Weird Dehydration Warning Signs and Natural Treatments

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Hey guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, welcome to Facebook Live
and YouTube Live here at Ancient Medicine Today. I’ve got a great program today. We’re going to be talking about dehydration,
and I think you would be shocked to find out that most of you watching right now are actually
dehydrated. It is causing some surprise symptoms that
I want to talk about here right now. But before I jump in, hey, help me spread
the message. Help be on mission with me. I’m here to help change a hundred million
lives, helping people follow better nutrition and use food as medicine. Take a minute right now, press that Share
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and talking about weird dehydration warning signs and natural treatments to overcome those. So dehydration can be a major problem today. A lot of times we think of dehydration is
just water consumption or maybe we only need to get so many liquids when we exercise. But the truth is most of us are chronically
dehydrated. And hydration is having plenty of H2O plus
certain types of electrolytes within your body all the time. Here are some warning signs that you might
be dehydrated. Decreased urination, if you’re not urinating
fairly frequently throughout the day, probably five times or more, you are probably dehydrated. So, decreased urination. Muscle weakness, if you’re going through your
day and you’re just feeling kind of tired and maybe even go to the gym that day and
you’re like, man, I’m just weak today. A lot of times that can be due to dehydration,
that muscle weakness. Certain minerals that support hydration, magnesium,
sodium, potassium, they support muscle contraction and relaxation. And so, if you don’t have the proper electrolytes
in your body, so think about this, if you’re out running, if you’ve ever done a triathlon
and your muscles kind of spasm and seize up today, they’re not firing properly or they’re
over firing or under firing, that can happen when these electrolytes get off in your body
causing muscle weakness. Dizziness or lightheadedness. Let me ask you, have you ever done this? You sort of sat up from sitting down and you
were just lightheaded for a bit, or sometimes you’re going throughout your day and you’re
just kind of feeling light-headed, getting some dizziness on occasion, a lot of that
can be due to dehydration, not having enough water and electrolytes in your body during
the day. Rapid heartbeat, if you’re kind of going through
things and if you struggle with anxiety and sometimes nervousness and excess sweating
and some of those issues, sometimes that can be dehydration. Especially a rapid heartbeat, if your heartbeat
is just beating a little more rapidly than you know it should, that can be affected by,
again, a lot of these minerals, we’ve talked about, especially potassium, and sodium, these
are big minerals and magnesium that can really affect this in the body. And then brain fog. Brain fog is an issue to where, maybe you’re
not remembering things right or you just have trouble with clear thinking, that can be brain
fog, that’s a big warning sign of dehydration. By the way, I’d love to hear from you if you’re
a person who has ever had any one of these symptoms or a different one, you say well,
here’s another symptom that you have had you know it’s related to dehydration, post that
right now here on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. And I want to tell you, one of the biggest
ones that I wanted to add on here are headaches. People that get headaches absolutely can be
caused by dehydration. So again, headaches, I would say 30% of headaches
today can be due to dehydration. I mean, that often can actually contribute. So again, brain fog, headaches, can absolutely
be caused by dehydration. Here are the people most at risk. Endurance athletes, we’re talking about triathletes,
runners, CrossFit athletes as well, they can be at risk of dehydration. So again, endurance athletes because they’re
sweating so much and burning up so many calories they can be at risk. And CrossFit athletes, some of them may not
sweat as much as let’s say a triathlete, but they’re exerting so much energy and force,
and using so many of their muscles that they can be more susceptible, not necessarily as
susceptible to sodium and potassium loss, but potentially more loss of minerals such
as magnesium and zinc is another big one they can be deficient in. High altitude dwellers, people that live at
high altitude, especially in areas, let’s say if you’re in American areas, like Colorado
