Wellness Key Allergy Series: Manuka Honey

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Hey guys Dr Utash – here wellness key chiropractic If you’re one of the 50 million people every year that suffer with chronic allergy symptoms. I have another tip for you today like many of you we have children and This is kid tested and approved So if our kids can do it, I’m certain that you can do it as well to help with some of those allergy symptoms today, I want to talk about another natural way to help you with those allergy symptoms using honey, and so a lot of the times People have that kind of itchy scratchy annoying post nasal drip Sore throat thing going on and often times, you know I was taught that we just go to the medicine cabinet and you know have a scoop or a spoonful of that stuff What they found and what I found to be far more Effective as well as safe and natural and again kid tested and approved is honey There’s a couple different honey’s that you want to look into. I love manuka, honey It’s made from tea trees which will give you the benefit of having some of those antimicrobial Properties in addition you may want to look into a local raw, honey Unprocessed unfiltered and just a teaspoon or even a half a teaspoon of that Possibly a couple times a day would really kind of coat and soothe that annoying throat and post nasal drip again, dr Joe Utash wellness key chiropractic if you’ve been suffering with these allergy symptoms For years and maybe you’re already doing the teaspoon of honey. Perhaps the apple cider vinegar Maybe you’ve looked into medications already and maybe you have to take some every single year We get amazing results with patients who suffer with allergy symptoms by simply addressing the central nervous system and Sometimes the problem at its root and so oftentimes we find that patients who have allergy symptoms have dysfunction right at the upper part of the neck Which can put irritation stress on the nerves that control the glands and the mucous membranes So now your body’s not as easily able to adapt to the allergens that are present So if you’re one of those people and you’ve tried just about everything Come on in. Give us a call. 520-797-6683 520-797-6683 Talk to Loxi we’ll get you in. We’ll get you checked out. We see if we can help you with your allergies naturally

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