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MONTH IF YOU MIX THE BICARBONATE SE THIS WAY If you prepare this baking soda
way your house will never stop feeling good,
I promise you that your neighbor will ask you how and what you use. If you are one of those who are
interested in beauty and green health like what we do in this family, so
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city ​​or country do you watch our videos so that we can personally thank you? Well the majority of
people do not know that the use of air fresheners they buy in
some stores or supermarkets have harmful effects
On our health, these air fresheners leave toxic substances in the environment
such as benzene formaldehyde and that we breathe, these substances cause
diseases such as cancer, allergies , prenatal damage for births,
these substances are also at the origin asthma in children, irritations
among others That’s why today
we want to teach you how to prepare your own
Homemade aroma, without using these substances toxic. But before discovering everything
on how to prepare it, I’m going to give as a bonus how to do your
wonderful homemade deodorant using of
baking soda and a softener that we will discover soon, and this
is not everything you go too learn to prepare another flavor
Homemade that smells super good with only orange and
Cinnamon and also in the end, as always we have an extra gift, a
Home aroma for your bathroom, the one it will always keep an enviable smell in
your bathroom Well if we start with the sanitizer
of homemade air, ingredients one medium orange, two sticks
cinnamon or if you have cinnamon in powder that will always do the trick, two
tablespoons of clove, a liter of water and an aerosol can
way of preparation the first thing that you should
do is put the liter of water in a cooking pot
then cut the orange into slices, add to the pot and your sticks
cinnamon and cloves, Then let it boil for 20 minutes,
I assure you already that while it will be boiling you will notice the smell
incredible that will emerge in your home So after 20 minutes, remove
your pot of fire and let cool then filter your content and put it
in your atomizer still called spray can
and here is your house perfume can be ready to use, if you want that
your house aroma will last longer then always put it to the refractor
any suite after using it because the cold will retain more its aroma and
will better preserve it, here are my loves I’m sure that when you go to do
this at home today even you go adore his perfume and you will come back to testify
like many others do, suddenly we ask you to share massively
to all your friends, contacts and family, so to show them the dangers of the fresheners
they buy in supermarkets and the shops, tell them that here is a flavor
green house. and now if we start
with the homemade star flavor ie our deodorant
based on baking soda In ingredient a tablespoon of
baking soda and 3 tablespoons fabric softener, 3 cups
of water, and an atomizer still called spray
Preparation mode you just need to heat the three cups of water and
during the water heats, you can already start adding the softener in your
spray bottle then add the three cups of warm water
finally add a tablespoon of baking soda soda
Then very well shake so that all ingredients mix
And after that you can say that your home fragrance aroma is ready to use
every time you clean your house, you’re right
To spray a little in the air, this will suffice your house will smell so good you can
also spray in the corners of the house the smell is just amazing, you can use this aroma
without any fear in your house as he contains
ingredients without chemicals compared at
those of the flavors we buy in stores so you can use
your house aroma without fear, the only thing you are going
to succeed in doing is to give to your house an exquisite smell and fragrance
Well before unpacking your gift extra, if you have arrived here
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would know that you have watch the video up the end, and now let’s move on to our present
extra of the day which is an aroma made house for your bathroom,
for ingredients, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, a spoon
soup of essential oil of your choice and a
bottle. method of preparation :
we will introduce the bicarbonate into the bottle then we will pour the spoonful
oil soup essential of your preference, in this
it’s the essential oil of lavender which is used, then stir well with
a stick, until you notice that it’s uniform. It’s important that
you use a glass box with a lid in steel
That way it will be easy for you to do small holes on the lid.
video is a salt shaker that is used with already incorporated small holes, so
if you also have a salt shaker this will do the case
Another important thing you should know the
bicarbonate absorbs bad odors, so this aroma is very good for places
closed that you want kept well flavored , and also depending on the amount of oil
that you put in your aroma the places will depend too, if you want to put
in your room so put in less than one spoon of essential oil but if it’s
to the bathroom then put a spoon like we did it, you can also add
an oil scent that you like Here we invite you to follow
all these recommendations and if you know another way to prepare
Homemade flavors that I do not have mentioned in this emptied so forget
not to share with us in the comments to strengthen this content
remember that you can help many people who do not know
the aromas Homemade and who are used to buying
aromas containing toxic substances and harmful to their health
we invite you to share this with them .
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videos By then take great care of you kisses


  1. Bonjour je vis dans un apartement avc beaucoup d'humidité comment absorber l'humidité et désodoriser mon apartement car l'odeur d'humidité s'imprègne même sur le canaper rideaux etc

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