for instance, at high altitudes, Denver, that actually makes you more susceptible to loss
of electrolytes, and dehydration there as well. People recovering from surgery/viruses, if
you have just had a surgery, or let’s say you just are coming over the flu, whether
it was excess diarrhea or vomiting, you lose major, major electrolytes and H2O when you
have diarrhea, when you have vomiting also excess sweating, the chills. But when you’re struggling or battling of
virus it just takes more out of you during those times, you need to make sure more than
ever that you are staying hydrated. Here are some other things you want to consider
doing to overcome dehydration. Number one, I know it’s obvious, but drink
enough water. I have a family member, and I’ve sort of watched
what they drink throughout the day and I’m like, “Okay, you had like two sodas today,”
and this isn’t a direct family member, like, two sodas today and no water. So, I mean, I’ll tell you, this is something
especially high school athletes kids in college, they typically do not get enough water throughout
the day. So you got to make sure you are getting enough
water, especially with kids. Eating hydrating foods, you know, I’ll tell
you some of the most hydrating foods, watermelon is powerful. So, especially in the summer, trying to stay
hydrated watermelon or watermelon juice can be great. All fruit in general, but I’ll also say celery
is very high or celery juice, cucumber juice is very high as well. But getting a lot of, again cucumber, celery
foods are hydrating, most fruit and vegetables that are fresh those are the most hydrating
foods you could eat, but watermelon is absolutely incredible. And then water alternatives, coconut water
is like the best. I would say coconut water and watermelon water
both, those are like nature’s Gatorade, and they are packed with potassium. So if you really want to stay hydrated, again
watermelon water and coconut water are great. And then getting smoothies and beverages,
like green smoothies or vegetable juices are powerful natural hydrators. So getting a lot of herbal tea, green smoothies,
vegetable juices, things that are high in water can be really good for hydration. And even liquid soups can be good as well,
such as bone broth, one of the ultimate natural hydrators. Workout hydration, again, when you’re working
out, always have a bottle there and have it with water, but also maybe have it mixed with
coconut water or some watermelon water as well to make sure you’re staying hydrated. And listen, proper illness hydration, I mentioned
this earlier, if you are sick or have somebody who has a cold or flu you really need to stay
hydrated there as well. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now on staying hydrated, do me a favor punch that Share button, and click that Like
button. Also, hey, what are some of your favorite
hydration tips, is there a certain fruit or vegetable you know is a great hydrator? When you work out, what do you do to stay
hydrated or have you ever had a story of somebody who got majorly dehydrated had a health symptom. Hey, let me know right now here as we are
doing this live training on weird dehydration signs and natural treatments. I want to say this as well, this might surprise
you. One of the greatest hydrators out there today
is bone broth. Did you know that bone broth like a chicken
broth, chicken bone broth is packed with potassium, so this is another reason why when people
are sick with a cold or flu in Chinese medicine they have them drink warm chicken soup and
ginger tea, right? They’re getting lots of fluids through the
broth, lots of fluids through the tea and they’re warming their body at the same time. So again, a bone broth soup with a lot of
that liquid and herbal teas, other great ways to stay hydrated. So here are some warning signs that you might
be dehydrated. Decreased urination, muscle weakness, dizziness,
rapid heartbeat, brain fog, and headaches are all big warning signs you’re dehydrated. In order to stay hydrated drink plenty of
water, eat enough hydrating foods like watermelon and celeries and cucumber are great options
there. Water alternatives like coconut water, herbal
tea, green smoothies, and bone broth. Make sure you stay hydrated during workouts,
and if you’re sick, again, make sure you’re drinking a lot of chicken broth and herbal
tea, that way you stay hydrated. Guys, do not forget here to subscribe. Myself and Jordan Rubin are always coming
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YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Weird Dehydration Warning Signs and Natural Treatments

