Watsons | All about Asthma Episode 3

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Good day, everyone, and welcome to All About Asthma with Watsons. I’m Samantha Purvor, and with me today again is Doc Gen. Let’s talk about how to keep your lungs healthy. For this episode, we’re going to bust some myths about asthma. I’m pretty excited. Are you? Yes, Sam. I’m pretty much excited too! I just want to say that this episode is my favorite. Me too. I absolutely love busting myths. As a matter of fact, this can be a great way to help people manage their asthma. Correct, Sam. Let’s start with Myth No. 1: Asthma can go away. That is not true at all. Asthma is a chronic lung condition. Even if you don’t have symptoms, the condition’s still there. Asthma has no cure but it can be controlled with proper medication. And you can live a normal life. Myth No. 2: Nebulizers are the best way to give asthma medication. Also not true. Nebulizers are used during asthma attacks. But a pressurized metered dose inhaler with a spacer is just as effective. Very interesting. Myth No. 3 I can stop taking my medication once my symptoms are gone. Well this is true and also not true. True for reliever medications and not true for controller medications. The reliever medications can be stopped if you don’t feel any symptoms But the controller medications should be taken on a regular daily basis. And for our last myth, a person with asthma cannot involve themselves in sports nor exercise. Totally not true. People with asthma can be active. They may need to take their medications beforehand but they can exercise. Now this myth is worth busting! Control your asthma, don’t let asthma control you. That was fun. I’m Samantha Purvor. And I’m Dra. Gen Tuble. Thank you for watching All About Asthma with Watsons. Stay tuned for more health vlogs. And as always, look good, feel great… …and breathe well.

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