We Built the World’s Biggest Trampoline! | DD Squad Ep3

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*laughter* Sit back, relax, and bounce with DD Squad! *air whooshing* *rock music* *screaming* *metal clanking* Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Damn! Almost got a knee to my face! *screaming* So, in the middle of the session a storm caught us. *rock music* Uh, we just arrived at the crane center – it’s like a field of cranes! We got like 50 of them here. And in this van we have the frame of our new trampoline that we’re gonna build. It’s gonna be 12 by 12 meters big … *rock music* Woohooo! *rock music* So for this build we used 36 straps we used 300 springs and over 250 square meters of webbing. The whole construction is 12 by 12 m big. The whole thing is hanging in the air about 15 m off the ground, and the crane is 42 m tall. *rock music* Alright, so today we have Schwarzzi and Koks here on the set. So, tell our audience what you guys are doing here. Hi guys, we’re the new generation of Dunking Devils. And we are here because DD Squad
need some extra pushers, so we can jump higher! Alright, let’s bounce! *music* *metal clanking* *screaming* *music* *air whooshing* Click right here! *laughter* Sh*t! *crazy laughter* Damn! Almost got a knee to my face! So in the middle of the session, a storm caught us. The guys are now in the van, except Ambro and me. We’re having lots of fun here! But the problem is that the web was basically lifted and moved to the side, because the crane is shifting with the wind. The storm passed and now we’re continuing with the session. *epic music* Help our YouTube channel get started and click that subscribe! And once you’re there also click the thumbs up button. Don’t forget to comment, also follow us on YouTube and Instagram for daily content. Now my face hurts. Oh, yeah. *grunts*

11 thoughts on “We Built the World’s Biggest Trampoline! | DD Squad Ep3

  1. Wow! These guys are crazy in the best way possible! 🤯🤪
    That trampoline looks like so much fun, but honestly I'd be terrified.
    Love your videos!

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