Wellness Key Allergy Series: Colloidal Silver

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So, if you’re like me you probably spend
more time in front of a computer or a screen than you would like to. Especially this time
of year with the wind blowing and the pollen out, those eyes can get really red, and dry,
and irritated… just annoying. This month we have been talking a lot about natural things
that you can do that are effective in combatting some of those gnarly allergy symptoms. Today
specifically, I want to talk about Colloidal Silver. This is a new one to me in the last,
I don’t know, say ten years, something I certainly wasn’t raised with. It’s something
you can purchase at anything from Sprouts to Natural Grocers and it’s a safe and effective,
natural way to reduce some of the irritation of the eyes. Simply put, I would just take
this Colloidal Silver, this is a Sovereign Silver brand. I’m sure there are multiple
brands out there, but this is the one I’ve seen the most. I literally would just take
a drop of this… and place it in my eye and blink a few times. It really relieves some
of the irritation of my eye. Its very safe, there’s no burning or harsh chemicals in
here. Totally safe in fact, even my toddler has used something like this. I hope this
helps, Colloidal Silver. Effective for irritated eyes. You’re going to use this throughout
the day as the eyes become strained, irritated, red, maybe a little dry and crusty. I hope
this helps! Dr. Joe Utash, Wellness Key Chiropractic.

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