Walnut syrup and nut allergies

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So there’s juglone in the walnut tree –
it’s the chemical that allows black walnuts to be allelopathic and prevent other plants from growing
around them but researchers in Ontario, who are also studying walnut syrup production tried to find juglone in the sap and could not find jugloan actually in the sap a tree.
Black walnut syrup comes from a black walnut tree of course
which is a nut tree and there are lots of people who are
allergic to tree nuts and so that’s something to be definitely
concerned and cautious about if you’re serving black walnut syrup to
somebody, to let them know that. It might seem obvious to you but you should always relay that information and
if somebody is allergic to tree nuts it’s a good
idea that they don’t consume the syrup. We
don’t have any data yet on if people who are
allergic to tree nuts are also allergic to black walnuts,
so until that research gets done it’s best to
just be cautious even though any proteins in the syrup that might make someone allergic are probably going to be denatured
during the boiling process we haven’t done their research yet so until that is done, if you’re allergic
to tree nuts don’t have black walnut syrup.

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