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To say running an infusion center is complex is an understatement. And it’s certainly not made easier when your workflow practices are outdated and inefficient, creating confusion, stress, the possibility of costly mistakes and clinician burnout. WeInfuse is a turnkey, web-based software platform purpose built by infusion center operators for infusion center operators to take the confusion out of infusion. WeInfuse streamlines your infusion treatment workflow with automatic insurance eligibility checks, benefits investigation and prior authorization management tools, optimized chair-based scheduling, inventory management with vial scanning technology, intuitive infusion specific clinical notes that are automatically converted to billable codes, and executive dashboards. It even integrates with your existing EMR. WeInfuse provides accountability and transparency across the multiple roles within your infusion center such as nursing, billing and management, and features a fully reconcilable system that ensures every single vial of your expensive medications is accounted for. Used by infusion centers from Alaska to Maine, WeInfuse clients have administered hundreds of thousands of infusion treatments. Instead of settling for EMR workarounds and manually updating your spreadsheets, contact us today to see what WeInfuse can do for you. Book a free demo by calling, emailing, or visiting us at www.weinfuse.com.

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