80 thoughts on “Watch live: VP Pence leads coronavirus task force meeting

  1. Trump:"No need to worry folks. I'm putting Mike Pence in charge of dealing with this Corolla-virus."

    LATE BREAKING NEWS: Pence has just discovered a vaccine for the coronavirus. It's called thoughts and prayers.

  2. Why didn't Trump task Jared with dealing with the coronavirus? According to Trump, Jared can solve any problem. I guess Jared still has his hands full with trying to achieve peace in the Middle-East, along with solving the mysteries of time travel, and teleportation. 😄

  3. Trump gives it to the ANTI-science guy…
    We're doomed.
    Pence will say, Let us pray that virus away like the gays.
    The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for a president and VP.
    They are men of Belial.
    Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is …
    Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Walks with a …

  4. Speedily and mightily call upon the name above all names Jesus. He loved you so much! He laid down His precious life for you. Jesus death burial and Resurrection was to wash all all your sins away .Jesus imputed His rightousness to you making you white as snow. You will be born again and made right with God 💛🌼🤗you are God's beautiful child so whether you live or die you are God's child.💛

  5. Mike Pence literally does not believe in science. It is utterly irresponsible to put him in charge of US coronavirus response as the world sits on the cusp of a pandemic. This decision could cost people their lives. Pence’s past decisions already have.

  6. At today's press conference, Pence wiped his nose with his hands, then proceeded to shake everyone's hand. We're in good shape. 🙄

  7. I just hope that poor old Pensie makes sure he praises DT more than he praises his almighty. He better find a way to insert DT’s praises into every second sentence. Other than that he better get every directive and nuance interpretation of reality in writing from the orange menace or his minions before he enacts anything. It’s unlikely this will end well for Pence.

  8. Trump doesn't care about people. He only cares about himself. It's as clear as day is from night. In 2018, the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command was let go due to Trump. Trump shut down the global health security unit within the NSC, and the DHS epidemic team was also pushed out. No one was ever replaced. In 2018, the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command was let go. Trump shut down the global health security unit within the NSC, and the DHS epidemic team was also pushed out. No one was ever replaced.


  9. America, do you know that any updates on the Coronavirus has to be vetted and screened by this lying administration? What happened to Freedom of the Press. Next thing up on this Mutated KING Yeti's agenda is that nobody can question his authority subject to a public hanging. America doesn't it make you feel nauseated that this keystone incompetent cop administration is heading and leading this coronavirus epidemic? America get ready. THE TIME ALL AMERICANS HAVE GROWN TO LOVE; WE WILL KNOW NO MORE!

  10. As of today, Pence has been made the ONLY voice to speak to this potential (read: inevitable) crisis. Dr Anthony Fauci at the CDC is no longer allowed to speak to the public. Don't forget who Pence is and what he did in Indiana to further the spread of AIDS rather than containing it. These people are going to get us killed. They need to be put out of business before it's too late.

  11. Phoney Mike inspires me everyday to work to make he and the man that saved him from political oblivion ( had 35% approval in IN) are one term mistakes.

  12. OMG, America, we're in real trouble with Pence and Azar in charge of the fighting the coronavirus. Look what Pence did to Indiana…….Trumps Admin is definitely not ready!!!!!!

  13. It has happened….they have sent in the clowns! Stable Gemius appoints Science Nonbeliever to determine what information about the coronavirus the US citizens should receive. Which will be 100% Trump narrative. Do YOU trust them? Holy Mother, pray for us.

  14. Lololololololol, you get what you pay for and vote for!!! So I guess t his is going to be a peanut for every cv infection, like his hiv policy. Perfect example if how religious ignorance kills and kills and kills again.

  15. There’s nothing wrong with the Vice President leading this task force, I’m just wondering if he is capable leading such a task force, on the other hand I’m glad the president has decided to step aside

  16. I only see one professional no scientist one doctor I don't know what those other guys are doing there they know nothing about viruses wow we're all in trouble

  17. Hmmm maybe this is social wrong to say but Pence leading the Corolla-Virus issue is like a blind person leading another blind person across a busy street…….Oh wait sorry that would work better than Pence leading Corolla-Virus issue because at least another blind person understands the struggles a blind person faces and can better lead someone newly blind! UG.

  18. The only idiot bigger than Pence is Trump. Just wait… this administration will fail bigly on this. A scientist would probably have been a better choice.

  19. CDC head was briefed on the "EPI" sounds better than epidemic… obvious he's been told to downplay the risk to Americans. Very troubling. All outgoing info must be vetted by Trump/Pence. SCARY

  20. The blind leading the blind.
    May the name pence forever be associated with "negotiable" principles, integrity, morality and faith.

  21. Some people are taking this lightly, and making it seem like this virus is at its end. Only God can save us, and not President Trump or Vice President Pence. Please strengthen your immune system, and wash your hands.

  22. why are we letting the guy that let Indiana have the worst HIV case breakout during his term create a task force for the coronavirus that kills you quicker than HIV

  23. Let's solve all of this with prayer! Hahaaaa…sorry to say, but we are all f***'d with this administration. Another useless figure, The Pope, is also spreading the disease.

  24. You aren't going to be able to hide in your gated communities ignoring the world around you. Your lies won't protect the market and people can't afford to even be tested because of no health ins. Hope your money helps you.

  25. Yes, let's do what Obama did and appoint a Coronavirus Czar. His Ebola Czar was a lawyer who had been Biden's and Gore's chief of staff, not a doctor. LOL

  26. This administration is literally like the blind leading the blind through the Amazon. None of them have any business whatsoever to block the real professionals from briefing the people. The GOP is done. Flip them all out and vote blue for 2020.

  27. "I have lived for seventy years, and the only thing I know with absolute certainty is that no one knows anything worth knowing" socrates, at his trial. Nothing changes

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