Wellness Key Allergy Series: ACV

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hey guys Dr. Utash here wellness key
chiropractic the wind is here the pollen the yellow snow
it’s all coming it’s allergy season 50 million Americans suffer with allergy
symptoms every single year whether it’s the green “elevens” coming from the nose
the itchy watery scratchy eyes the *clears throat* in the throat right so many of us are
suffering with these allergy symptoms and many times we think it’s from the
stuff that’s in the air think about this we all breathe the same
air and yet not all of us have those same allergy symptoms perhaps it’s not
just the things that are in the air irritating our mucous membranes perhaps
it’s our body’s inability to cope with that new stressor
perhaps it’s a hypersensitivity to those allergens again I’m dr. Joe Utash and
over the next few weeks we’re gonna be talking about what you can do
immediately safely effectively and naturally to help you with those allergy
symptoms the first topic I wanna talk about discuss is apple cider vinegar and
so we’re going to talk about what not to purchase three ways to consume apple
cider vinegar and why it’s so darn effective so what do you want to avoid
when it comes to consuming apple cider vinegar you want to make sure that you
get something that’s live so you want to avoid any product that’s been distilled
that’s been processed that’s been high temperature processed where there’s
nothing alive in it the probiotics in a raw apple cider vinegar it’s really what
makes it so powerful and so beneficial the one that we like to use is Bragg’s
apple cider vinegar if you’ve ever been a patient here on a Thursday during
allergy season you know that we do shots of apple cider vinegar on Thursdays we
like to call it thirsty Thursdays and so speaking of the three different ways
that you can consume it one is a simple shot some people that might be a little
strong a little harsh and so you may want to dilute it in water or in a tea
with perhaps honey or lemon number three is to mix it up as a salad dressing and
pour it over your salad three great ways to consume it I recommend doing that
every single day during allergy season now why does this stuff
work so well well because of the probiotics and that beneficial and when
you consume it that beneficial bacteria in your gut that’s part of your
immune system and so it desensitizes your immune system so you don’t have
such a strong reaction to all the stuff that’s in the air many of you guys have
already tried the apple cider vinegar maybe you’re doing it on a regular basis
and you’re still suffering with those allergy symptoms if that’s you I can
tell you that we have helped so many people with their allergy symptoms by
allowing their body to function normally naturally with corrective specific
chiropractic care I would invite you to come in give us a call and we can
schedule an appointment to see if chiropractic might be the thing that
you’re missing when it comes to your allergy care you can call Loxi at 520-797-6683 Loxi at 520-797-6683 Dr Joe Utash with wellness key chiropractic

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