Wakeup Call for 7-Year-Old’s Sleepless Nightmare

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Running and climbing on a playground mastering the monkey bars It’s almost a rite of passage in childhood But for our next guest what happened on the monkey bars was a scary wake-up call One that left a mother deeply concerned about her daughter’s health one dates outside at recess Madison was playing on the monkey bars and fellow always fractured But the teacher said it was like her eyes were glazed over and I said I know that look I’ve seen that look that frightened me terribly Shortly after we were married we were told we cannot have kids so Madison is by my miracle when Madison was a year and a half. I took her to her Pediatric dentist during x-rays they saw that her adenoids who are enlarged we went to the ENT and the sleep study revealed that She stopped breathing More than 15 times an hour. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was on pins and needles I couldn’t imagine my baby not breathing when the doctor told me that it could be correct It was the removal of the adenoids and the tonsils. I was like yes. She had the surgery When she was three years old it appeared that she was resting well everything was looking on the up-and-up This past summer. I noticed some things some reflux. It was snoring again Wow Teacher calling saying Madison went to sleep in class three times today, I get up In my closet Let’s say after walking up on the toilet Waking up in the shower. I’m mad. It’s the spider to sleepwalk so when you go to bed at night. It scares me Aaron yeah, we had a new sleep study done This lease study showed that she does still have sleep apnea and partial knocker lips I was also informed that the adenoids had grown back I Asked about a CPAP machine. I was told that would not be a good idea because She also sleepwalks, and it could be disconnected. She could get tangled in it, and it could be a hazard my worst nightmare is She gasps but for air and she can’t get it I’m always getting up three and four times to go kiss her just to say I love her because no this time They had heard of a service dog that could help Madison with her sleep apnea I was like a service dog. Okay? No not unless I don’t have the money for that right now Well the wake up call was when Madison was playing on the monkey bars Fell asleep and wake up with a fractured arm. It just scared me so bad Feeling fear I knew immediately that Service dog has to come now We met her she about two weeks ago And it was like love at first sight I’m saying what is this church talk it’s like a cat that served me with some breakfast Madison’s she has our medical bills. Which are totally not quickly and this is just the beginning But these are the things I don’t mind consider for the sake of my baby if this dog can do the things that I’m hoping She can do she would be priceless You

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  1. Omg this is so scary I really wish that she would get better and have the most awesome day in her life…also I found the same pillow I used in this video..!

  2. My teacher knew a person who has to get a service dog cause he would have seizures and major anxiety attacks. The dog now can sense if a seizure or a anxiety attack is coming so he can get to the hospital or get to someone so they can get help.

  3. I broke my leg and
    It was my ankle
    And I fell on a
    Monkey bars I
    Cried so bad
    And it’s fine
    But it hurt
    My brother
    Hits my leg
    All the time

  4. Is this scary?

    So like I had a dream I was going down the road on a bike.

    And then it was a cliff at the end.
    And then I was trying to stop the bike and like I couldn't move.
    Then I died in my dream then woke up.

    This was a dream when I was little

    About 6 years later

    Momma I had a dream about riding down a road in a bike and I couldn't stop it from going down a cliff and u died.

    Then my mom said. .

    I had that Same dream at that same age at the same time and I explained the dream and she said she was riding that same bike too when she dreamed the same thing

    That is crazy right?

    I appreciate you reading this

  5. I love when she was like “what is a service dog?” “A cat that serves you breakfast??” 😂😂😂 So cute!!

  6. It’s called a imputable I have asthma and I have to struggle through it too but I don’t fall sleep that’s normal🤔😮😬😀

  7. When i was little i had sleep apnea too and it was scary for my mom but when i got my adenoids and tonsils removed it stopped

  8. When i was a baby is would have been born with my inside on the out side and one i had my cord when i came out of the belly my cord was rapt around my neck and if the did not cut my mom belly open i could have been dead and not here

  9. i think no one really cares but one time i woke up on the toilet and i was like wtf i- MY ROOM IS IN THE BASEMENT AND I WENT ALL UP THE STAIRS AND USED THE BATHROOM IM SCARED FOR HER [edit] i hope im not disrespectful but ive never heard of someone who also woke up on the toilet

  10. When I was younger I had sleep apnea and I was so tired all the time I feel asleep in my food and at school eventually I got my adinoids out and it helped. But my mum took videos of me waking up and choking and it really scares me. I feel so bad for the mum and girl.

  11. Stay amazing hun! 😭😭❤️❤️ such an amazing mom 💕❤️ Idk how it feels 😭 to be afriad.. Of a natural thing… An important thing… I thing needed to keep u alive 💔💔😖😖😭😭 dis breaks my heart people, I'm crying ❤️❤️😖 stay strong

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