Wellness Key Allergy Series: Prone Cervical Rotation

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Hey allergy sufferers, Dr. Utash- here again wellness key chiropractic Today’s tip on how to defeat allergy symptoms naturally is actually with an exercise that you can do at home Anywhere, very simple, very easy and most importantly very effective to kind of help with that stuffy clogged up head So if you’re one of the 50 million people who suffers with allergy symptoms every single year this exercise is for you Specifically we’re going to be targeting This upper neck area this upper cervical area which has direct connections to the glands and mucous membranes of your face super important for people who are suffering with allergies so the way that we attack this and address this area is oftentimes whether it be you know, Sniffing computers or cell phones or just poor posture? This area can get jammed up that puts irritation and stress on the central nervous system Going to the glands and mucous membranes of the face that can link this clogged up and all that mucus Just kind of hanging out there Not fun that slow post nasal drip not fun to deal with rather than just using medication our patients have found great results by getting Normal regular motion in these top few segments of the cervical spine that neck Allowing those those nerves to function properly which also allows that that drainage to happen Naturally when that thing’s Anna drainage happens naturally you get over those allergy symptoms better. So following me I want to go over and demonstrate I’m actually gonna have Shoshanah demonstrate this exercise for so she’s trying to go ahead and show us a couple of these Maybe two three rounds of this prone Cervical rotation exercise. So you’re gonna leave flat on your tummy lift your head up Rotate all the way around let it back down up all the way over let it back down This again is gonna get some motion Especially in that upper part of the neck taking the pressure off those nerves allowing for better drainage without having to resort to medication Again, Dr. Joe Utash – wellness key chiropractic

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