Webetop Air Purifier🍀 Wall-Mounted or Floor 6-in-1 REVIEW👈

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this is the Webetop air purifier it
can be wall mounted and it purifies the air with a six stage filtration system this Webetop air purifier can be
wall mounted and it purifies the air in a large room up to 322 square feet it
includes a remote control and it has a temperature and humidity sensor and I’ll
show you that in a little while it has a a six in one true HEPA filter to
eliminate odors dust germs mold pet hair pollen and other allergens now the
remote control takes two triple A batteries it doesn’t that’s not included
so you need to put those in there and it does come the unit does come with
hardware to mount it to the wall and I don’t I see no reason why this
couldn’t also be used on the floor or other service I’m not sure yet whether
I’m going to wall mount it but let’s take a better look at this air purifier
so here’s a look at the back of the air purifier and this of course does come
with an instruction manual so looking through the instruction manual
there are step-by-step instructions for how to install this on a wall it
includes the hanger accessories and screws so you can look that up in the
user manual the user manual also has instructions on how to change the filter
you loosen the four screws on the bottom cover and remove the cover from the
machine body as far as the filtration I mentioned this a six stage filtration
system there’s the pre-filter the true HEPA filter the ACS a hustla filter the
activated carbon filter UV light and negative ion it removes 99.97% of dust
pollen smoke odor mold spores and pet dander and it filters particles as small
as 0.3 microns and larger this works with
an AC wall adapter cord so that’s light Dan and we turn on now
you can use the remote control to do that or you can just press the button on
the unit itself makes a little chime so I’m not sure if the camera picks this up
well but there’s a nice screen with a bright blue lights this shows the
temperature and humidity and the surrounding environment it’s 24 degrees
Celsius right now and there’s 58 percent humidity level the fan speed can be
controlled either on the unit or with your note there are four fan speeds low
medium high or auto so the auto mode detects the surrounding air quality and
adjust the fan speed for whatever’s needed to purify the air effectively it
has a sleep mode and let me give you a better look at the remote control at the
top is the power button and then it’s the auto button the timer fan speed
silent sleep mode and then there’s the light so let me show you how the light
turns on and off there so you don’t don’t have to look at the display if you
don’t want to especially might not want that you use this in your bedroom and I’ll go through the fan speeds on the
remote to show you that is there’s also a cool-looking little
moving icon on top of the unit that that indicates the fan speed so you see it’s
moving faster now for higher level and now it’s really spinning around
and then there’s they sleep silent mode okay she’ll I’ll show you how to operate
some of the settings on the unit itself I think on an off switch makes a
pleasant chime okay and the fan see right there on top that’s Uruguay I’ve got the camera right
next to the unit so you can pick up the sound I like using these air purifiers I
like the fan sound in the background when sleeping some people don’t like
that so there is the silent mode which is very quiet and then as I mentioned
the auto detects the air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly and
there’s the timer button and you can set the timer anywhere from thirty minutes
to seven and a half hours or of course just let the unit run continuously I
really like the fact that it has the the temperature and the humidity level I was
enjoying knowing that I’m not sure why but well especially if humidity didn’t
that was good to know if your air is getting too dry okay there’s a light on
top a little difficult to see probably but when it’s flashing it needs a filter
should be replaced and it’s generally recommended that it be replaced every
six months so I’m going to show you what the inside of this looks like with the
filtration on the back your screws and they have a little handle so you can
actually just turn them I mean I think you need a screwdriver are you listening to cover could see the
felcher just comes right out as a tap on it and so that’s um replace out about
every six months easy just pop this back on gonna play this back in and show you
another cool feature I mentioned and that is the real-time monitoring of the
air quality so you see those lights on either side that are now green it’s a
rectangular shaped light the green LED light indicates that the there’s no
pollution and there’s good air quality now that turns orange it means there’s a
little bit of pollution air quality it’s not so good if it’s a rat that it’s like
a serious problem and it’s very bad air quality so that’s reassuring to be able
to see what the quality of the areas it’s really an ingenious design for the
filter which has the HEPA filter and HESA the activated carbon and sits all
in one unit so this is a pretty compact size it’s thirteen point three nine
inches in diameter and then the base that rests on is nine point four or five
inches and it’s four point nine inches high so it’s a compact kind of a medium
it wouldn’t want it to be too small it wouldn’t be able to effectively clean
the air but it’s a good size to fit into a home or home or office actually and
the good thing about being able to hang this on the wall is that you don’t have
to worry about children or pets moving it or getting in the way so this is a
really sleek looking air purifier with a lot of functions and some excellent
filtration the UV light is designed to kill all kinds of microorganisms virus
or fungus and so on and it’s broad spectrum function
it was the timer functions and then the variability the fan the auto setting I
think it’s very versatile unit so here’s a gives you a better idea of how this
would look mounted on the wall I really do like that LED display that provides
the information about the the fan speed and the human
and the temperature and also the air quality very nice sleek looking unit and
as I said it does come with all the hardware that you need to install it if
you do choose to put it on the wall so this is the Ruby top air purifier weight
chassis HEPA filter that’s a filter UV sanitizer and odor reduction please be
sure to check the description section below and thanks for watching you

7 thoughts on “Webetop Air Purifier🍀 Wall-Mounted or Floor 6-in-1 REVIEW👈

  1. Saw this today in an ad and was expecting a price of about $300 or more……Got one today for only $109……now you can actually see in real time the amount of dust, smoke and pollen that the PM2.5 unlike more expensive ones that just light up when the fan speed changes….and monitoring the humidity is also important….to dry or to wet can cause problems.

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