Warning Signs That You’re Zinc Deficient | Dr. Josh Axe

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Hey guys, Dr Axe here from draxe.com. Today,
I’m going to share with you the five warning signs that you’re zinc deficient. Zinc deficiency
is something that’s very common and can cause a number of health issues. Let me say this as well, I estimate about
75% of people out there today are deficient in zinc. Here are the five warning signs that
you are zinc deficient. Also at the end of this video I’ll talk about my top five zinc-rich
foods you should be getting in and what to look for in a zinc supplement. Number one warning sign that you have a zinc
deficiency is if you’re immune compromised. If you tend to get sick frequently, if you
have immune system issues, if you’ve ever come down with any sort of chronic allergies
or anything like that, that’s a big warning sign that you are zinc deficient. So again, if you’re immune compromised, if
you get sick often or you’re always that person that gets sick, that is a major warning sign.
Also, if you’ve had any other disease related to immunodeficiency, that’s a warning sign
you’re zinc deficient. Number two warning sign you’re zinc deficient
is if you have leaky gut. Leaky gut is a condition where proteins can leak through the gut and
cause systemic inflammation, and that’s also relate to food allergies, thyroid problems,
adrenal fatigue. But number two warning sign that you are zinc
deficient is if you have leaky gut and you have malabsorption, you’re not digesting your
nutrients well. Number three warning sign you’re zinc deficient
is if you struggle with diarrhea, if you ever have loose stools. That’s where, again, your
stools aren’t firmly formed in the toilet. That’s a big warning sign that you’re zinc
deficient. Also if you have inflammatory bowel disease,
like irritable bowel syndrome, any of those issues whatsoever, even gas and bloating.
Those are warning signs you are zinc deficient. Number four warning sign is thinning hair
or losing your hair. If you have thin hair or are losing your hair, zinc is an essential
mineral that really supports thicker hair growth and also just supports your body growing
and repairing and healing. Number five warning sign you’re zinc deficient
is you have any sort of inflammatory skin issue, especially acne, eczema, dermatitis,
or psoriasis. All of those are warning signs that you are zinc deficient. There are other warning signs, but I want
to talk about what people are most deficient in zinc and what causes a zinc deficiency.
One of the biggest things that causes a zinc deficiency is high levels of emotional stress. If you are emotionally stressed out, over
time your body has to utilize zinc and that mineral to heal and repair the body, to repair
the brain, to repair the skin, to repair your organs. Zinc is a reparative mineral that
actually is even critical for protein synthesis and utilization in your body. So if you have
had, let’s say, a loss in the family or a very stressful job, and you’re not sleeping
enough, any of those things, that is a big cause of zinc deficiency. The second most common cause of zinc deficiency
is over exercise. Triathletes, marathon runners, and CrossFit athletes are some of the people
that are most susceptible to a zinc deficiency. So again, if you work out a lot and maybe
even have overworked out in the past that can cause zinc deficiency. The third most
common reason you’re zinc deficient is if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Obviously
when you’re eating for two that can cause mineral deficiencies, and so again, that can
cause a zinc deficiency. Last but not least, typically aging women
or elderly, they tend to have malabsorption, so they don’t absorb zinc well, so they tend
to have a zinc deficiency as something that can happen. So if you’re going to get more
zinc in your diet, a few things need to happen. The number one thing you need to do is consume
more zinc-rich foods. Some of the best zinc-rich include, number one, pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin
seeds are very high in zinc. Also, oysters are high in zinc. Another great form of zinc is going to be
grass-fed beef, is going to have some zinc in it. Then sprouted nuts and seeds, chia
seeds, flax seeds, even almonds, getting some seeds in your diet, and then peas are also
a good form of zinc. So getting some green peas in your diet can also increase those
zinc levels. Last but not least, you need probiotics as
well. Probiotics, taking a good quality probiotic supplement and consuming probiotic rich foods
like kefir and fermented vegetables like sauerkraut increase your absorption and digestion of
zinc. Remember that it’s not just what you eat,
it’s what you digest. So again, getting more probiotic rich foods in your diet and supplements
can actually improve your overall zinc absorption. So again, remember, the biggest warning signs
you have a zinc deficiency are immune issues, leaky gut, bowel issues, like diarrhea, thinning
or losing your hair as well as inflammatory skin issues like acne. Those are warning signs
you have a zinc deficiency. If you want to learn more natural cures and
ways to improve your zinc, hey, check out draxe.com. You can find more information. Also you can subscribe here to this YouTube
channel. I am every week putting out the latest and most cutting edge information about vitamins,
nutrients, and herbal remedies to heal your body naturally. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video on
zinc deficiency symptoms with me, Dr Axe.

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  1. I love doctor axe! He has helped me out through the years…God has given us the tools for healing on this earth and thank the Lord doctor axe is giving us the Lord's tools! You are a blessing..please don't ever stop these informative videos!

  2. This man is NOT a medical doctor. He is "doctor" of chiropractic, which is not scientifically proven practice. He also calls himself "a clinical nutritionist", which doesn't mean anything, I can call myself a clinical nutritionist. It is not the same as dietitian, who need to be registered.

  3. 1) low immunity
    2) leaky gut
    3) ibs, problems w/ diarrhea
    4) losing or thinning hair
    5) skin problems such as acne
    KEEP listening for the causes and what to do to help.

  4. I was taking copper 18 mg a day cus i heard its good for you . after taking it for a week i noticed i was looking slim and my sciatica was gone but im loosing hair and i get headaches and i got an yeast infection 😔 but the brainfog is the worst . should I take Zinc to balance this out and stop taking copper ? Please any advice

  5. Thank you, Dr. Axe. Your videos always represent the clearest and most mainstream natural health information available. You perform such a vital service for so many thousands of people!

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  9. How about zinc sulphate? I take 50 mg of it ( it’s a combined capsule that includes b complex vitamins as well) which equals 15 mg of elemental zinc.

  10. I only have number 5 (acne) and I take a quality multivitamin containing 10mg of zinc (91% DV) so I think I am alright

  11. Majority of humans don’t get their blood work done enough . I was one of them , I went 4 years without any type or bloodwork done and found out I was iron deficient . Now waiting on my vitamin counts but we should deff be getting these numbers checked atleast 2 times a year I think

  12. brett wilson..wow I think this video is great my partner has had vitamin d deficient for 20 years and only just found out from doctors because now they test for it..bad sytoms for over 20 years its great to find this kind of advise

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  15. What a cool idea – to share the signs of being deficient in zinc. I definitely feel like I was deficient in zinc a few months back and it all changed when I started to take a good multivitamin.

  16. To raise zinc without imbalacing copper (anarysism) lower iron and increase magnesium. Avoid reduced iron in breads and flour – less red meat too. Take magnesium taurate and magnesium glycine and a bit of magnesium citrate. 500 mg or more.

  17. I was sick for years! Couldn't figure out what it was. I started taking zinc and literally fixed every problem I had.

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  23. one thing you are absolutely right about i had acne problems for the last 5 or 6 years oa soon as i started to take zinc supplement it cleared up within 1 week . doctors or medications did not help at all

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