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Welcome back to the channel! Today we’re
going to be taking a look at a new aromatherapy diffuser that is great for
travel for your car and great for anywhere like your home or office this waterless diffuser is from Scentcares and it is sold on Amazon be sure to check the description section
below this video for more information and if you want pricing information and
if you would like to read the reviews of the product I have never seen a diffuser
before that didn’t require water but I have seen several essential oil
diffusers and you may have seen on our channel that we have reviewed a lot as
well it can be very tedious to add water to a unit so this is definitely a time
saver here we’re close up and just oh I don’t forget you do have your course so
that you are able to charge it on the back you have your little micro USB so
very quick easy to charge and you do have your user manual if you have any
questions that you need like for setup the cool thing about this to fuse your
other than it runs without water is that it can be used in your car suppose you
have a stale smell in your vehicle and you really don’t like it and Febreze is
just not enough you can use this or if you want to just benefit from
aromatherapy this device would be great to have as well it should fit right into
your cup holder this is also very handy for travel I can fit right into your
backpack or suitcase it’s fairly small it is smaller than some Yeti tumbler or
even a water bottle it’s very very small and thin it’s a 4.25 inches high to
charge this all you have to do is plug the USB cord I showed you earlier into
it and a blue light will flash on the top when the flashing light changes to a
solid blue it is fully charged and that’s very easy to notice the when it
is fully charged it will last for about 50 hours at the lowest speed there are
three speeds and I’ll show you that in a second
it takes about three hours to charge the diffuser in total but it might take up
to six the first time you actually have it so here’s a closer look at the top
you have your on button right here and as you can see it is on the lowest speed
there are three missed modes low will missed for about 15 seconds and pause
for two minutes medium right here
I’m on medium it’ll missed for about thirty seconds and then rest for two and
a half minutes hi will missed for about thirty seconds
and then rest for two minutes but yeah here’s the off button all you
have to do is hold it in there it is off let me show you how to put your
essential oil in of choice now you do want to make sure that your
device is off this is kind of crucial you don’t want to mess anything up on
the bottom there is a button and you push it and this will come out if you
notice that is so where it came out of so all you have to do is then unscrew
and now I have some in here already and but all you have to do is put your
essential oil of choice in here and then you are done and dandy screw it back
together fairly simple process I noticed it’s not that hard and then put it back
in you do want to make sure that it is lined up with the arrows so that you can
actually use it again and it pushes right back in and we are ready for work it’s something I do notice immediately
is that it is very quiet it’s not something that’s going to be allowed
humming in the background so maybe you have a sleeping child in your car you’re
not going to have to worry about this interrupting anything or you want to
listen to music this is going to interfere with that as well so
something I just thought of is that this would be a great product for somebody
that doesn’t like changing the water in and out of a diffuser that part can be
really hard sometimes suppose you’re like in an office and going back and
forth to the bathroom to change the water or add new water to your diffuser
it might be kind of tedious this you can sit down and place your essential oil in
there and be good you’re not you don’t have to worry about that part especially
if you don’t like water near your desk all right so that is a look at the
ascent cares waterless diffuser be sure to check the description section below
for more information about the product make sure you do LIKE the video and
subscribe to our Channel thanks for watching

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