  1. Not drinking enough water has caused me skin dermatitis, urinary tract infection, extreme fatigue. Also early menopause due to a hysterectomy and my body is out of whack. Muscle pain, alot of Charlie Horses in my leg due to lack of water

  2. I get dehydrated often so get IVs twice a month of fluids at a walk in. Sounds extreme but my energy returns, hair gets soft again, and kidney function ( GFR) goes from 49 to above the minimum of 60…I'd get muscle weakness, fatigue , dry hair, glassy eyes.

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    We are all HEALING the Planet as we>>> HEAL OURSELVES 1st
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  4. For YEARS I always thought the majority of headaches were because of hydration. The thing was I always drank a ton of water when I had one, but it never helped. Dr Berg discovered a lot of it is from gallbladder/liver

  5. All of these sound like my symptoms and I went to the hospital 3 times. It’s really scary. It might be I’m dehydrated…

  6. I experienced muscle weakness, almost completely lost my voice and when I tried to sing the tones were completely off. I had hot flashes, and lethargy, too, all withinh a few hours. This mix of symptoms hit me last night and it was shocking. Someone asked me a question and my voice was barely audible. I tried to speak louder but could not.

  7. Ok I'm confused here, Dr. Eric Berg says if you urinating too much is not good and to drink only when thirsty, so which is right?

  8. Drink clean chemical free water slow and enjoy the taste. So many people don't like the taste because it's not loaded with sugar, throw some salts in there.

  9. Thanks Dr. Axe!! I suffer from chronic dehydration. I have had severe heat exhaustion many times. I have ALL the symptoms you’ve described plus restless legs, sleep apnea, itchy skin, night sweats. I believe it has affected my kidneys as I now have urate crystal sediment in my urine. I am a former athlete and extremely heat sensitive, unable to go into a sauna or whirlpool. I have been introduced to Ripstix Fuel and Ripstix Hydrate sports supplements. I’m compelled to share information about these. And I value your opinion because you appreciate and know your stuff regarding natural wholesome nutrition like I do. I would also love to share my knowledge about Clinical Grade Essential Oils and how they differ from “therapeutic” oils! My email address is [email protected] Talk to you soon. Keep sharing the love! 💖🌿

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  11. Thast why celebrities and athletes drink Kangen water. They can spend money on any water ionizer, but they choose Enagic, a 40 year old company from Japan. You too can have this technology in your home for only $45/m. For more info about the company and ordering instructions check out (facebook page)

  12. yep came on here to compare notes. I had to leave work early couple hours yesterday. I sweat out on workout in sauna suit Sunday.. worked out with out the suit but sweat a lot Tuesday night… coming home from workout got dizzy spells. was drinking water but I do tend to get busy at work during the day and forget to then drinking up lots of water after 5pm until bedtime. .. Wed. I woke up muscle weakness-burning up sweating and light headed… through the day went to freezing cold and went home. rested.. I notice could not get enough water and on blood pressure med. My heart was rapid beating through the day too… So I guess my lesson is I need more than water if sweating out a lot. Also drink more water through the day instead of trying to get it all in at night then up all night running to bathroom… Just you get so busy and you don't think of the simple things with the hustle bustle of the day. Thank you for this Video and enjoy your other info. vids.

  13. Hello, Dr. Axe. What do you think of this electrolyte drink called Pocari Sweat? I love drinking it but I want to make sure this is safe and good for the body. Thank you.

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  16. When im dehydrated i get irritated, anxious, and im in Colorado lol brain fog too. Hate it. This was so helpful


  18. 1-2 hours before exercise 1 take 1 tbsp raw, organic honey and 1 banana followed by 12 oz of water with a little sea salt..

  19. I like carrots frozen lemons I grate keep in freezer or lemon juice I get up make vegetables and fruit juice carrots spinach apples frozen strawberry and broccoli than water I use the ninja than I warm up a gallon of water with lemon juice alternating between the juice and water it could be whatever fruit vegetables you have on hand than if I have some nuts pumpkin, pumpkin seeds are great yogurt I also freeze cut up apples pears incubes honey dew cantaloupe I eat them suck on them black olives what I do is carry enough water outside when my pronation or hammertoes start to pain I drink the good all water if I sweat to much a lot of water, I feel my body doesn’t give thirst signs always but like you said pain you know what ?,! Instantly pain leaves coconut oil Apple cider vinegar great thanks For reconfirming what I was thinking, today outside I felt pain so I took the water not pill.

  20. I recently had what I believed to be stomach flu or novovirus what its called. I haven't been feeling the same the brain fog was the worst I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. I drank some electrolyte water and started feeling a little better and then I noticed everything started tasting like salt and I was getting leg cramps. I also noticed one of my really bad headaches dissipated after I had chicken with broth. I have been drinking so much water lately and it still doesn't feel like enough. I bought some fruits help too.

