have not delved very deeply into Japanese rock (particularly female bands), Id love to see your reaction to some other recent bands who have had some domestic success but dont really get noticed by the American or European music scene.

    This group in particular has an amazing sound, which Im sure would go over anywhere. The lead singer is Miho Nakamura:
    Drop's – Kowashite (Destroy Me)

    And if you prefer a more metal sound:
    Band-Maid – Thrill

  22. Babymetal really do sound better live than in the studio. That's something that struck me about them right away. Now when you hear Shanti Shanti Shanti. Which has a sort of India Bollywood feel to it.

    But what took me back there really. Was Su-Metal's ability to translate "Lip Roll" so effortlessly.

    Which you see in some Indian music like with artists like Amr Dieb. That is difficult enough to do on it's own trust me I have tried it.

    Now try doing that while jumping around stage and maintaining that level of control. Then their is Pa Pa Ya which is really on a completely different level.

    It does concern me however. Su-Metal pushes so hard with each performance. I'm afraid that she is going to destroy her voice.

    However I have heard other vocal coaches. Even some experts suggest that Su-Metal has some unique traits not seen in other vocalists traditionally.

    I don't know if you would necessarily call it a defect here. But is definitely something which has put her a step above your average Joe. She really is a fantastic vocalist however. A huge asset for Babymetal here. :b

  23. 🐼🐊🦁🦈 Roar… Alright, now I am curious about your comments since Babymetal is such an unusual band… (Roll the video…)

  24. 🐼🐊🦁🦈 Roar… Alright, now I am curious about your comments since Babymetal is such an unusual band… (Roll the video…)

  25. Beth i Have seen them live twice now, even flew almost 2K miles the second time to see them. both times the shows were excellent cant recommend seeing them live enough

  26. You know it's good when you almost forget that you're supposed to analyze the singing and instead just enjoy it. Babymetal has that effect on people. We've just converted you into a disciple of the Fox God. Have fun, it's pretty great.

  27. These girls are also pretty young. Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su-Metal (the lead vocals) is only 18. The other two are like 16 or 17.

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