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Random videos when you have a sore
throat and you remember all the times that you took for granted random videos you hit
the nail on the head with this comment this is from the sore throat video I
also have a sore throat right now I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell
from my voice but it is a bit croakier than usual and I was actually thinking
this a few days ago when I was eating some food and every time I was
swallowing the food it was hurting me and I was thinking ah those were the
days when I didn’t have this sore throat and I could eat without pain but it will
go and I’m looking after it and I’m following all my own tips I’m pretty
much over it nearly now but thank you comment it really sort of made me
reflect on life hey everyone welcome to another episode of responding to your
comments I obviously do you think this is one of my favorite series to film
we’re gonna be looking at health questions we’re gonna be looking at fun
questions so what are we waiting for let’s dive in London bus visuals 8 hi Abraham I
have a concern I don’t drink any water a day as I don’t like it and it makes me
sick well that’s not very good is it can I have advice please london bus
visuals 8 of course you can have advice that’s why I’m here for this is from the
how to boost your energy video thank you for your comment firstly with regard to
drinking water I think it’s probably one of the most common questions I get asked
in clinic I probably get asked it at least twice a day maybe even more and
the first thing I’m going to say to you is there is lots of guidance on this
there isn’t sort of one way to do it but the first thing that I always look out
for any patient when I’m recommending them how much water to drink is are they
fit are they healthy and most importantly do they have any medical
conditions because medical conditions you need be reducing your water intake
and now it’s not very common but these are the sort of things that I check as a
health care professional but as long as you are fit and healthy and you’re an
adult in the UK we recommend six to eight glasses of water throughout the
day so this is about 1.2 litres throughout the day however I know in
different countries they have different guidance it’s so for example in America
I know that they recommend 2litres of water a day and our bodies have a very good
system in keeping us hydrated and also for example certain factors come into
play so what’s the temperature like what are you doing and also are you eating a what are you eating because our bodies also absorb lots of
liquid from the food that we eat and also from other drinks that we have not just
water even caffeinated drinks like coffee for example I know a lot of
people same thing that if you have coffee or any sort of caffeinated drink
your body doesn’t absorb the water but this isn’t actually true so if you’re
having coffee if you’re having tea all of this contains water and your body
will absorb the water in it too now a very easy way to know if you’re hydrated
is the color of your urine so if it’s clear or if it’s the same color as
water or even slightly yellow that’s a sign of good hydration where if it’s
very dark and very concentrated that’s a sign of poor hydration so you need to
drinking more water and I know that some people don’t like the taste of water for
example our good friend London bus visuals eight who commented he or she
didn’t like the taste of water so a good little tip you can do is add a slice of
lime or lemon in your water just to give it some taste and this has been proven
to help increase people’s water uptake so try it in my work for you also
remember the water it has no calories it’s completely fine for you it’s good for you it has no sugar either and your teeth will thank you for it
thank you for your comment I really hope my tips help everyone let’s go onto next one
Shruti R watching this video to sleep peacefully in history class Shruti R
back via comment this is from the how to sleep faster video but your comment it
made me think really first of all why are you wanting to sleep in history class and
and how can you fall asleep in a class I’ve never understood that and secondly
during class you need to be learning you need to be getting all that information
in your brain so you can use it later on in life so please don’t fall asleep in
class and I really doubt you will to fall asleep in class but what you need
to do is you to follow my tips so you’re able to sleep easier at night time and
then you’ll wake up full of energy and then even go to class and learn
everything and get amazing grades but thank you can you comment Eddie Stephenson
it amazes me the number of folks give an inhaler without any training in its use
only to complain this medicine is not helping fantastic video Eddie thank you
for your comment thank you for this fantastic comment actually it really got my
attention and i think you really hit the nail on the head with this one this is
from the how to use a spacer video and how to use an inhaler video and it’s right
if you’re not using your inhaler right you’re not getting the right amount of
medicine in the right area that’s meant to go so what is it going to mean it’s
going to mean that your asthma is gonna be less controlled it’s gonna mean
you’re going to have more exacerbations so you might even have to go visit
hospital more often so we need to learn to use our inhalers properly because I
think 90% of us aren’t using our inhalers properly so we’re doing one or
two things wrong even though every single patient thinks that they know
everything about inhalers because they’ve been using it for 5, 10, 20
years but it’s always room for improvement but also speaking of this a
lot of practices now are kind of using my videos I know this for a fact and they’re
kind of sending links via text message or SMS to patients to watch the video
and learn more about it because it’s quite difficult to counsel the patient
on how to use inhaler in one go because if I was to sit with a patient in this
room lets say for example and explain to them how to use your inhaler I guarantee
you they might take one or two things and remember it but a lot of that
they’ll forget and then they will start using their inhaler wrong and not
getting the right amount of medicine into their lungs which is why video was so useful
and which is why I love YouTube so much because I’m able to put this video on
there for other people to watch and learn and it can rewind it play that bit
again and watch it over and over again until they become inhaler Pro but thank
you for your comment I really liked it once again it looks like we ran out of
time I really enjoyed it to write some of your comments this week and if I
missed your comment I am really sorry we get so many comments so it’s quite easy
to miss a few so if I did miss it please leave another comment I’ll try my best
to get back to you in a future episode of responding to your comments always
remember that you’re awesome and I will see you next week
hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like
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  1. Yay early squad. Wishing you speedy recovery Abraham. I always get this question asked. Now I can confidently answer it. 😇

  2. My skin is oily and acne prone so I started taking medication for my pimples and it also worked for me but as I stops to take medicines I again starts to get pimples. Any solution? Plzz reply Abraham. I love your vedios bdw it's very knowledgeable 🤗

  3. Speaking of water. Do water filters actually make tap water safe to drink in the United States? Obviously not in Detroit, but in other states.


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