  21. Even with bone broth, ginger, aloe, supplements, etc – things helps. And what about the muscle cramps in the calves and feet. Every night!!! Muscle cramps are a huge sign!

  22. I had all these symptoms for months I use to go for jogging but had really taken less water.. I thought I had some other problems.. and later after about 6 to 7 months of jogging I had faced sudden hairloss my scalp felt soo rough and had severe dandruff .. at this point I was soo depressed as I had the most strongest hair in my family.. not understanding the root cause.. yeah I know I stupid.. later I noticed that even my pubic, legs, arms and elsewhere hair isn't growing its literally taking several weeks to grow a bit and als I was loosing a lot of hair on my beard. It's the 8th month .. now I'm drinking a lot of water… My question is will I recover and how soon?

  23. I tko’ed myself today at taekwondo 🥋 during training, I didn’t have water for 1 hour of training. At the end I had horrible head aches and I was dizzy/lightheaded, also my vision was all weird and blurry like bright yellow (from the lights), and black-ish stuff. I had a few sips or water and had a seat and my vision slowly came back but my headache is still really bad 🤕:(

  24. I have all these symptoms! I ended up in the ER with a migraine from hell. I was severely dehydrated. But I drink water all the time. Why can't I stay hydrated? I take supplements and eat well and workout.

  25. I have always had this problem, even now I know to drink water, but I get busy and forget. I have had a dr and nutritionist and acupuncturist tell me I need more protein, but I know it’s water. I get plenty of protein.

  26. I love celery and cucumber! I love celery with peanut butter and cucumber, onion, black pepper, and vinegar! Pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melons are great hydrating foods too.

  27. Light heded, rapid heart rate. I drink way too much coffee. Im done . I put my coffee maker away, til I train myself to drink more water. Going to buy bone broth. Im older 69. Need to treat my body better. Thanks.

  28. I was drinking lots of water but was still dehydrated, started drinking celery juice and problem solved. Also can eyes get too dry if dehydrated?

  29. Drinking water with meals instead of sodas, juice or coffee is an easy way to get more water without having to remind yourself.

  30. I had BII and the symptoms are similar.
    My kidneys and liver were shutting down and whenever I would drink water it would just come right back out.
    I was severely dehydrated 24/7 it was awful

  31. I am experiencing a lot of these symptoms the last week.. I've been without a car awhile and forced to walk a lot more than usual. The last 6weeks muscles have tighten up in my neck down the left side of leg. The last two days lack of appetite.. dry mouth and lips the last 4 days. I drink water mainly.. but my job doesn't allow me to stop and drink often, I'm constantly going and going. Do you think I may need to be seen? My head aches come and go but I feel like this should of passed by now.. especially my neck/back pain.

  32. Dr. Josh Axe, I do have some concerns about what you start to say at about "1:15," though. There is such a thing as too much urination, which itself can lead to dehydration & which can signal that there is too much sugar in the body that the body is trying to get rid of by increasing the urge to urinate.

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    Just had a cold.
    And made chicken soup.
    Sharing your ideas is very helpful .
    When almost over the cold makes you feel little run down.

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  36. Been down with a broken leg and not eating or drinking a lot. I started noticing ocular migraines whenever I was getting dehydrated.

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  39. I wonder if the plastic water bottles or chlorine has anything to do with it?
    I think I need cal mag zinc.
    They said I didnt have diabetes but my mouth is so dried out. I may need probiotics. Tgey had me taking so many antibiotics all my life and never o ce told me to replenish them.
    So glad I found your channel. No matter what people can always do something to improve their health. Thank you … I will share your videos you are showing people a lit of love through these videos. Thank you.

  40. Doc even elderly, geriatric person can be at high risk. Doctors in Malaysia just do not understand about dehydration. Doctors orders which is doctors orders caused my mother to go in dehydration and succumb to pneumonia, urinary tract infection and kidney injury. This is doctors errors but they covered up their error by documenting my mother passed away because of pneumonia. Doctors in Malaysia did not document the main cause of death. I lost my mother due to medical errors. 🙏

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