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this is a story about time I almost
accidentally walked out on an Alexander McQueen naked. the first time I ever walked Alexander McQueen, I was 15
years old and it was my first season in Paris. Paris was still larger
than life experience. Alexander McQueen shows were unlike anything else, he
himself was such an artist I mean truly in in the purest form you really felt
like a muse the very first time I ever worked with Lee was for his
spring/summer 2008 collection which showed in October 2007. I was barely 15
and this collection was inspired by a dear friend of his Isabella Blow a
shared passion they had was around falconry
and the dress that I was wearing a show was inspired by a bird of paradise and
it had this big scoop in the back and I just felt so sophisticated and so
grown-up I had a quick change between two looks which is always an honor as a
model to wear multiple outfits in a show I wore the first outfit walk did my
thing I felt like a million bucks I take my first look off I put my second one on
and literally before I even like pull my head through the outfit the casting
directors like Karlie, Karlie, Karlie! you’re on in two looks Karlie, Karlie we need you
now, now, now but someone on my foot tying my shoe, I have someone else trying to fix my
hair because this big like hairdo that I have is fully lopsided and I look down
and the dress is entirely backwards and the scooped back is in the front and I’m
totally naked and I’m freaking out my mom is in the audience that’s all I can
think about it’s like oh my god my mom is in the audience what is she gonna think?
and I’m 15 years old and I’m 10 seconds I am seconds away from being pushed out onto the
runway I said stop! everybody stop! I like pull the belt off I you know do
something like weird little thing and I wiggle into the dress I flip it around I
just get pushed out onto the runway I made it! such an adrenalin that comes with being in a runway show and it’s probably not
dissimilar from any kind of live performance but anything could happen
and literally anything and everything does happen backstage I’ve had heels
break on the runway you know I’ve had shoes fall off on the runway I’ve
tripped on the runway everything that you can imagine has happened and it does
happen and the show goes on and you kind of just roll with it
I look at that photo and I laugh thinking to myself the just chaos that
led up to that moment on the runway and thank goodness that I wiggled around and
didn’t walk on my first ever Alexander McQueen runway naked.

79 thoughts on “Walking in Alexander McQueen With My Dress on Backwards | Fashion Stories | Karlie Kloss

  1. Karlie as a teenager: walks in an Alexander McQueen show

    Me as a teenager: wonders how many pretzel sticks fit into her mouth without breaking

    Yeah, I tried that.

  2. This is so random but I talked about you with my hairdresser today and we had a little freak out moment and now a Klossy video? Can today get anymore Karlie??? I don't think its possible.

  3. wearing my Klossy top, reading a feel good Christmas book, Lover playing faintly in the background, Karlie posts a video. Life is good 😊

  4. Haha 😂 what a great video! I thought you were gonna say something worse about it being backwards lol, glad you got it all figured out though


  6. Please tell us about the time your dress got stuck in your shoe in other McQueen show, or when you fell at Fendi, LOVE this kind of videos.

  7. Now I understand that hair in your second look. As a fan of yours as long as a fan of Lee I always thought: 'Damn, Karlie hair do looks a little… questionable' every time I was watching 'La dame bleue'.
    Loving this series!

  8. I feel so bad for you 😅 malfunction during a fashion show is the worst thing EVER! You deserve better ☹️ love ya xx 💕

  9. Yeeee 🤩✨ Thanks Karlie!!! 🤗👍👍👍
    P.S. If, before Christmas, you don't give us another super-beautiful video… Best wishes to you and your loved ones!!! 🤗🎄⛄

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