Warfarin: Information About Warfarin | Warfarin Interactions | Warfarin Side Effects (2018) Coumadin

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Warfarin is the main oral anticoagulant
used in the UK and anticoagulant means a medicine which reduces blood clotting and if you already knew that then let’s move on to the next part I see many patients on warfarin every day and they’re very knowledgeable about their medicine which is fantastic but here’s some information about warfarin which you may find useful and if you can tell the strength of this warfarin tablet just from its colour then leave a comment below and I’ll let you know if you’re right I wont be going into super detail about warfarin in this video as it’ll be over an hour long but what I will do is give you the main points and I’ll also leave some information in the description below with some great links or just speak to your amazing pharmacist okay so warfarin works against vitamin K in the liver which is essential for the production of clotting factors and without clotting factors it takes the blood longer to clot and that was a super simplified version of how it works which I wish it was that simple at university so why do we need anticoagulants? well they’re very useful for patients with conditions caused by clots like strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms they’re also useful for patients who are at risk of having a clot so let’s say you’ve got atrial fibrillation, you’ve had a mechanical valve fitted or you’ve just had surgery now let’s move on to blood tests with warfarin it’s really important that you attend your regular appointments at your anticoagulation clinic so they can check your INR and make sure your dose is correct INR stands for international normalised ratio it’s a value that determines how fast your blood clots a high value means it takes longer for blood to clot and a low value means it clots faster someone who’s not on warfarin or any anticoagulant like me will have an INR of 1 but if you’re on warfarin your doctor will maintain your INR at the therapeutic range now it’s really important to have your INR
monitored regularly because if it’s too high you’re at risk of a bleed and if it’s too low you’re at risk of a clot and many things can affect your INR such as certain medication, certain foods, drinking too much alcohol, herbal medication and even supplements so with any medicines, herbal medicines and even supplements always check with your pharmacist, GP or staff at the anticoagulant clinic before you take them as it might interact with your warfarin and with food there are many foods which contain high levels of vitamin K so theoretically it works against warfarin like green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale as well as vegetable oils and cereal
grains but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to eliminate these foods from your diet instead keep your diet consistent so if you’re used to having a kale salad every day have a kale salad every day but what you don’t want to do is have loads of vitamin k rich foods one day and then non the other few days because that will affect how warfarin works so keep your diet consistent and if you’re thinking of making any significant changes to it then speak to the healthcare professional that’s responsible for your care I’ve also left a link in the description below which gives you all the foods and drinks that interact with warfarin and it also explains about cranberry juice and why you should avoid it whilst taking warfarin okay so the yellow warfarin book everyone in the UK who’s on warfarin will have one of these books and it’s got loads of great information about warfarin in there, your dose and your INR and it’s really important to carry this little card with you at all times and fill it out in case of an emergency that way the healthcare professional who’s treating you will know that you’re on warfarin the yellow book also has some great information on side effects, missed doses and when to seek medical attention now unfortunately we’ve run out of time to talk about all of these but I’ve left some great links in the description below and I’ve also left a link to an online version of the yellow book for you to read so definitely check it out and that’s it you now know more about warfarin, how it works, INR and its interactions and don’t forget to leave me a comment if you know the strength of this warfarin tablet and with all medicines always read the information leaflet hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos so with any medicines (CREAKING SOUND OF DOOR) so with any medicines (LAUGHTER) right the yellow warfarin, I don’t know why I looked there, just then (LAUGHTER)

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  1. Thanks for another informative video. I watched this with my husband. You answered a lot of questions he never asked his doctor about. Your videos have helped educate us in other topics too such as hypertension and vitamins. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. Our love and respect always….❤️

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    Looking forward to the next video. Also I think that tablet may have been a 5mg warfarin tablet. But do let me know if I'm wrong. All the best, Mr and Mrs P.

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  11. I am [email protected] male of aged 39 and i have been taking warfarin for the last 20 years or since i have been diagnosed a deep vein thrombosis and today multiple veins and artery thrombosis is seemed from the colour duppler study of both lower limbs. Could you suggest the best todays medication from the food to medicine and effective exercises to daily activities. From Nepal

  12. The "magic 8 ball" drug. Dosing depends on pt compliance and them telling you the TRUTH about what they have injested. I'm not a fan because everything on planet earth affects it. It does a great job, but the pt has to help…..which is rare nowadays. In the 21st century, one would think there would be safer alternatives to this med.

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