Weight Loss Inhaler Essential Oil Blend

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Okay, we’re gonna have fun today. I want
to make something to show you how easy it is to make a product. Now I have this
little plastic tube here this is an inhaler, it has a little cotton wick that
goes with it and a little cap on the end. So what we’ll do is first thing we want
to do is gather the essential oils that we’re going to be using for this. In this
particular product with a diffuser or inhaler pocket the inhaler like this we
don’t need to carry oil. So we’re going to just be using essential oils only so I’m
going to be looking at making maybe a blend to help with weight loss. So I’m
going to be using grapefruit and lemon and let’s see I think I might use some
sweet orange and I think I’m going to add some Cypress to it. So I’m going to
use those for oles so the first thing we want to do is begin with adding our
drops to our Bowl here. So I’m going to start with 5 drops of each oil and there
is no magic number you can use as much as you like in this particular case
because it is an inhaler 1 2 3 4 5. I think what’s more important in this case
is we want to make sure it smells good it’s gonna be really good with this
sweet orange and you can see these are very thin oils they come out really
fast so you got to be careful and Cypress they help us lose weight. That one didn’t want to come out all
right now I take this glass stir rod to have. I’m going to stir it up and just
make sure I like it before I put put the products in this thing now we’re going
to take this cotton wick and we’re going to just roll it around in the oil just
so that it’s absorbed and just get all the drops. So you’d probably use about 20
drops of essential oil on this you can use a little less if you like but it
will last quite a long time. So now I’m going to take this this wick and I’m
going to drop it right into this applicator and then we have a little bud
that we put on the end and just pop that in and this is the top. So now you just
screw that back on you have this to carry in your purse with you. You could
take it on an airplane if you feel like you need something and you
just inhale it. Now I know that Dr. Hirsch recommends you just inhale it in
once I take a break and then just do the other side and that’s how easy it is to
use this. See? Simple.

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